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Does Melatonin Help Acid Reflux

Gerd Occurs When Acid From The Stomach Comes Back Up Into The Esophagus

Melatonin as an Acid Reflux Treatment?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, affects 14% to 20% of adults in the United States. The most common first-line treatment for this very prevalent disorder is drug treatment with proton pump inhibitors .

These drugs can cause some serious side effects, including increased risk for pneumonia, osteoporosis, heart attack, and more. Fortunately, theres a safer option: melatonin for GERD relief.

Isolation Of The Total Rna And Quantitative Rt

Real-time PCR was used to measure the MLCK mRNA expression levels in the esophageal mucosal biopsy tissues and Het-1A monolayer. The biopsy tissues were stored in RNAlater at -20°C. Total RNA was extracted using TRIzol according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, 2 g of total RNA was reverse transcribed and subjected to realtime PCR using acDNA synthesis kit and a SYBR Green real time PCR Kit , respectively. The following MLCK PCR primers were used: forward , GCATCAAGTACATGCGGCAG reverse , GGATGTAGCAGATGACCCCG. -actin served as an internal control. The amplification cycle was as follows: denaturation at 95°C for 30 sec, annealing at 95°C for 5 sec and extension at 60°C for 30 sec, repeated 40 times.

Can Support Better Sleep

Melatonin is often called the sleep hormone and for good reason.

Its one of the most popular sleep aids and a common natural remedy to treat issues like insomnia.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that melatonin can support better sleep.

One study in 50 people with insomnia showed that taking melatonin two hours before bed helped people fall asleep faster and enhanced overall sleep quality .

Another large analysis of 19 studies in children and adults with sleep disorders found that melatonin reduced the amount of time it took to fall asleep, increased total sleep time and improved sleep quality .

However, though melatonin is associated with fewer side effects than other sleep medications, it may be less effective .


Studies show that melatonin can lengthen total sleep time, shorten the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and enhance sleep quality in children and adults.

9 ).

This type of depression is related to changes in the seasons and occurs each year around the same time, with symptoms typically appearing in late fall to early winter.

Some research indicates that it could be linked to changes in your circadian rhythm caused by seasonal light changes .

Because melatonin plays a role in regulating circadian rhythm, low doses are often used to decrease symptoms of seasonal depression.

However, other research is still inconclusive on the effects of melatonin on seasonal depression.

16 ).

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Is It Ok To Take Melatonin Every Night

Generally speaking, taking melatonin every night is absolutely fine. Melatonin is naturally occurring in the body and thus is well accepted by the body. There are potential side effects like headaches, but these are very uncommon. If you stick with a dose lower than 6mg it should be completely fine for taking them long term.

The Best Supplements To Extinguish Heartburn And Acid Reflux


Gastroesophageal reflux disease is the most severe form of acid reflux, which is primarily characterized by heartburn, or pain in the chest stemming from esophageal discomfort. Usually, heartburn from GERD occurs after eating certain trigger foods or large meals. The severity and frequency of symptoms vary by person. Fortunately, a few supplements can minimize heartburn and acid reflux for the long haul.

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What Dietary And Lifestyle Changes Can Help Relieve Gerd

  • Avoid foods and beverages associated with GERD symptoms including coffee, chocolate, spicy foods, carbonated beverages, and alcohol.
  • Quit smoking, as it can increase symptoms.
  • Increased body mass can cause pressure on the stomach, increasing stress on the esophageal valve. Obese individuals have shown a 94% increase in GERD symptoms over those with body masses in the normal range. Losing weight may help alleviate symptoms.
  • Reduced fat and carbohydrate intake may help alleviate symptoms.
  • Avoid eating close to bedtime and sleep with your head elevated.
  • Limit use of aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs .

Ways Melatonin Can Benefit In Heartburn

Heartburn is a painful burning sensation in the chest due to the inflammation and acid reflux from the stomach to oesophagus.

It occurs because the lower oesophageal sphincter or LES muscle pressure decreases or it relaxes, giving way for the backflow of stomach contents.

The physiological reasons for acid reflux are poor diet and lifestyle but there can be other reasons too.

Heartburn is a very common gastrointestinal tract disorder and can be easily treated with diet, home remedies, and lifestyle changes but its ignorance can lead to a chronic form, GERD which can need additional treatment.

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Can Promote Eye Health

Melatonin is high in antioxidants that can help prevent cell damage and keep your eyes healthy.

In fact, research suggests that melatonin could be beneficial in treating conditions like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration .

In a study in 100 people with AMD, supplementing with 3 mg of melatonin for 624 months helped protect the retina, delay age-related damage and preserve visual clarity .

Additionally, a rat study found that melatonin decreased the severity and incidence of retinopathy an eye disease that affects the retina and can result in vision loss .

However, research is limited and additional human studies are needed to determine the effects of long-term melatonin supplements on eye health.


Melatonin is high in antioxidants and has been shown to treat eye conditions like age-related macular degeneration and retinopathy in human and animal studies.

19 ).

Melatonin has been shown to block the secretion of stomach acids. It also decreases the production of nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes your lower esophageal sphincter, allowing stomach acid to enter your esophagus .

For this reason, some research suggests that melatonin may be used to treat heartburn and GERD.

One study in 36 people showed that taking melatonin alone or with omeprazole a common GERD medication was effective at relieving heartburn and discomfort .

Melatonin For Acid Reflux Is It Effective

Melatonin treatment for GERD, acid reflux, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), Silent reflux.

Believe it or not using melatonin for GERD or acid reflux can be an effective way to treat GERD and LPR . If you didnt already know someone who suffers from the likes of these acid reflux problems means that there has to be a root cause.

Of course, there can be a host of possibilities for both LPR and GERD but the most likely cause for both is because of a weakened LES muscle. If you didnt know LES stands for lower esophageal sphincter which is the valve that is directly above the stomach. The importance of this valve is that once foods enters the stomach it is meant to tighten and close to keep the food and acid inside the stomach as it should. For more information on the LES check out The Stomach Sphincters Important Role in Acid Reflux.

Someone with one of the aforementioned acid reflux problems will likely have an LES that relaxes and remains open when it shouldnt. This opening and relaxation gives the acid reflux symptoms in the first place.

Not only can melatonin have this positive effect on the LES pressure but it also can have a positive effect on the mucosa in the gastro tract where it has been shown to protect these mucosa from damage.

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Betaine Hcl With Pepsin

Betaine hydrochloride is a compound used to increase stomach acid .

Low levels of stomach acid may slow digestion and the absorption of nutrients, as well as cause a range of side effects, including heartburn, stomach pain, and acid reflux .

One study in 6 people with low levels of stomach acid showed that taking 1500 mg of betaine HCl increased stomach acidity .

Betaine hydrochloride is also paired with pepsin in many supplements. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme in stomach acid that breaks proteins into smaller units .

One 6-week study in 97 people with indigestion found that taking pepsin combined with amino acid hydrochloride significantly reduced symptoms like stomach pain and burning .

That said, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has concluded theres not currently enough evidence to ensure the effectiveness of betaine HCl or pepsin at increasing stomach acidity .

Therefore, more research on whether betaine HCl with pepsin may be beneficial for treating acid reflux is needed.


Some studies indicate that betaine HCl may increase stomach acidity in people with low stomach acid, thereby reducing symptoms of acid reflux. Pepsin may also relieve indigestion symptoms, but more research is needed.

Protecting Against Barretts Esophagus And Esophageal Cancer

Several observational studies have examined the effects of dietary patterns on the incidence of Barretts esophagus or esophageal cancer . Some foods and supplements appear to reduce cancer and metaplasia risk.

Total fruit and vegetable intake has been associated with reductions in the risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma in some studies . It has been noted that risk reductions associated with citrus fruits as well as yellow, brassica, or raw vegetables were consistently positive . Strawberries, due to their powerful antioxidants, have also piqued the interest of researchers looking for compounds able to protect esophageal tissue. In order to test the hypothesis that strawberries might protect against esophageal cancer, scientists administered freeze-dried strawberry powder to 75 patients with precancerous esophageal lesions for six months. At a dose of 60 grams daily, freeze dried strawberry powder improved the appearance of the esophageal tissue under microscopic examination. Moreover, several inflammatory markers were reduced, including a 63% reduction in cyclooxygenase-2 activity and a 62% reduction in Nf-kB activity. The investigators remarked that Our present results indicate the potential of freeze-dried strawberry powder for preventing human esophageal cancer .

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Vitamins And Supplements For Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease , is a common digestive issue.

Its associated with a range of side effects, including heartburn, nausea, belching, and stomach pain .

In addition to medications like antacids and proton pump inhibitors, most treatments for acid reflux involve making dietary or lifestyle changes.

Many vitamins, herbs, and supplements may also help provide relief from symptoms.

Here are 6 supplements that may be beneficial for the treatment of acid reflux.

Easing Gerd With Melatonin And Probiotics

Melatonin 5mg plus Vitamin B

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease , otherwise known as acid reflux, affects an extraordinary number of adults worldwide. According to the journal Gut, between 18 and 28 percent of the adults in North America suffer from the disease, as do 9 to 26 percent of Europeans and up to 33 percent in the Middle East.1 Locke, G. Richard III. The Prevalence and Impact of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. 3 November 2017. Iffgd. 31 August 2018. Those numbers appear to be rising.

Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid flows back into the tube that connects your esophagus to your mouth, leaving you with a bitter or sour taste. The acid causes heartburn and indigestion. While most of us have had an occasional bout of acid indigestion after a particularly indulgent meal, full-blown GERD means having such bouts at least twice a week. In healthy digestion, food and liquid pass from the esophagus to the stomach and then a sphincter at the base of the esophagus closes, preventing backwash. But when you develop GERD, that sphincter has weakened, allowing partially digested food and stomach acid to come back into your throat.

Here are a few treatment options to consider before rushing to fill that prescription.


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Measurement Of The Epithelial Paracellular Permeability

The Het-1A monolayers were incubated with acidified BEBM for 30 min, or with melatonin for 6 h or PD98059 for 2 h , followed by incubation with acidified BEBM for 30 min. After the incubations, the media were refreshed, and 1 mg/mL FITC-dextran was added to the upper chamber. After 2 h of incubation at 37°C, we collected the medium in the lower chamber and measured the fluorescence using a fluorometer . The data were calculated as the concentration of FITC-dextran in the lower chamber.

An Alternative Theory On The Cause Of Gerd

Hypochlorhydria Some high-profile alternative medical practitioners suggest that, rather than too much stomach acid, it may be too little that causes GERD . The proposed etiology involving hypochlorhydria attributes GERD symptoms to refluxed acid, and argues that just because acid is being refluxed does not necessarily mean that there is too much in the stomach to begin with. Proponents of the hypochlorhydria theory believe that inadequate stomach acid reduces lower esophageal sphincter tone, thereby allowing stomach contents to be refluxed giving rise to GERD symptoms.

Hydrochloric acid in the stomach activates enzymes that help break down proteins and stimulates other digestive processes. The hypochlorhydria theory of GERD proposes increasing stomach acidity to alleviate symptoms, as opposed to lowering it, which is the conventional approach. To do this, alternative practitioners often administer betaine HCl, which delivers additional hydrochloric acid to the stomach. This therapy is sometimes preceded by the Heidelberg test to measure the pH of the stomach.

Although the hypochlorhydria theory lacks support in modern published, peer-reviewed scientific literature, detailed reports of using orally administered hydrochloric acid to improve gastric function are available in early articles . Also, some innovative modern-day practitioners have noted clinical improvement in GERD patients using this method .

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Data Extraction And Primary And Modifier

Two evaluators will independently use the same data fill-in form to collect the primary summary outcome and modifiers in each study, and disagreements between the 2 evaluators will be resolved by discussion or consultation with a third author .

The primary outcome of this study is the efficacy of melatonin or melatonin receptor agonist for the treatment of GERD. Efficacy can be defined as improvement in the global patient assessment, the visual analog scale of symptoms, indices for the evaluation of symptomatic improvement, such as the Nepean Dyspepsia Index, or any other validated tools indicating overall symptom of patients. The following data will also be extracted from each study, whenever possible study design, age or ethnicity of enrolled population, sample size, published year, diagnostic method of GERD and assessment tool of outcome .

Narrative synthesis is planned and quantitative synthesis will be used if the included studies are sufficiently homogenous. The common effect size will be extracted from each study, whenever possible and we will also perform sensitivity analyses and meta-regression using the modifiers identified during the systematic review to confirm the robustness of the main result and to identify the reason of heterogeneity.

The Problem With Acid Reflux Medications

Melatonin for Heartburn | Natural Healing with Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD

Due to the uncomfortableâand in some cases, unbearableâsymptoms, many people turn to over-the-counter and prescription medications for quick heartburn relief. The most common types of medications used are H2 blockers and proton-pump inhibitors , which both suppress stomach acid production really effectively. But as with any drug, there can be side effects. The short-term effects of these drugs may include constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. All uncomfortable but not particularly worrisome or serious.

Long-term use of H2 blockers and PPIs, however, can have more serious consequences. Stomach acid plays a crucial role in breaking down food for proper digestion and absorption, so continual suppression of the acid may lead to nutrient deficiencies. Additionally, PPIs may increase blood levels of the hormone gastrin, which can leach calcium from the bones. This combination can increase the risk for bone fractures and osteoporosis. The acidity of the stomach also works to kill bacteria that can cause illnesses. So, chronically low stomach acid levels can leave you at risk for infections. Additionally, the FDA recently put a warning on a commonly used H2 blocker, ranitidine, because it contains a cancer causing chemical called NDMA.

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Melatonin For Silent Acid Reflux


Having tried some other so called natural cures and not wanting to waste money again I would be grateful if anyone has tried anything to do with melatoni for silent acid reflux and what their views are. I know it is contained in things like olive oil but cannot find anywhere that tells me how much olive oil you would need to take to have an effect. Am not keen on getting the melatonin capsules unless essential as they can cause nausea, headaches etc where olive oil will not cause any side effects.

1 like, 10 replies

  • Posted 8 years ago

    Interesting – i only use olive oil and coconut oil. The problem if you had to use a lot of olive oil would be that fats take longer to digest so stay in the stomach for longer, and cause more acid production to digest them. Swings and roundabouts. I’ll be interested in what others say. Thanks for raising this. Best

  • Posted 8 years ago

    Thanks for reply… presumably acid is indiciative of your problem? No? LOL. I always feel better after drinking raw olive oil and always use it for cooking.

  • 8 years ago

    Hi Susan. Please tellme if you can…

    How much olive oil would one need to drink to get an effect? How do you get your ph 8.88 water?

    Which melatonin tablet do you take?

    Do you know what is causing your reflux problem?

    If it is because of the spchinter does the water and

    olive oil etc help or is repairing the valve necessary?

  • Why Does The Sphincter Weaken

    Various factors may make the lower esophageal sphincter weaker or cause it to relax at times when it should stay closed.

    According to the

    According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology , a person can ease acid reflux they experience when trying to sleep by:

    • elevating the head of the bed 6â8 inches
    • avoiding lying down 2â3 hours after a meal
    • eating smaller meals more frequently and not eating heavy meals before bedtime

    The side of the body on which a person sleeps may also make a difference. A found sleeping on the left side alleviates acid reflux.

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