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Best At Home Hormone Testing Kit

A Quick Summary Of Hormones

How to Test Thyroid Function at Home ~ ALLTEST TSH Kits For Self-Testing at Home

Hormones serve as chemical messengers in your body, carrying signals to different areas of your body and affecting vital functions like metabolism and growth. These chemicals are produced by the endocrine system and contain information that helps instruct different organs and tissues throughout your body about how to function.

When these chemicals are out of balance, it can lead to:

While this sounds like a bunch of medical jargon, each hormone has an important purpose in the reproductive system.

AMH is released by cells around your follicles and is the best predictor of your ovarian reserve or egg count. FSH is responsible for starting ovulation, while estradiol is a sex hormone your ovaries produce. LH is the hormone that keeps your cycle regular and is produced by your pituitary gland.

Testing for thyroid health is also necessary since the gland can often be the root of pregnancy issues. Low levels of TSH and untreated hypothyroidism can interfere with ovulation, impairing fertility. TSH and fT4 can be adjusted with medication when thyroid disease is present.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Hormones Tested

The types of hormones tested can vary depending on the specific kit. Dr. Daniel Atkinson, clinical lead at Treated, states that fertility tests tend to evaluate hormones like follicle-stimulating hormone , luteinizing hormone , estradiol, and prolactinwhich are all key components in regulating and maintaining your menstrual cycle. Other tests may only measure hormones such as cortisol and thyroid, which are more closely related to the function of your metabolism. Mens at-home testing kits, on the other hand, will often test a range of hormones more relevant to male health, like testosterone.

Unless youre purchasing a completely comprehensive test kit , a few hormones will inevitably be left out of your results. Most at-home hormone test kits wont test for hormones like insulin, for example, which can be an indicator of conditions like type-2 diabetes. In order to test for these kinds of hormones, youll need to see your doctor.

Best Overall: Modern Fertility Hormone Test

Modern Fertility Hormone Test

  • Delivery: Ships to all states
  • Results: 7 days

Why We Chose It

We chose Modern Fertility because its personalized, reviewed by doctors, and based on research. It also offers a hormone profile available at the touch of your fingertips.


  • Tests 7 hormones from estradiol to prolactin
  • Physician-reviewed results
  • Accuracy is based on a clinical study
  • Customized to your birth control
  • Access to an online community


  • Reviews of difficulty collecting a blood sample
  • Results take about 10 days


Get proactive about your fertility with Modern Fertilitys take-at-home test. Developed by top reproductive endocrinologists, OB-GYNs, and fertility researchers, Modern Fertility is all about giving people accessible and personalized reproductive health information. Rest assured that your fertility test is backed by clinical studies and tested in a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments- and College of American Pathologists -accredited lab.

Heres how it works: First, order your fertility test online. Once youve received your package, collect your blood sample and pop it into the mail. Your results will be reviewed and analyzed by a doctor. After a few days, they will be sent to a private dashboard.

Add this test to your cart for roughly $159 and reap all of the fertility knowledge.

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How Reliable Are Home Thyroid Tests

Home thyroid tests from reputable companies are usually reliable if you perform the test correctly. To ensure quality and accuracy, choose a company with CAP accreditation and CLIA certification.

Compared with tests done in a healthcare setting, home thyroid tests are less accurate and reliable. Theyre not a replacement for routine exams at a doctors office.

A Note On Accessing Gender

Top 10 Hormone Test Kit  Home Health Tests  HcaKNI

The best option is to work with a healthcare professional you trust, such as a primary care physician or endocrinologist experienced in trans health or an LGBTQIA+ health clinic.

However, finding trans-informed healthcare professionals isnt always realistic, especially as its increasingly difficult to access gender-affirming healthcare including T therapy in many states.

If youre struggling to access HRT in your area, this map maintained by trans activist Erin Reed can help you find a clinic that operates on an informed consent basis. That means you wont need to provide a letter from a therapist or go through other gatekeeping measures to start HRT.

Alternately, trans-led telemedicine services like Plume and Folx Health may be able to provide you with the care you deserve.

And these resources could help you identify a healthcare professional who is an LGBTQIA+ ally.

You may be tempted to test your testosterone levels using one of the home testosterone testing products youve seen advertised. Before you try a test kit, make sure you understand:

  • what information it will give you
  • what to do with your results

For the brands listed, we reviewed each of their medical and business practices, including:

  • their ratings, reviews, and accreditations from the Better Business Bureau
  • the health claims they make, and whether or not theyre acceptable and accurate
  • the accuracy of results and if they provide assistance after results are delivered

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Whats In The Fine Print

Sometimes there may be hidden fees or other nasty surprises that you may not notice before ordering your at-home hormone test.

Thankfully, all the at-home test providers on this list offer free shipping both ways, so you dont pay anything extra to receive your kit or send your samples back to the lab.

Plus, most companies that offer consultations, provided them for free with the exception of Personalabs. For a consultation with a board-certified physician following your results, it costs $89. While this is probably cheaper than booking in with your doctor, it does raise the cost of your hormone test significantly.

Certain providers on this list may have tests that are gender-specific. For example. Walk-In Lab has a testosterone test that can only be taken by men. So, just be sure that youre ordering the right test for you. If youre unsure, our top hormone testing companies have great customer service that will respond quickly to your inquiries.

A number of tests on this list require special preparation before you take the test, such as fasting for a certain period, collecting your samples in the morning, or pausing some medications or supplements. Ensure you follow all the test instructions to determine accurate results.

How Much Does At

The cost of at-home hormone testing depends on several factors, such as which company you use and whether you choose standard or express shipping. Costs also vary based on whether you want to test for one or two hormones or you need a full hormone panel. The least expensive kits cost as little as $45, while the most comprehensive kits, which test for more than 10 hormones, cost around $200. If your insurance company covers home testing kits, you may have to pay a copay or meet your deductible, so the cost may vary, depending on the terms of your health plan.

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Everlywell Testosterone Test Best For Mens Sexual Health

This at-home testosterone test kit is a basic option for men. It measures your free testosterone or the amount of testosterone that isnt attached to proteins in the blood.

Testosterone is important for male sexual health. It plays a role in libido and erectile function. But it also affects muscle mass, bone density, weight, mood, energy, and hair growth.Everlywells Testosterone Test can check for testosterone deficiency and excessive testosterone levels in men.

Key Features:

  • A CLIA-certified lab analyzes your salive samples
  • Digital results are sent directly to your PC or mobile device
  • Rates your testosterone as low, normal, or high
  • Provides lifestyle changes so you can naturally improve your testosterone
  • You can discuss the test results with your doctor
  • Privacy meets HIPAA compliance

If you want a more complete alternative to this home testosterone test, we recommend Everlywells Mens Health Test .

Hormone Test Kit For Weight Loss

Do-It-Yourself Home Test for Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid)

As explained before, testosterone is the main determinant for numerous body functions and everyday activities. However, the combination of T with other hormones in the male body may also affect energy and weight gain/loss. Because these issues are not critical to your health, many individuals prefer home tests for such issues. For that cause, many companies have found the right combination of hormones and have transferred that onto products or hormone self-test kits.

EverlyWell has come up with numerous such products, the Metabolism Test, hormone test kit, and Mens Health Test being two of the most used. The Metabolism Test evaluates three key hormones that are affecting the metabolism rate of your body, Cortisol, Free Testosterone, and Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone. Additionally, there is a possibility to collect your sample by blood or saliva. The Mens Health Test determines four key components affecting the sex drive, muscle mass, energy levels, and mood. This test is focused on the individuals overall-well being, but the sample can be collected only through saliva.

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Are There Regular Follow

Yes. Youll retest your hormones and follow-up with your Hone doctor after 90, 180 and 360 days. Failure to comply with either of these requirements can result in delayed shipment of your medication.

Hone will notify you well in advance when it is nearly time for you to retest and reschedule your follow-up appointments.

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What Will The Results From An At

Your hormone test will tell you your current levels of the biomarkers tested and if they are within the low, normal, or high range for your age and sex.

Most tests will also tell you what your hormone levels mean for you in terms of fertility, metabolism, stress, and more. Plus, you may also get actionable insights on lifestyle changes you can make that may help you to optimize your levels.

Remember, none of these hormone tests can diagnose a medical condition. Abnormal hormone levels are not always pointing towards a medical issue that requires treatment. Your blood levels of several hormones can be influenced by age, certain medications, and lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise.

If youre worried about your hormone levels, we advise taking a copy of your results to your health care provider, who will be able to advise of additional testing or treatment if necessary.

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What We Look For In The Best At

To find the best at-home hormone tests, we made sure they met our specific criteria requirements, which are as follows:

  • Test variety There are several hormones that are an indicator of your health, so we made sure our top providers tested for a variety of different hormones.
  • Report quality Some of the kits we researched simply tell you your current hormone levels with no context. We only choose companies that offer quality reports which include what your levels mean along with actionable insights.
  • Fast results You shouldnt be waiting for weeks on end to get your results, so we picked tests that turn around your report quickly.
  • Medical support Companies that offered medical support in the form of a confidential consultation, scored highly.
  • Value-for-money We ensured that you got what you paid for with the hormone tests.

Our #1 pick is LetsGetChecked. It offers a variety of hormone tests, including individual cortisol, progesterone, and testosterone tests, and hormone panels such as the thyroid test that can identify an underactive or overactive thyroid.

We love that LetsGetCheked has both male and female-specific hormone tests, which provide a broad picture of health as well as insights into fertility.

Our kit included everything we needed to collect our sample in the privacy of our own home. You may feel a little squeamish about taking your own blood sample, but our researcher confirmed it was easy and completely painless.

How We Chose At

Top 10 Hormone Test Kit  Home Health Tests  HcaKNI

When researching at-home hormone tests, we read online reviews to determine the best tests on the market. We also ensure that people who work for these services are licensed, and each test is analyzed in a certified lab.

In addition, we also considered the available research that supports each test, the companys reputation, and their marketing processes. We review products and services periodically to be sure they continue to meet standards set out in our vetting process.

LetsGetChecked has an average 4.3-star rating, with over 8,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers praise LetsGetCheckeds customer service, easy instructions, and fast results.

The company carries a variety of tests for hormones, sexually transmitted infections, and overall wellness. Of the options, LetsGetChecked offers two thyroid tests targeting various biomarkers.

The basic Thyroid Test tests for biomarkers like TSH, fT4, and fT3 three core components to look at when evaluating thyroid function. The biomarkers can help diagnose conditions like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

The Thyroid Antibody Test goes a step further to test thyroid antibodies that can provide information on damage to the thyroid. The test measures TSH, fT4, fT3, thyroglobulin antibodies, and thyroid peroxidase antibodies.

Results are typically received in 2 to 5 days, and nurses are available to discuss results and answer questions 24/7.

Use code HEALTHLINE25 for 25% off

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Q When Should I Collect The Sample

A.The saliva sample should be collected upon waking before eating, drinking, or participating in any exercise, unless otherwise instructed. If you are still experiencing menstrual cycles, it is ideal to collect saliva between days 19 to 21 of cycle. If your normal cycle is > 28 days, collection should be done 7 days before next period is due. If you are on cyclic hormone therapy, it is best to collect sample towards the end of the hormone therapy cycle. If you have gone 3 months without a period, are postmenopausal and not taking hormone replacement therapy or you take hormones every day, you may collect the sample at anytime of the month.

What Should You Do If Your Hormone Home Testing Kit Shows An Abnormal Result

If you get any abnormal result on any hormone test , then its important to talk with a medical professional in order to decide what to do next. Some people are tempted to simply reach for supplements, which they hope will normalize their hormone levels. However, some supplements are ineffective or even dangerous. Its important that you discuss your next steps with a medical professional, in order to decide how to proceed to address your hormone issues.

One possibility is to visit your own doctor and show them your home testing results. They will then discuss your treatment options with you. Many home testing services offer a more convenient possibility. If you get an abnormal test result, then theyll connect you with a medical professional via telemedicine, to help you decide what your next steps should be. This can help to avoid the lengthy wait that many people experience when making an appointment with their doctor it can sometimes take weeks or even months to get an appointment at many medical offices.

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What Makes Hones Testosterone Test Different

Not all at-home test kits are created equal. Many of todays at-home kits test your testosterone levels through your saliva. Hone follows the more accurate method: testing your blood.

Saliva kits are easy to use but truth is, theyre just not as reliable as blood test kits for testosterone. Heres why:

  • Theyre less accurate. A 2020 study reported that saliva tests are less expedient and less efficient than blood tests at accurately tracking hormone level changes.
  • Your reference levels arent reproducible. Each saliva test you take is bound to achieve a different result.
  • Saliva testing cant measure total testosterone levels. According to a 2014 study , saliva testing measured consistently lower total hormone levels than those measured by blood serum testing.

Lets pause on that last one. Many testosterone test kits only measure free T. That means youre only getting part of the picture.

Who Needs Their Testosterone Levels Checked

Hormone test for female in Hindi | Hormone test kaise hota hai?

You may need to check your testosterone levels if youre experiencing any symptoms associated with low T, regardless of your age or sex.

Keeping an eye on your testosterone levels is important for transgender men and transmasculine people using masculinizing HRT, also known as female-to-male testosterone therapy or simply T therapy.

Before you start T therapy, your healthcare provider will need to check your base levels of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen so you can take an appropriate dose of T to achieve the level of masculinization you want.

getting your levels checked every 3 months for the first year that youre on HRT and every 612 months afterward.

Monitoring your testosterone levels is important because taking too much testosterone can have adverse effects like metabolic problems, while doses that are too low may induce a hypogonadism-like state and could cause significant losses in bone density.

Not to mention, if your testosterone levels arent high enough, you may not experience the masculinization you desire or you may notice changes happening very slowly.

Remember, though, that it can take several years for the maximum effects of T therapy to develop. Plus, not everyone taking T will experience the same effects everybody is different!

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What If My Testosterone Is High

If your test results show your testosterone elevated beyond whats clinically considered to be within normal levels, it means that your brain is likely telling your pituitary gland to decrease testosterone production.

This can, and does, happen on occasion. Symptoms of high T can include:

  • Unexpected changes in blood pressure
  • Obstructive sleep apnea

If your levels come back too high, your Hone physician will recommend further testing and some lifestyle changes to help bring down your testosterone.

If additional testing confirms the first result, your doctor will discuss next steps, which might include medication to lower your T levels.

High testosterone can be just as dangerous as low testosteroneif left untreated, it could increase your risk for heart or liver disease, so its important to get it treated.

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