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Estrogen And Testosterone Therapy For Menopause

What Should Women Do If They Have Menopausal Symptoms But Are Concerned About Taking Mht

Could testosterone replacement therapy help some menopausal women?

Women who are seeking relief from hot flashes and vaginal dryness should talk with their health care provider about whether to take MHT, the possible risks of using MHT, and what alternatives may be appropriate for them. FDA currently advises women to use MHT for the shortest time and at the lowest dose possible to control menopausal symptoms. The FDA provides additional information about the risks and benefits of MHT use for menopausal symptoms on its Menopause & Hormones: Common Questions fact sheet.

Insomnia Lack Of Sleep

Heres one thing we can all agree on: a good nights sleep is vital to living a healthy life. When our sleep cycle is tampered with, a simple day at work can seem like an impossible task. If you are experiencing disturbances in your sleep cycle, hormone imbalances may be the main force keeping you up at night.

Other side effects you may feel when hormones interrupt sleep include:

  • Insomnia
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Brain fog and memory loss
  • Anxiety

As you can see, all of these are very negative symptoms of a lack of sleep and can be easily improved with hormone replacement therapy. So, how can you safely and effectively replenish your hormones through hormone replacement therapy?

Hrt Does Not Cause Weight Gain

Weight gain at the menopause is related to age and lifestyle factors. An increase in body fat, especially around the abdomen, can occur during menopause because of hormonal changes, although exactly why this happens is not clear. Normal age-related decrease in muscle tissue, and a decrease in exercise levels, can also contribute to weight gain.

Most studies do not show a link between weight gain and HRT use. If a woman is prone to weight gain during her middle years, she will put on weight whether or not she uses HRT.

Some women may experience symptoms at the start of treatment, including bloating, fluid retention and breast fullness, which may be misinterpreted as weight gain. These symptoms usually disappear once the therapy doses are changed to suit the individual.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles that are responsible for mens health. When a person gets older, they experience hormone deficiency that affects many body functions. Men suffer from erectile dysfunction, loss of muscular strength and bone density, depression, and many other symptoms. We aim at helping every person live a full life with testosterone replacement therapy.

Hormone Replacement Pelletsbioidentical All Natural Bhrt

Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy

Hormones are responsible for regulating nearly every aspect of a persons health. But when the bodys hormone production has declined or is not in balance, both men and women can begin to suffer from serious health effects. Hormone deficiency can result in loss of energy, aging of the skin, weight gain , decrease in sex drive, painful sex, thyroid problems, osteoporosis and many more health issues.

Many people are familiar with the hormone imbalances caused in women by menopause. However, many people do not realize that both men and women can experience insufficient hormone production at almost any age. At AMAE Med Spa in Birmingham, MI we are proud to offer BioTe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to replace missing hormones naturally and effectively to help return the body to health.

Dr. Ali is a certified BioTe® hormone pellet provider. These time-released pellets are all natural. And the subdermal placement of the pellets makes them the most superior method of hormone replacement. These tiny pellets release natural, bio-identical forms of hormones such as estrogen, and/or testosterone under the skin over time. the result is a constant and consistent balancing of the bodys hormones.

If you would like to restore your health, energy and quality of life schedule a consultation to discuss BioTe hormone replacement pellets with Dr. Ali at AMAE in Birmingham, MI today.

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How Do I Know If My Hormone Levels Are Too High Or Too Low

Your doctor can do a physical examination and assess your health situation and symptoms to determine if further laboratory tests are needed to check hormone levels. Those tests may be important if you have a health condition such as PCOS or have stopped menstruating because of excessive athletic training or anorexia nervosa. If the tests show abnormal levels of hormones, your doctor can prescribe effective treatment.

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When Should I Schedule A Menopause Consultation

Dr. Skanes may start talking to you about menopause during your annual well-woman exam before you even start the transitional period.

Menopause is a natural part of your aging process, but the hormonal changes that occur cause more than just physical symptoms. Your decreasing estrogen levels may increase the rate of bone loss and your risk of osteoporosis. You may also experience an increase in blood cholesterol levels, which may affect heart health.

In addition to your annual well-woman exam, you should also schedule a menopause consultation with Dr. Skanes if you start to have symptoms of menopause that affect your quality of life.

She conducts a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best treatment to alleviate your symptoms.

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Hrt And Surgical Menopause

So what is surgical menopause? Itâs menopause that develops suddenly after the ovaries â the main producers of the hormone estrogen â are surgically removed.

The removal of the ovaries is called an oophorectomy. The procedure is often combined with a hysterectomyâ removal of the uterus â but not always. And in fact, women who only have their uterus removed will not go into surgical menopause. Their ovaries are still making estrogen. Theyâll go into menopause naturally when they get older, although sometimes a bit earlier than usual.

Estrogen plays a key role throughout the body. It affects the brain, the bones, the skin, the heart, the blood vessels, and more. While estrogen levels lower gradually during natural menopause, they plummet with surgical menopause. That sudden drop in estrogen can lead to menopausal symptoms that can be quite severe.

Hormone therapy after surgery â either with estrogen and progestin or with estrogen alone â is a way to counteract the supply of estrogen youâve lost. Women who have both the uterus and ovaries removed usually just get estrogen replacement therapy alone. But women who have only the ovaries removed need both estrogen and progestin. Thatâs because estrogen alone can increase the risk of cancer in the uterus. Adding progestin removes this risk.

Rarely, if ever, will both ovaries be removed without the uterus. Often, only one ovary may be removed, which will negate the need for HRT at the time of surgery,

Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic For Mens Health

Testosterone replacement at menopause: When and why to use it.

Hormones are important regulators of all processes in our body. They help us to keep youth and prevent the extinction of important functions. With age, the level of hormones in the body of a man can fall. And this leads to rapid aging, loss of strength, and a whole range of unpleasant symptoms. It is possible and necessary to fight aging processes. This is the goal set by the doctors of our clinic. We develop and implement innovative therapies using special bioidentical hormones to improve the quality of life of our patients.

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Menopause Management Tips From Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology

Perimenopause, often referred to as the menopause transition is a time where a womans body is going through natural changes in levels of estrogen and progesterone. This change in hormones can cause hot flashes, mood swings, sleep problems, bone loss and problems with concentration.

The physicians at Birmingham Obstetrics and Gynecology are experienced in treating the symptoms of menopause to make it more manageable. Call our office at or request an appointment online today!

Why Do Estrogen Levels Fall

There are many reasons why estrogen levels fall, including:

  • Hypogonadism
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Extreme exercise or training

Drugs that block estrogen include clomiphene, which tricks the body into thinking it has decreased levels of estrogen. Also, women experience low levels of estrogen immediately after childbirth and also during breastfeeding.

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Are There Alternatives For Women Who Choose Not To Take Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Women who are concerned about the changes that occur naturally with the decline in hormone production that occurs during menopause can make changes in their lifestyle and diet to reduce the risk of certain health effects. For example, eating foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D or taking dietary supplements containing these nutrients may help to prevent osteoporosis. FDA-approved drugs such as alendronate , raloxifene , and risedronate have been shown in randomized trials to prevent bone loss.

Medications approved by the FDA for treating depression and seizures may help to relieve menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes . Drugs that have been shown in randomized clinical trials to be effective in treating hot flashes include venlafaxine , desvenlafaxine , paroxetine , fluoxetine , citalopram , gabapentin , and pregabalin .

What Causes Low Testosterone

Testosterone Therapy &  Hormone Replacement Therapy In Atlanta, GA ...

In certain cases, some men may be born with conditions that cause Low Testosterone such as Klinefelter syndrome, Noonan syndrome, or ambiguous genitalia when the sex organs develop in ways that are not typical in appearance. Others may develop Low Testosterone because of damage to the testicles, cancer-related removal of the testicals, chemotherapy or radiation, pituitary gland disease that leads to a hormone deficiency, infection, or autoimmune disease when the body produces antibodies that attack its own cells.

Ultimately, if your testicles are making less testosterone than normal, your blood levels of testosterone will fall. Men who develop a testosterone deficiency have Low Testosterone levels that can be linked to aging, obesity, metabolic syndrome, or uses of medication such as antidepressants and narcotic pain medications.

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Breast Cancer And Hrt

Women over 50 years of age who use combined oestrogen and progestogen replacement for less than five years have little or no increased risk of breast cancer. Women who use combined HRT for more than five years have a slightly increased risk. Women on oestrogen alone have no increased risk up to 15 years of usage.

There is no evidence to suggest that a woman with a family history of breast cancer will have an added increased risk of developing breast cancer if she uses HRT. The risk with combined oestrogen and progestogen is greater than with oestrogen alone, or with newer HRT agents such as tibolone , and may also depend on the type of progestogen used. Studies suggest that medroxyprogesterone acetate and norethisterone have higher risks than dydrogesterone and progesterone.

Hormone Pellet Therapy For Women In Birmingham Al

Hormonal imbalance is a very serious problem for many women, particularly when it comes to perimenopause and menopause. These conditions cause a number of serious symptoms that reduce overall quality of life. Thankfully, these problems are treatable with hormone pellet therapy. Hormone pellet therapy for women is a natural treatment that alleviates the symptoms of female hormonal imbalance safely and effectively.

The clinic specializes in providing HGH therapy to people who are experiencing the side effects of aging and the clinically diagnosed disorders associated with declining hormone levels, such as fatigue, weight gain, memory decline, muscle loss, aging appearance, and low libido. If you are an active and busy adult and looking for a safe and effective treatment that provides you with a real benefit, look no further.

At our Birmingham clinic, we focus on individualized hormone therapy for men and women. We are committed to restoring your health and vitality with bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women. With our hormone replacement for Low Testosterone in men and HRT for menopause for women, we hope to help you feel younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

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Is There Any Benefit Of Testosterone Therapy

A complete review of all the published studies published in 2019 has shown that postmenopausal women who experience a reduction in sexual desire, that causes them personal concern or distress, may benefit from testosterone therapy. This review also revealed that there is not enough evidence yet to show that premenopausal women will benefit from testosterone therapy.

Low sexual desire with associated distress has been also termed Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder . As there are many reasons why women might experience HSDD, if you are experiencing what you think is HSDD you should talk to you doctor and explore the full range of possible causes. It is only after doing so that testosterone therapy should be considered.

Some women are being treated with testosterone for reasons other than HSDD. IMS brought together a team of leading experts to review the evidence base of testosterone therapy and published our recommendations in a global Consensus Statement . The review found no clear evidence that testosterone improves wellbeing or mood and should not be used only for this purpose. The Statement concluded that there is not enough evidence one-way or other to support the use of testosterone for any symptoms or medical condition other than HSDD.

Hrt For Breast Cancer Survivors

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Post-Menopausal Women

It is advisable for women with a history of breast cancer to avoid HRT unless other treatments are ineffective, and their quality of life is made intolerable by menopausal symptoms. In these circumstances, HRT should only be prescribed in consultation with the womans breast surgeon or oncologist.

Evidence has not conclusively shown that HRT will increase the risk of breast cancer recurring in a woman with a history of the disease. However, oestrogen and progestogens may stimulate some types of cells in the breast and some types of HRT use have been associated with an increase in the risk of breast cancer in women without a history of breast cancer.

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Ht Indications Contraindications And Adverse Effects/risks


Indications for hormone therapy can be symptomatic or preventive. However, the application of HT to prevent sequelae of menopause is controversial, although some consensus has been reached regarding the use of HT to relieve symptoms.

The following are common clinical indications for prescribing HT:

  • To relieve vasomotor symptoms

  • To improve urogenital symptoms

  • To prevent osteoporosis


No absolute contraindications of HT have been established. However, relative contraindications exist in certain clinical situations, such as patients with the following findings:

  • A history of breast cancer*

  • A history of endometrial cancer*

  • Porphyria

  • Endometriosis

  • Fibroids

* Note that many clinicians do not prescribe HT for women with a previous history of breast or endometrial cancer.

Adverse effects and risks

Possible transient adverse effects are as follows:

  • Nausea

  • Bloating, weight gain , fluid retention

  • Mood swings

  • Breakthrough bleeding

  • Breast tenderness

Potential risks of HT in postmenopausal women include the following:

Are There Side Effects

If you use the recommended dose i.e a small amount over a week or more, side effects are very few.

Rotate the area of skin you apply it to and do not use more than suggested. Higher doses may lead to unwanted effects such as acne and occasional hair growth.

There is a lack of long term data for women using testosterone, but data up to five years shows no adverse effect in healthy women after menopause.

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What Are The Types Of Hormone Therapy

There are two main types of hormone therapy :

  • Estrogen Therapy: Estrogen is taken alone. Doctors most often prescribe a low dose of estrogen to be taken as a pill or patch every day. Estrogen may also be prescribed as a cream, vaginal ring, gel or spray. You should take the lowest dose of estrogen needed to relieve menopause symptoms and/or to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Estrogen Progesterone/Progestin Hormone Therapy : Also called combination therapy, this form of HT combines doses of estrogen and progesterone .

What Are The Signs That I Might Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Levels

Every woman experiences menopause differently. You may or may not have disruptive symptoms.

Some of the common symptoms of menopause include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Reduced concentration and memory
  • Osteoporosis

Some women sail through menopause with very little disruption, while others live with severe symptoms. Whatever your experience, the team at J. Shan Young, MD, offers compassionate, customized care, including hormone replacement therapy, to restore your health and wellness.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Testosterone Therapy

The most common side effects are skin changes, such as acne, increased greasiness of the hair, and thicker body hair.

Androgenic side effects include acne and, rarely, virilisation .

Other rare side effects include hair loss, excessive hairiness, fluid retention, increase in muscle mass, weight gain, nausea, headaches, mood changes, jaundice, and an increase in cholesterol.

Side effects are generally only seen when high doses of testosterone ar given. Hirsutism and acne are usually mild and depend on the dose of testosterone youre taking. Reducing the dose may help, or else stopping treatment altogether.

For more information:

How Can I Reduce These Side Effects Of Hormone Therapy

In most cases, these side effects are mild and dont require you to stop your HT. If your symptoms bother you, ask your healthcare provider about adjusting either the dosage or the form of the HT to reduce the side effects. Never make changes in your medication or stop taking it without first consulting your provider.

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What Hormones Are Used To Treat The Symptoms Of Menopause

The hormones most commonly used to treat symptoms of menopause are estrogen and progesterone. . Often, these 2 hormones are used together, but some women are given estrogen alone. Its important to know which hormones you are talking about when looking at the risks.

Common estrogen preparations used to treat menopausal symptoms include conjugated equine estrogens and estradiol, but several forms or types of estrogen are available.

There are also many progestins available, but medroxyprogesterone acetate , is often used with an estrogen to treat menopausal symptoms. Some preparations contain both an estrogen and a progestin.

Androgens are also sometimes used to treat menopausal symptoms. This is not common, though, and because only a few studies have looked at this practice, it isnt clear how safe it is in the long run.

Tibolone is a synthetic hormone drug that can act like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in different tissues of the body. Because this drug isnt available in the US, its not discussed here.

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