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Essential Oils To Balance Hormones

Essential Oils For Hormone Imbalance

How to Use Essential Oils: Aromatically, Topically, Internally & Safely

Essential oils are amazing at supporting our bodies naturally. They work with our bodies to maintain wellness and help tip the scales back when our bodies are out of whack. Essential oils can uplift your mood and support you through the rough emotions of the day.

There are two main ways to use essential oils in everyday life by diffusing or applying topically. For on the go and everyday applications, I prefer using roller bottles and applying the diluted oils directly to my skin. At the end of this post, Ill share one of my favorite roller blends to use to help through the emotions of your trying to conceive journey and to balance hormones.

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When You Feel Balanced You Feel Alive

If you were to implement just one essential oil into your daily routine for the purpose of keeping your hormones balanced, it should definitely be clary sage. I recommend adding it to your essential oil collection as soon as you get a chance.

The importance of doing your best to maintain hormonal balance cannot be overstated. Youll have more energy, have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, and when you sleep, youll actually get the rest you need.

Remember, pay attention to your bodythen give it what it needs.

Top 3 Essential Oils To Balance Hormones Naturally

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

I want to share with you how essential oils can help naturally balance your hormones and the specific oils that can benefit progesterone and estrogen levels, improve thyroid hormones, and help men naturally boost low testosterone. Which are the best essential oils for hormones? Keep reading.

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Be Sure You Are Getting Pure Oils From Reputable Sources

There are a lot of companies selling their wares, particularly online. My rule of thumb is that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. The last thing you want is to inhale or absorb through your skin a bunch of additives or other chemicals that could make your hormonal imbalance worse, not better! Read labels carefully, research companies, and pay attention to what you are purchasing.

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Some people particularly pregnant women or those with serious health concerns should not use essential oils. As I said before, its a good idea to work with a professional, particularly if you have any specific concerns. While most essential oils dont come with side effects, because we are all individuals with our own sensitivities, its a good idea to test an area on your skin before applying essential oils in any form.

Breathe Deeply and Make Use of Essential Oils for Hormones!

Like I said at the beginning of this article, scent can quickly bring me to my happy place. And, as Ive shown you here, it can do that for you too! With the right research and high quality, organic oils, you can soothe your stress, balance your hormones, and feel great again naturally!


Essential Oils For Hormones

Thyroid Balance Hormone

Essential oils uses continue to amaze me, as they can be used to treat so many health illnesses and improve so many aspects of your health. For the sake of using essential oils for hormones and achieving balance, there are three main essential oils were going to cover: clary sage, thyme and sandalwood essential oils.

1. Clary Sage Oil

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research found that inhalation of clary sage oil had the ability to reduce cortisol levels by 36% and improved thyroid hormone levels. The study was done on 22 post-menopausal women in their 50s, some of whom were diagnosed with depression, and at the end of trial the researchers stated that clary sage oil had a statistically significant effect on lowering cortisol and had an anti-depressant effect improving mood.

This is just one of the many studies proving clary sage oil benefits hormones.

The biggest benefit of clary sage is that it helps balance out estrogen production in the body. A lot of health issues today, even things like infertility, PCOS and estrogen-based cancers, are caused from excess estrogen in the body in part, because of our consumption of high-estrogen foods.

2. Thyme Oil

Research discussed in the Proceedings of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicinediscovered thyme essential oil has progesterone-balancing effects.

3. Sandalwood Oil

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Over The Adrenal Glands Area

Adrenal fatigue symptoms are often quite similar to thyroid symptoms and they include weight gain, fatigue, low blood pressure, brain fog and difficulty sleeping.

You can provide direct support to the adrenals by massaging essential oils over the adrenal area. If youre not sure where that is, the adrenals are located on top of the kidneys, which sit just underneath the rib cage.

Since we have two kidneys one on the left and another on the right side of the body be sure to give both of them equal amounts of TLC.

Some adrenal-friendly oils to use include: peppermint, geranium, clary sage and rosemary.

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Essential Oils Can Help You Accept Your Feelings Without Judgement And Can Help You Get Comfortable Dealing With Or Coping With Them

Life can feel overwhelming. With the constant flow of work emails and the pressure that social media brings, lifes stresses and challenges can have a negative impact not just on your physical health but also on your emotional health as well. When your emotional health is out of whack, you can feel unable to cope with challenges and overly sensitive. Essential oils are a great tool to use to try and restore your emotional balance.

Emotional wellbeing is something everyone aspires to have. But what exactly does it mean to have your emotions balanced? Emotional balance is the ability of the mind and body to maintain equilibrium in the face of challenges or change. If you feel emotionally imbalanced, there are many ways to improve your mental wellbeing including yoga, meditation, exercise, and aromatherapy. The use of essential oils for physical and mental wellness has been practiced for thousands of years.

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Anxiety Stress And Fatigue

Many people use aromatherapy to help them relax, for stimulation, and to ease anxiety. Many people experience anxiety, depression, fatigue, and mood changes around the menopause.

has suggested that aromatherapy oils can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression during this time of transition.

Learn here about how essential oils can help people with depression.

Some research has suggested that the following oils may help relieve a variety of symptoms during menopause.

Clary Sage The Wonder Oil

How to Use Frankincense Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils

Clary sage is our essential oil wonder for women! It contains components that reduce cortisol levels by 36%, improve thyroid hormone levels and most importantly, balance estrogen production. High estrogen foods are common and excess estrogen production in the body is a source of many problems for women. Thus clever clary sage can help with a wide array of hormonal ails. It also relieves pain, PMS cramps and is a mood balancer, clinically proven to reduce depression. It should be your go-to at that time of the month!

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Start Balancing Your Hormones

There are many things you can do to relieve hormonal imbalance naturally but essential oils can be particularly powerful. Clary Sage has been used since Medieval times to treat PMS, infertility, difficult or irregular menstrual cycles, lowered libido, and difficult menopausal symptoms like sweats and hot flashes. The lavender essential oil will promote relaxation and help you deal with any added stress caused by your hormone imbalance.

But first realize that using essential oils to balance hormones is just one step you need to consider when looking for healing. Diet can play a huge role in hormone imbalance issues. For example, dairy often contains hormones that can throw your levels our of whack, while healthy nuts and seeds like hemp seeds can help bring hormones into balance. See other simple ways to balance hormones that might help you as well.

I also want to make sure you arent making a hormone imbalance WORSE with toxic ingredients in your home. Did you know many air fresheners and fragrances have hormone-disrupting ingredients in them? Many laundry care products also have dangerous chemicals dyes, fragrances, and cleaning agents can all have negative effects on your bodys hormonal balance. As you look to heal your body with essential oils to balance your hormones, make sure you detox your home to eliminate harmful chemicals as well!

Essential Oils To Balance Hormones

Hormone imbalance issues can create a myriad of problems and have many different causes. You might be struggling with menopause, for example. Finding natural solutions to menopause hot flashes, fatigue, and other symptoms can feel overwhelming. Sometimes birth control, pregnancies, or other life changes can throw your hormones out of whack. Sabrina had a molar pregnancy that hurt her hormone balance for a while and she needed to heal from that.

Essential Oils are a powerful tool for dealing with symptoms of hormone imbalance whether thats postpartum depression, menstrual cramps, or more. This is why our favorite essential oils to balance hormones work so well together.

  • Clary Sage Clary sage is known to have anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effects, as well as shown to relieve cramps and pain from hormonal surges in women. This is a must-try for hormone balancing blends.
  • Frankincense One of my favorite essential oils for overall balance and to enhance the effects of other essential oils in many of my blends.
  • Lavender The restful anti-anxiety properties of lavender essential oil make it invaluable in this hormone balancing blend.
  • Neroli Neroli, or bitter orange blossom, is a prized essential oil with proven benefits for libido, stress, and other menopause or hormonal imbalance symptoms.
  • Ylang Ylang The queen of essential oils, this floral essential oil is one I turn to for libido, stress, and more.

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Essential Oils For Hormone Health

Hormones are chemical messengers, relaying information around the body. However, its very easy for levels to become disrupted and women are especially susceptible to common challenges such as:

Diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on hormone balance but the powerful effects of making simple modifications are often over-looked.

Balance By Plant Therapy A Blend Above The Rest

7 Essential Oils That Balance Hormones &  How To Use Them

I thought one blend should make it into this list, and this one by Plant Therapy seems to be a favorite. By blend, I mean an oil that was created mixing singles like the ones we listed above. This blend is a combination of Palmarosa, Lavender, Petitgrain, Clary Sage, Geranium Bourbon, Ylang-Ylang Complete, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, and Neroli.

If you notice, all but one of the oils in this group have made it on our list today, which makes this commercial blend a nice well balanced hormonal mix.

This is the best choice for someone who doesnt want to blend their own oils nor do they want to buy more than one scent. This bottle has them all mixed in for you, which makes your road toward hormonal synergy one drop away.


This oils should not be taken internally, according to the Plant Therapy website. I would personally suggest that pregnant women avoid it too because weve seen the trends with the rest of the oils we looked at today. When in doubt, consult your healthcare professional.

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Hormones Secreted By The Hypothalamus

Your hypothalamus produces seven key brain hormones. Many of these hypothalamic hormones act on the pituitary gland and the target organs controlled by your pituitary, including your adrenal glands, thyroid and sex organs.

  • Anti-Diuretic Hormones Regulates water levels in your the body, including blood pressure and volume of blood.
  • Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Controls your bodys response to physical and emotional stress, and is responsible for suppressing the appetite and stimulating anxiety.
  • Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Stimulates the release of hormones that act on your sex organs to initiate and maintain reproductive function. Your levels of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone increase during puberty, as the appropriate timing and release of hormones are required to trigger sexual maturation.
  • Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Controls normal physical development in children as well as metabolism in adults. Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone can be supported with adequate sleep, exercise, and balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Oxytocin Known as the Love hormone for promoting feelings of love, joy and well-being. Oxytocin also plays a role in social bonding, sexual arousal, reproduction, childbirth, and the period after childbirth, including mother-child bonding and breast milk production.
  • Somatostatin Inhibits other hormones, most notably growth and thyroid-stimulating hormones.
  • How Essential Oils Work To Balance Your Emotions

    Essential oils are made up of aromatic molecules that you can easily inhale. These molecules stimulate your bodys olfactory system to trigger the limbic system, which is linked to your emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance. These triggers work to aid your emotional state. Linalyl acetate is a naturally occurring constituent found in essential oils like Lavender and Clary Sage. Recent studies show that this specific constituent can help reduce stress and anxiety and encourage emotional balance.

    Emotional Benefits of Essential Oils:

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    Essential Oils For Your Thyroid And Parathyroid

    The thyroid is often impacted by the hypothalamus, the liver or the adrenals. Balancing these systems can often balance the thyroid.

    Balance the Hypothalamus: Your hypothalamus serves as the control center for hormonal messages received from/sent to the thyroid. When the hypothalamus detects low levels of thyroid hormones in the blood, it produces Thyroid Releasing Hormone which stimulates the pituitary gland to release Thyroid Stimulating Hormone . Increased levels of TSH stimulate the thyroid to secrete more thyroid hormone T3 and T4, returning the level of thyroid hormone in the blood back to normal.

    This process occurs as part of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Thyroid axis feedback loop and is contingent upon the ability of the hypothalamus to receive clear messages from the body as all outgoing endocrine signals are based on the clarity of the incoming signals. Long term stress can throw the ability of the hypothalamus to send and receive optimal signals out of balance. To optimize the vitality and function of the hypothalamus, consider Hypothalamus blend, applied to the pituitary gland

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    Additional Essential Oils To Support Adrenal Health

    How to Use Thieves Vitality Essential Oil by Young Living

    Hypothalamus: The hypothalamus is pearl size region of the brain that serves as control center for neural and hormonal messages received from/sent to body. It is constantly reading blood the levels of cortisol, and adjusting signals sent to the adrenal glands for optimal internal balance of the body. Chronic and prolonged stress can damage the hypothalamuss ability to receive clear messages from the body which then impacts all outgoing endocrine and neural signals. Just as you might reboot a computer, you can reset the hypothalamus with Vibrant Blue Hypothalamus blend to encourage the natural ability of the hypothalamus to receive clear messages from the body.

    All of these oils are included in the Vibrant Blue OilsStress Support Kit.

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    Essential Oils And Your Hormones

    posted: Apr. 17, 2018.

    A 4-Ingredient Essential Oil Serum to Balance your Hormones & Skin.

    Keeping our hormones in check is one of the most important parts of making sure our bodies are functioning optimally.

    Hormones like estrogen and insulin are actually our body’s chemical messengers. Slowly and quietly, hormones run through our bloodstream, regulating processes like growth, metabolism, and mood. Just one small change in hormone levels can cause an imbalance in levels can cause an imbalance, with side effect like weight gain, fatigue, or depression.

    The number one way to keep our hormones balanced is by consuming a variety of fresh, healthy foods daily. Eating avocados and coconut oil for example, help balance our hormones naturally, thanks to their high levels of essential fats.

    But when you need an extra push, essential oils are a terrific way to avoid hormone imbalance and keep yourself feeling great.

    The skin is the body’s largest organ, and while it typically is not very permeable it does absorb substances – particularly when we apply them directly and rub them in. This is especially true in the case of essential oils, which are composed of very small, easily absorbable particles.

    Aside from applying the topically, essential ioils can also enter the bloodstream through inhalation or – in the case of pure, high quality oils – via ingestion.

    For an extra energy boost and balancing properties, we’ll add in ylang ylang and evening primrose oils to the mix


    How To Use Essential Oils For Natural Hormonal Balance

    When you set out to learn about essential oils, you inevitably end up learning about so much moreespecially about how the human body works.

    Ive had way more than just a few moments where I thought to myself, Why didnt they teach me this in school?

    For example weve all heard of hormones. We know we have them. But what are they really? What do they do? Where do they come from?

    In a nutshell, hormones are natural chemicals produced by the body. Their purpose is to send messages from one part of the body to another. Hormones are responsible for everything from letting you know that youre hungry to regulating the amount of glucose available to your brain for higher order executive functions like deep concentration or decision making.

    Needless to say, these little chemical messengers are important.

    Hormones have a significant impact on

    • Your emotions and the way you feel,
    • How much weight you lose or keep,
    • The quality of your sleep,
    • How energetic you feel,
    • Memory, both short term and long term,
    • And many, many other vital functions of the body both for survival and overall well being and quality of life.

    Unfortunately, many people have turned to the pharmaceutical industry to balance their hormones. While Im not suggesting that all pharmaceutical hormone balancing products are bad news, its also not a stretch to say that some of these products are overly aggressive and result in undesirable side effects.

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