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Do I Have Low Estrogen

Youre Getting Hot Flashes And Night Sweats

How to Fix Your Low Estrogen Levels

Youve probably heard of these symptoms through menopause. These really annoying symptoms occur during perimenopause , but they can also occur at other times when your estrogen is low. People can “start having perimenopausal symptoms in their late 30s,” Dr. Minkin says, so it’s not something to rule out.

Hot flashes and night sweats happen because low estrogen messes with your hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls your body temperature, among other things. When you dont have enough estrogen, your body is tricked by this part of your brain to think its too hot. In an attempt to get rid of the fake excess heat, your body expends heat in a hot flash opening the blood vessels in your head and neck skin more than usual. These may be another reason why youre having trouble sleeping because its hard to sleep when your body is on a temperature rollercoaster.

Treatment + Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are two main approaches to treating low estrogen in women:

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the definitive and most effective way to treat low estrogen.

This causes an increase in those hormones and tends to quickly reverse the symptoms associated with their decline.

But be careful when using HRT.

You should look for a Doctor that specializes in hormone balance to ensure that you are getting enough hormone but not too much.

Doctors can alter the amount of estrogen that you receive , the way that you take it , the type of hormones you take and the frequency with which you take it.

All of these variables can be controlled to help provide you with the exact amount that your body needs.

Supplements can be added to HRT to further boost their effectiveness and they can even be used in isolation if you have a contra-indication to HRT.

HRT can be stopped around the “normal” menopause time-frame, or it can be continued beyond that point.

Low Estrogen Symptom #: Headaches

These days, headaches are pretty common. We spend so much time on the computer with bad posture, hunched over our smartphones, or stressed out from a long commute.

So random headaches that come and go are almost expected in our modern world.

But headaches that come at certain times during your cycle could be a symptom of low estrogen.

Headaches specifically migraines are two to three times more common in women than in men. And if you thought womens fluctuating hormones might be the reason behind that statistic, youd be correct!

Estrogen, among other hormones, can actually influence neurotransmitter systems in our brain that tell us if were feeling pain or not. And when estrogen is low, that pain signaling can increase, giving us a headache.

This is why headaches are often a common symptom of PMS. Your estrogen is the lowest right before your period, which can cause headaches.

Estrogen can also influence headaches because of its impact on serotonin levels. When estrogen is low, serotonin is also likely to be low. And low serotonin levels have been shown to contribute to changes in our muscles that can cause migraine and tension headaches.

If youre someone who gets frequent headaches, especially around your the start of your period, getting checked for an estrogen deficiency is a good idea.

And if you are struggling with these hormonal headaches, my fellow womens health advocate, Dr. Jolene Brighten, wrote a great article on some natural remedies you can try.

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How Is Low Estrogen Treated

Women who have low levels of estrogen may benefit from hormonal treatment. Hormonal treatment is the standard for low estrogen. There are non-hormonal options to help relieve symptoms. Non-hormonal options are preferred for women at high risk for breast cancer, blood clots, stroke, or liver disease.

How Does Low Estrogen Affect The Body Of A Man Or Amab Person

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People assigned male at birth with too much estrogen may experience sexual dysfunction. Still, they need some estrogen for their reproductive health and overall health. Research has shown that low estrogen levels may cause:

For transgender women or nonbinary people with penises, low estrogen levels may prevent their bodies from having the physical appearance theyd like. If this is the case, feminizing hormone therapy may be an option. This treatment involves taking estrogen to develop secondary sex characteristics like softer facial features, less body hair, breasts and hips.

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Signs You Might Have Low Estrogen

1. You frequently experience brain fog

Brain fog is commonly reported by women in menopause or perimenopause. Brain fog can manifest in several ways, including:

  • Trouble concentrating on tasks
  • Difficulty remembering things

Estrogen helps to sharpen your cognitive acuity, and low levels of estrogen prevent your focus and memory from operating at full capacity.

2. Your mental health is declining

Poor mental health can result from low estrogen levels. Since estrogen is believed to help with your neurotransmitters, low levels are associated with a risk of psychosis, schizophrenia, and worsened symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Since estrogen helps the body process stress, low estrogen levels can make stressful situations feel overwhelming.

Estrogen is associated with serotonin, which is one of your brains neurotransmitters responsible for boosting our moods. This is why women with low estrogen can suffer from depression. They can also experience strong mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and anger.

3. Youve gained weight

A drop in estrogen corresponds with a desire for comfort foods, i.e. foods high in fat, calories, sugar, and salt. Foods high in these elements can lead to weight gain and water retention. Estrogen also decreases your levels of leptin, which can act as an appetite suppressant.

4. Advanced skin aging

5. Higher frequency of UTIs

6. You arent sleeping well

These irregular sleep patterns could also correspond to the risk of developing sleep apnea.

Estrogen Levels During Pregnancy

Hormone production is really high during pregnancy. Estradiol skyrockets, along with other hormones like progesterone, testosterone, and prolactin . These hormones, plus many more, work together to support the development of a baby.

  • First trimester estradiol: 188â2497 pg/mL

  • Second trimester estradiol: 1278â7192 pg/mL

  • Third trimester estradiol: 3460â6137 pg/mL

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Questions Talk To A Doctor Today

If youre concerned about your estrogen levels or just want to talk to an expert about your symptoms, its time to see a doctor.

Dade City and Wesley Chapel patients can with Dr. Ayazo or call . No matter your health concerns, Dr. Ayazo is here to answer your questions and work with you on a personalized plan to help you start feeling better.

When Should I Call The Doctor About Female Sexual Dysfunction

How I Feel With Low Estrogen Vs High Estrogen

Many women experience the occasional sexual issue. But if it bothers you or becomes a frequent problem, itâs time to get help. Talk to your healthcare provider about evaluation and treatment.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Sexual dysfunction can be a frustrating, challenging condition for many women. But itâs nothing you should feel ashamed of or embarrassed about. Talking openly and honestly with your partner and your healthcare provider can help get to the root of the problem. Therapies are available for the physical and psychological causes of sexual dysfunction. Most women are able to enjoy healthy, pleasurable sex with the right treatments.

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Diet Lifestyle And Exercise

Changes to your diet can also help keep your estrogen levels low.

A diet low in fat and high in fiber is commonly recommended for estrogen level control. Some foods that might be involved in this kind of diet include:

  • cruciferous vegetables contain phytochemicals that block estrogen production
  • shiitake and portobello mushrooms naturally reduce aromatase
  • red grapes contain natural estrogen blockers resveratrol and proanthocyanidin
  • sesame seeds and flaxseed, as well as whole grains like oats, corn, and rice contain a micronutrient called polyphenol
  • green tea is another good source of polyphenol
  • pomegranates are high in estrogen-blocking phytochemicals

Some meat products contain estrogen as a result from treatment with synthetic hormones and should be avoided. Some other products to avoid that can increase your estrogen levels include:

  • wraps or containers made of plastic that can be absorbed by your food
  • hygiene products that have parabens containing estrogens, such as shampoos

Staying in shape can also keep your estrogen levels low:

  • get a physical to check your overall health

Treatment For Low Estrogen

One way to prevent symptoms of low estrogen is to replenish your estrogen supply. You can increase the levels of estrogen in your body through estrogen replacement therapies. At the Center for Womens Health, our team, led by Sharon Breit, MD, diagnoses and assesses your estrogen levels and symptoms in order to prescribe the best options for your issues.

Hormone replacement therapy comes in many forms, including pills, creams, patches, and injections, and with the hormone progestin or estrogen-only. Another option is BioTe® Hormone Pellet Therapy, which contains bioidentical hormones derived from plant extracts.

For more information on how estrogen affects your body and what you can do about it, call us at the Center for Womens Health in Wichita, Kansas, or make an appointment online.

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Why Choose Focal Point Vitality For Hormone Therapy For Women

Focal Point Vitality is a top provider of hormone therapy in Phoenix and the surrounding valley, and we offer a diverse range of options to choose from. Our estrogen treatments use bioidentical hormones for the best possible results, supporting your bodys natural function and aiming for an ideal balance. Whether you opt for treatment in the form of pills, patches, or creams, you can be confident that youre receiving the best HRT Phoenix has to offer.

But beyond the quality of our treatment options, Focal Point Vitality is also committed to caring for every guest as an individual not just any other client on our list. Customized care is the foundation of our Phoenix age management clinic, and our goal is to support you in achieving the best version of your happiest, healthiest self.

Regaining Balance Is Easier Than You Think

Holistic Dietitian Krista King on Instagram: LOW PROGESTERONE SYMPTOMS ...

Youd be surprised at just how quickly you are able to restore your bodys natural hormone balance with the right hormone replacement therapy.

For a consultation about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, call 480-839-4131 or fill out a consultation request form located throughout the site. We look forward to speaking with you and seeing if Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a good option for you and your health concerns.

We serve patients in the Phoenix AZ area including Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Ahwatukee, Peoria, Glendale, Avondale, and Fountain Hills. All patients always work directly with one of our licensed physicians to ensure patient safety and confidentiality.

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Do You Have Low Estrogen

In todays modern society we talk a lot about estrogen dominance and for good reason because its a real issue. However, I think low hormones are a real problem too, that not a lot of people are talking about.

Estrogen is probably the most talked about, most beloved, and sometimes most hated hormone. Its an amazing hormone that helps with more than our ability to reproduce.

Estrogen does a lot of different jobs:

Estrogen also regulates over 1000 genes, so you can see how its a really important hormone.

Womens Health Initiative Studies Of Hormone Therapy And Cancer Risk

Several large studies have looked at possible links between systemic hormone therapy in menopausal women and different types of cancer.

The main randomized studies of MHT were part of the Womens Health Initiative . The WHI included 2 randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials of MHT in healthy women:

  • One study looked at estrogen therapy in post-menopausal women who didnt have a uterus. Over 5,000 women in the ET group took a daily dose of estrogen in the form of conjugated equine estrogen for an average of about 6 years. The researchers then continued to follow them for several years to look for any further effects of the hormone. The women were compared to more than 5,000 in the placebo group.
  • The other study looked at estrogen-progestin therapy in post-menopausal women who still had their uterus. Over 8,500 women in the EPT group took a daily dose of CEE plus a progestin called medroxyprogesterone acetate for an average of about 5 years. This group was compared to a group of more than 8,000 women in the placebo group.

The WHI also conducted some observational studies. However, when we mention a WHI study below, were referring to one of the randomized studies.

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Hot Flushes And Sweats In Women

Cancer or cancer treatment can lower the sex hormones in the body. This can lead to hot flushes and sweats.

Hot flushes are one of the most common symptoms women have when they go through the menopause. But hot flushes can also happen because of treatment for cancer.

Women having a natural menopause usually find hot flushes become less frequent and less severe during the 5 years after their last period.

When Estrogen Is Lower During The Late Luteal Phase And The Start Of The Period You May Notice Some Changes

What You Do Not Realize about Low Estrogen In Men
  • Your overall body temperature will increase slightly during this phase.

  • One study found that 2 out of 5 women report more sensitive skin, which researchers suspect could be due to low levels of estrogen during this time .

  • Premenstrual symptoms also show up during this time before the period starts, when estrogen are low.

  • Some people may even get migraine headaches that are related to the drop in estrogen levels .

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Why Is It Important To Keep It Normal Progesterone Level

In addition to the fact of fertilization, pregnancy, and childbearing, the hormone progesterone also serves a number of functions, it:

  • suppresses excessive uterine contractions
  • regulates the frequency of the menstrual cycle
  • resists the leaps of estrogen.

Also, the hormone is responsible for the normal development and maintenance of bone tissue integrity. The low progesterone symptoms menopause must not be treated carelessly in no way.

It often happens that the level of progesterone drops, in menopausal women, which can lead to the most unpleasant consequences. It would seem that during the climacteric it is not needed at all since the children have already grown up, its time to nurse grandchildren and enjoy life. However, low progesterone symptoms are expressed in poor health and malaise, which significantly interferes with enjoying life in this period.

About Michelle Ayazo Md

Dr. Michelle Ayazo is a board-certified family medicine physician and Obesity Medicine specialist. As a physician, Dr. Ayazos goal is to help patients find whole-body health in a way that combines medicine with healthy lifestyle habits.

In addition to helping with hormonal imbalances, Dr. Ayazo specializes in chronic disease management, functional medicine, skin health, and much more.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to substitute professional medical advice. Every patient is different, so talk with your doctor to learn what treatment options are best for you.

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What Are Normal Levels Of Estrogen And What Are Normal Levels During Pregnancy Perimenopause

Since estrogen levels fluctuate greatly throughout the cycle, a ânormal levelâ of estrogen changes every day .

But if youâre experiencing unexpected symptoms and suspect your estrogen is high or low, you might ask your healthcare provider to run tests. These levels may differ. Differences in laboratory procedures, population served by the laboratory, and testing technique can also impact resultsâso lab results should always be interpreted using the laboratories reference values .

Presenting Signs And Symptoms

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A long-term decrease in estrogen stimulation is generally required before symptoms of atrophic vaginitis arise. A decrease in vaginal lubrication is an early hallmark of hormone insufficiency.10 Genital symptoms include dryness, burning, dyspareunia, loss of vaginal secretions, leukorrhea, vulvar pruritus, feeling of pressure, itching and yellow malodorous discharge.3,6,11 Urinary symptoms of urethral discomfort, frequency, hematuria, urinary tract infection, dysuria and stress incontinence may be later symptoms of vaginal atrophy .3,6,10,11 All atrophic vaginitis symptoms can be exacerbated by a simultaneous infection of candidiasis, trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis. Over time, the lack of vaginal lubrication often results in sexual dysfunction and associated emotional distress.

Presenting Symptoms of Atrophic Vaginitis


Information from references 3, 6, 10 and 11.

Presenting Symptoms of Atrophic Vaginitis


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How Do You Raise Low Estrogen

Determining the cause of chronically low estrogen levels is helpful in determining the best strategy.

If it is due to menopause, increasing foods high in phytoestrogens like flax seeds, miso soup, and hops during this time period helps bring relief due to phytoestrogens binding to estrogen receptors and upregulating serotonin receptors. Maintaining a diet high in phytoestrogens may assist throughout the post-menopausal period for estrogen, serotonin levels and preventing bone loss.

If it is due to low body fat percentage, an eating disorder, or excessive physical training, talk to your doctor regarding your concerns and a plan going forward.

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