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Can I Test My Cortisol Levels At Home

How Often Should You Test Your Cortisol

4 Ways to Test for Adrenal Fatigue At Home – Adrenal Series #3

Unless you have a diagnosis of either Cushing syndrome or Addison disease, you dont need to test your cortisol levels regularly.

A doctor will give you specific instructions on the type of test you should take, what time to take it, and how regularly you need to get tested.

They may recommend testing twice in 1 day or multiple times over several days since cortisol levels vary.

Q When Should I Collect The Sample

A.The saliva sample should be collected upon waking before eating, drinking, or participating in any exercise, unless otherwise instructed. If you are still experiencing menstrual cycles, it is ideal to collect saliva between days 19 to 21 of cycle. If your normal cycle is > 28 days, collection should be done 7 days before next period is due. If you are on cyclic hormone therapy, it is best to collect sample towards the end of the hormone therapy cycle. If you have gone 3 months without a period, are postmenopausal and not taking hormone replacement therapy or you take hormones every day, you may collect the sample at anytime of the month.

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Introducing The New Way To Measure Stress

The World Health Organization has named stress the epidemic of the 21st century. High levels of chronic stress can damage your immune system, negatively affect your physical and mental health and decrease your running performance. Today, biotech startup is launching a rapid saliva test so you can measure your cortisol levels and improve running performance outside of the lab.

Runners and cortisol levels

When you go for a run, your cortisol levels will go up, and this isnt a bad thing. In fact, this rise in cortisol actually helps you adapt to your training by inflicting a small amount of muscle damage and stress on your body. Cortisol is the gold standard for measuring training readiness and recovery, and by managing your cortisol levels you can decrease your risk for injuries and improve running performance.

Good coaches schedule sufficient recovery time after intense training to maximize adaptation, says Scott Simmons, coach of the American Distance Running Project. Being able to frequently test cortisol in real-time to know when to push hard again will not only make progression and development as efficient as possible it could also prevent injury.

How does the test work?

In order for the results to be useful, you should test your cortisol every day for a week. A single measurement is meaningless, because it is affected by time of day, stressful events, exercise, food and many other factors.

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What Are The Symptoms Of High Cortisol Levels

If the underlying cause of high cortisol levels is Cushing syndrome then symptoms can include:

  • weight gain, especially in the face and torso
  • flushed skin and a round face
  • changes to the skin such as bruising or stretch marks
  • increased bood pressure
  • fatigue and weakness

Taking a cortisol test at home can give you a clearer understanding of your cortisol levels and help you and your doctor identify the underlying issue.

Getting Back To Normal Cortisol Levels

Best At

Without taking another cortisol test and comparing the results, its impossible to say if my lifestyle change has affected my cortisol levels for the better. However, without seeing those results I know I wouldnt have put the breaks on until something big happened in my body. At the risk of TMI, today I do suffer from less wind, bloating and stomach cramps and I sleep better – all markers of better gut health which suggest my body is dealing with physiological or psychological stress far better.

My parting point? Slowing down doesnt mean stopping – something I now remind myself of, on a daily basis.

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Best Urine Sample Cortisol Test: Everlywell Sleep & Stress Test

  • Sample type: This test requires a urine sample.
  • Results time: People receive their results in 25 days.
  • Pro: It tests for three hormones over different periods of the day. Everlywell also accepts flexible savings account and health savings account payments.
  • Con: It is expensive.

This Everlywell product uses a urine sample to test the levels of three hormones, cortisol, cortisone, and melatonin, over four points during the day. It also tests for another marker, creatinine, which is a waste product of the muscles.

There are three steps to this test. First, a person registers the testing kit on Everlywells website, follows the instructions to take the urine sample, places it in the prepaid package, and sends it off to Everlywells certified labs.

People will receive their results digitally via the Everlywell website. Everlywell claims this can be within 25 days. Healthcare professionals can also offer insights into a persons results via Everlywells secure platform.

In addition to providing a personalized report of each marker, Everlywell sends detailed information explaining the results.

The company claims that the labs where Everlywell tests samples are CLIA certified. Everlywell also says it ensures that independent, board certified doctors within the persons state review and approve all results.

This test is best for people who want into their hormone fluctuations and prefer urine sample tests.

The Everlywell Sleep & Stress Test costs $199.

How Do I Test For Cortisol Levels

When were stressed, our body releases cortisol into the bloodstream. This is a hormone which can be both good and bad. When were stressed, it can be the right amount of cortisol that helps to give us that push that we need to get things done. However, when were stressed for too long or when we dont have enough cortisol, it can lead to anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions.

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Why Do I Need Cortisol

Cortisol is released in stressful situations and when we feel under threat, along with adrenaline. Stress hormones make your body release energy, make you awake and alert, and suppress digestion and the immune system. These factors mean you are optimally equipped for a stressful fight-or-flight situation.

Cortisol has other functions in the body:

It regulates blood sugar and blood pressure

It is involved in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism

It inhibits inflammation including that caused by other hormones such as adrenaline during a stressful situation

Best For Rapid Results: Mylab Box

How To LOWER Cortisol Levels? Dr. Berg


  • Not available outside the United States

  • No subscription service available

MyLAB Box offers the quickest test results without leaving your home. Even better? Its available in every state except New York. Since 2014, MyLAB Box has been providing home testing services in the area of sexual health and has expanded to include a wide variety of tests.

The adrenal stress test uses a saliva sample to check your cortisol and DHEA levels. DHEA is a steroid hormone that converts to estrogen and testosterone in your body.

You can order your test online and once you receive it, activate it online and youll be asked to create an ID number to make sure your sample matches your account. Youll test your saliva four times a day for a full day testing takes about five minutes, and instructions are included. Youll return your kit after your fourth saliva sample and mail it back with the prepaid shipping label. You can expect to review your results in two to five days from your secure account.

If your test results come back out of range, you have the opportunity to have a telemedicine consultation to help you interpret your values.

The adrenal stress test costs about $150 with free, three to five day shipping. While not covered by insurance, you are able to use your FSA/HSA account. It takes one to three days to receive your test kit.

The company states its tests are as accurate as the ones in health care facilities and are CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified.

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Saliva Testing Vs Blood Testing For Hormone Levels: Which Is Better

Have you ever said in a moment of moodiness, I think my hormones are out of whack!?

Did you consider that you might be right on the money? Fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, moodiness these can all be signs of a hormonal imbalance. A simple blood or saliva test in a doctors office can check your hormone levels and find out if lows or highs are responsible for your ongoing health concerns. But which is more accurate? Blood testing or saliva testing?

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How Do You Check Cortisol Levels From Home


Often referred to as the stress hormone, cortisol is a steroid hormone responsible for regulating a number of crucial jobs throughout the body including, you guessed it, helping your body respond to stress. While high levels of cortisol have been linked to mood swings, weight gain, and high blood pressure, low levels are often associated with weight loss, low blood pressure, and nausea.

The American Medical Association noted that stress is the underlying cause for a number of human illnesses and diseases these include high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, and depression this is why its crucial to manage any potential stressors in your life and keep an eye on your cortisol levels. If you would rather do this from home, you can check in on your cortisol levels from home with LetsGetCheckeds at-home Cortisol test.

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How Is Low Testosterone Diagnosed What Treatments Are Available

Most healthcare providers will measure their testosterone levels by having a blood test, doing a physical exam and having the patient describe his symptoms. Finally, they may order additional tests to rule out other possible diagnoses.

Testosterone is sometimes prescribed for men with low testosterone. Almost all hormone supplements and testosterone treatments are available in different forms, including lozenges, patches, gels and creams.

Because of the limited knowledge regarding this condition, challenges in having a proper diagnosis, as well as the possible side effects of treatments, HRT should not administer for men without proper testing, retesting and consultation with a healthcare provider to discuss the pros and cons. One may want to consider an endocrinologist who specializes in hormones.

Why Do I Need To Know My Cortisol Levels

Best Cortisol Test Home

Cortisol levels are an indicator of how well your body is functioning. Cortisol levels are a way of assessing how well your body is coping with stress. When your cortisol levels are high, it can be a sign that your body is under stress. This is because cortisol is an important hormone which can be released when the body perceives that it is under stress. Cortisol will help your body deal with stress by releasing glucose into the bloodstream. This glucose will then be used as energy to help your body cope. If your body releases too much of this glucose, you can develop a condition known as cortisol diabetes. This is when too much glucose is being released by the body. If your body releases too much cortisol, it can lead to a number of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Cortisol levels are important because they can change depending on the time of day and what is happening in your life.

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How Is Cortisol Measured

Wondering how to test cortisol levels? First off, itâs helpful to know that urine, saliva, and blood are all widely used for measuring cortisol.

Cortisol urine test – The kidneys filter cortisol out of your bloodstream and into urine, making it possible to test cortisol levels with urine samples. This kind of test measures free cortisolâ âor cortisol that isnât attached to proteins. For that reason, this type of test is also known as a urinary-free cortisol test. The Everlywell at-home Sleep and Stress Test is urinary free cortisol test.

Because itâs easy to collect urine samples at different times throughout the day, urinary free cortisol tests are useful for checking how your cortisol levels change over a 24-hour period, which can help provide insight into sleep problems, stressors, and more.

In addition, urinary free cortisol tests are often used for disease monitoring in patients with Cushing’s syndromeâ âa condition in which the adrenal gland makes too much cortisol.

Cortisol saliva test – Saliva measures cortisol because cortisol circulating in the bloodstream can enter saliva through a biochemical process called diffusion. Cortisol saliva tests measure the bodyâs amount of free cortisol. Late-night salivary cortisolâ âmeasurement of cortisol in a saliva sample collected late at night, often around midnightâ âis a reliable way to screen for Cushingâs syndrome.

Lifestyle Changes To Lower Cortisol

Being told my stress was out of control felt worse than when I threw caution to the wind as a teen and ended up in a Swindon Gum clinic. The treatment for that was a course of antibiotics and an awkward text message. But being forced to digest the fact that my busy AF healthy lifestyle was causing internal chaos was a bitter pill to swallow.

How do you slow things down without feeling like youve somewhat failed at juggling a multi-hyphen career?

To start with, I had to edit my workday and remove daily stressors. Even just eating in front of Instagram means its not relaxing, advised Kalinik. No social media and Tupperware, got it.

But what about a protein shake as I power walk from the gym to work?

As much as possible you need to be having meal times in an environment conducive to rest and digestion and this doesnt really happen while on the go.

So, thats a no then.

Kalinik also suggested a technology blackout one hour before bedtime and no relying on coffee to fuel frantic days. In fact, only one Americano a day was allowed and not downed on-the-go, on an empty stomach .

It all sounded doable, but I also felt that I needed to understand how I ended up with such a colossal amount of cortisol in the first place.

This resonated with me I am that woman.

This re-shuffle led to a new routine: I embrace the LISS life and walk to work. I apply this slower pace to lunch time too and try my hardest to eat away from my desk.

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What Are The Most Established Saliva Cortisol Tests

There are a small number of saliva cortisol test variants, and it is important to select one which offers value. A single snap-shot-test, i.e. a single saliva collection, will not reveal the trajectory of the hormone, but rather the amount of the hormone present at that time. To get real value, we need to observe the behaviour of cortisol which requires multiple saliva collections over a period of time.

Disclaimer: TestoChecker® has been supplying cortisol test kits since 2016 and we have learned how to manage test requests in a way that minimizes the effort required on our clients part.

We have the choice to measure and observe the morning behaviour or cortisol, which as you will see below is important, or the full daily pattern. These two tests are performed by laboratorys world wide and due to the ease and convenience of being able to self test at all hours of the day, saliva is considered ideal for checking cortisol hormone health.

Lets now look at the two most established multi-point collection, saliva cortisol test configurations:

Cortisol test results are presented in both graph and chart.

What Do The Results Mean

5 Foods That Naturally Decrease Cortisol, the Stress Hormone

A cortisol test alone can’t diagnose the cause of abnormal cortisol levels. If your cortisol level isn’t normal, you will usually have more tests to find out what is causing the problem.

High levels of cortisol may be a sign that you have Cushing’s syndrome. It may be caused by:

  • Taking high doses of certain steroid medicines for a long time to treat conditions, such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus
  • Tumors in your pituitary gland or other parts of your body that make too much of the hormone that tells your adrenal glands to make cortisol
  • Tumors in your adrenal glands that make extra cortisol

Low levels of cortisol may mean you have Addison disease or secondary adrenal insufficiency:

  • Common causes of Addison’s disease include damage to the adrenal glands from conditions, such as:
  • Certain infections, such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS
  • Common causes of secondary adrenal insufficiency include:
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • The most common cause of low cortisol levels is suddenly stopping steroid medicines after using them for a long time.

    If your cortisol results aren’t normal, it doesn’t always mean you have a medical condition that needs treatment. Cortisol levels can be affected by:

    • Certain medicines, such as birth control pills

    To learn what your test results mean, talk with your health care provider.

    Learn more about laboratory tests, reference ranges, and understanding results.

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    How Does A Cortisol Test Work

    Cortisol can be measured in the blood, urine, saliva or a combination. Your healthcare provider will tell you which test they recommend for you.

    • Blood test: In an office, clinic or lab, a healthcare provider inserts a thin needle into a vein in your arm. The needle collects a small sample of blood into a tube. You might feel a slight sting when the needle goes in.
    • Saliva test: You or a healthcare provider puts a swab in your mouth and waits a few minutes until the swab is saturated with spit. If you do the test yourself at home, your healthcare provider will give you a special kit. Theyll tell you what time to perform the test and how to return the sample.
    • Urine test: Your healthcare provider gives you a container to collect your pee. Most urinary cortisol tests collect all the pee you produce in 24 hours. Your healthcare provider may ask you to store the urine in a cold place, then return it to their office or a lab.

    You may need to repeat cortisol testing twice in one day or multiple times over several days because cortisol levels vary.

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