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Foods That Naturally Increase Estrogen

Effect Of Phytoestrogen Intake On Cardiometabolic Risk

How to Boost Your Estrogen Levels through Food

Cardiometabolic diseases encompass a set of dysfunctions affecting the cardiovascular system. These are not limited to hard cardiovascular events such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke, but also include cardiovascular risk factors, namely obesity, insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction, atherosclerosis, lipid profile, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, among others .

Obesity is usually the first risk factor that triggers chronic low-grade inflammation, which plays a crucial role in systemic metabolic dysfunction. Adipose tissue and adipocytes are dysfunctional in obese individuals, causing the secretion of pro-inflammatory adipokines that contribute to chronic inflammation and subsequently to the progression of cardiometabolic disorders like insulin resistance .

Another condition that increases the odds of suffering cardiovascular diseases is type-2 diabetes mellitus, which involves alterations in intestinal sensitivity to insulin and glucagon-like peptide-1 , as does its previous state, insulin resistance. GLP-1 has a variety of metabolic effects, including the glucose-dependent stimulation of insulin secretion, and is also involved in cardiovascular health . Insulin, an anabolic hormone secreted in the pancreas, also regulates carbohydrate metabolism, participates in the storage of free fatty acids in adipose tissue, and enhances protein synthesis, increasing amino acid uptake by tissues .

Effects Of Phytoestrogen Intake On Sex Hormones

The anti-estrogenic activity of phytoestrogens is due to their structural similarity with 17–estradiol , the main female sex hormone . As well as interacting with ERs, phytoestrogens can affect the secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone . Phytoestrogens could disrupt the endocrine system by interfering with the hypothalamicpituitarygonadal axis, which controls estrogen secretion. The hypothalamus releases GnRH and stimulates the pituitary to produce follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone , gonadotropins that promote the secretion of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone by the ovaries or testes. Low estrogen levels are a signal for the hypothalamus to release GnRH, whereas high levels provide a negative feedback . Therefore, the presence of exogenous compounds structurally similar to E2 may interfere with this system.

Some studies have focused on how phytoestrogen affects urinary estrogen metabolites, some of which may be involved in the development of breast cancer. In particular, the ratio of 2-hydroxyestrone to 16-hydroxyestrone is considered a useful biomarker of estrogen-related cancer risk. A major 2:16-OH-E1 ratio is related to lower risk of breast cancer. Previously, it was observed that a higher concentration of 16-OH-E1 was associated with breast and endometrial cancer, while an increase of metabolite 2-OH-E1 seems to inhibit the carcinogenesis .

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Phytoestrogens And Cognitive Function

The interaction of phytoestrogens with estrogen receptors is also a positive influence on cognitive function. Phytoestrogens as neuroprotectors and antioxidants can reduce the risk of Alzheimers disease . Phytoestrogens affect the workings of the nervous system via steroid receptors and 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors or by increasing serotonin reuptake. Also, it also can influence the synthesis and uptake of catecholamines through estrogen receptors in the plasma membrane .

Does Food Play A Role

gravitedesigns: How To Naturally Increase Estrogen Levels Food

Some have suggested that menopause was much easier for Asian women than for Westernersat least while women followed traditional, mostly plant-based diets. Hot flashes have been reported by only about 10 percent of women in China,1 17.6 percent of women in Singapore,2 and 22.1 percent of women in Japan.3 In contrast, it is estimated that hot flashes are experienced by 75 percent of women over the age of 50 in the United States.4 Whether these differences might be partly due to reluctance in reporting symptoms among Asians is not entirely clear. And as Asias diets gradually westernize, these differences are likely to disappear anyway.

But we do know that, throughout their lives, Western women consume much more meat, and about four times as much fat, as women on traditional Asian rice-based diets, and only one-quarter to one-half the fiber. For reasons that have never been completely clear, a high-fat, low-fiber diet causes a rise in estrogen levels. Women on higher-fat diets have measurably more estrogen activity than do those on low-fat diets. At menopause, the ovaries production of estrogen comes to a halt. Those women who have been on high-fat diets then have a dramatic drop in estrogen levels. The drop appears to be less dramatic for Asian women who have lower levels of estrogen both before and after menopause. The resulting symptoms are much milder or even nonexistent.

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How To Increase Estrogen Naturally

Menopause and other conditions can cause low estrogen levels. Certain foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes may help you increase estrogen levels naturally. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for female sexual characteristics such as breast development, ovulation, and vaginal health.

This article explores natural ways to increase estrogen levels through diet, supplements, and exercise. This article also discusses hormone replacement therapy and the importance of estrogen in the body.

Eight Oestrogen Rich Foods For Menopause

Phytoestrogens are plant-based agents that naturally imitate oestrogen in the body. Due to their unique bioactivity, these compounds have received increasing attention for their beneficial health effects.Oestrogen falls sharply in menopause, causing a host of symptoms, such as hot flushes, mood swings, and fatigue. Phytoestrogens are thought to have a balancing effect on hormones, combating low oestrogen, and supporting your health during this time.We can categorise phytoestrogens into three groups: isoflavones, coumestans, and lignans. Consuming more foods with oestrogenic properties may be a helpful addition or an alternative to hormone replacement therapy .

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Importance Of Correcting Low Estrogen

The reason why its so important to correct low estrogen levels is that it will greatly improve your experience of both perimenopause and menopause. Not only that, but consider all the benefits of estrogen listed above your cardiovascular and cognitive health would probably be on top of your list.

Low estrogen levels are associated with these conditions:

Acupuncture For Low Estrogen Levels

Phytoestrogen Rich Foods | What Foods Increase Estrogen?

Acupuncture is another therapy that might be of use for low estrogen levels.

A 2020 systematic review and meta-analysis looked at acupuncture for effectiveness at treating premature ovarian failure , which is commonly treated with hormone replacement therapy . The review concluded that :

  • Standard acupuncture was as effective as HRT at improving menopausal symptoms.
  • Acupuncture and acupoint embedding were the best at improving estrogen levels.

Acupuncture can also help manage stress and ease the sleep difficulties that plague so many menopausal women .

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What Happens To Estrogen As You Age

There are three types of estrogen in your body, depending on which stage of life youre in:

  • Estrone : This is a weaker form of estrogen in women who are past the point of childbearing and are in menopause.
  • Estradiol : Produced in the ovaries, this is the most common form of estrogen in non-pregnant women. This form peaks just before ovulation and drops right after it.
  • Estriol : Created by a womans placenta during pregnancy, this is a weaker form of estrogen that becomes more dominant when a woman is pregnant since her body is no longer stimulating the release of an egg each month.

Even though women past childbearing years are more likely to experience drops in estrogen, its possible for this to happen a few years before menopause hits .

Its also possible for women who are still ovulating to experience low estrogen levels too.

Because of this, women of all ages must recognize the red flags signaling something may not be right with their hormone levels.

Do You Need To Eat Foods High In Phytoestrogens

It is up to you to determine whether eating foods specifically with the intent of increasing estrogen is a healthy strategy. Before you skew your diet to incorporate foods that contain a significant number of phytoestrogens, it is recommended to ask your doctor to test your hormone levels. It doesnt make sense to ramp up the estrogen-increasing foods if your estrogen levels are within the normal range.

Those with abnormally low estrogen levels may need to determine whether synthetic estrogen would be better than simply making dietary tweaks. It really isnt known how effective eating a diet high in phytoestrogens will impact your overall health. If your estrogen levels are slightly low, and you havent been eating foods like flaxseed that are known to elicit estrogenic effects, it may be worth altering your diet and testing whether phytoestrogen-rich foods can get your estrogen to a healthy level.

Estrogen insufficiency is linked to a variety of problems, but too much estrogen can also be problematic. Therefore youll probably want to talk with a medical professional about what the best option is for your situation. If youre taking synthetic estrogen and eating estrogen rich foods, it may lead to an overproduction of estrogenic effects which can cause: cysts, menstrual abnormalities, and possibly breast cancer.

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Can Foods Really Help To Increase Estrogen

Yes and no. While there is no disputing the role that low estrogen plays in your body, the science is still out when it comes to determining if certain foods are the solution. What we do know is that some foods do contribute to healthy hormone levels and there is absolutely no reason you shouldnt include some in your diet.

Amazing Foods To Increase Estrogen Naturally

5 foods to boost estrogen in women. read more: http://www ...

Estrogen | Functions | Phytoestrogens | Increase Estrogen Naturally | Foods | Drinks | Other Ways | | FAQ | Studies

When estrogen levels are out of balance , it can harm health, mood, and sexual desire.

Do you want to know how to increase estrogen naturally or which foods contain estrogen? Then youve come to the right place!

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How To Increase Oestrogen Naturally

The oestrogen hormone plays a significant role in the female body. However, with age, the oestrogen levels start lowering. Low oestrogen may lead to signs of early menopause in women. Your doctor may prescribe hormone replacement therapy to manage your low oestrogen levels.

Nonetheless, as stated, there are many natural ways you can adopt how to maintain oestrogen levels in your body. A few of them are –

  • Include soybean, tofu, and miso in your diet.
  • Include seeds such as flax seeds, sesame seeds as they are a dietary source of phytoestrogens.
  • Vitamin B plays a significant role in forming and stimulating oestrogen in the body. Include yoghurt, low-fat milk, cheese, leafy green vegetables, pork, and legumes in your diet.
  • Vitamin D is another natural source of increasing oestrogen.
  • Boron is a trace mineral. It is essential for the metabolism of the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen.

Summing Up On Estrogen Rich Foods

Now that we know what are the estrogen rich foods, let us sum up. A well-balanced diet is very important for hormonal balance, and adding estrogen rich foods to the diet is beneficial for women. Consuming estrogen-rich foods for PCOS , a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age, can help manage the imbalance of reproductive hormones.

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What Foods Are High In Estrogen

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  • The food you eat can impact the way your body produces hormones or even contain hormones. Different vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, animal products, and even herbs have chemicals in them that contain, engage with, or imitate hormones.

    Phytoestrogen is a common compound that imitates estrogen in foods. This is because phytoestrogens are essentially the plant version of estrogen. Human bodies will process them the same way as regular estrogen, but it is weaker than synthetic or natural estrogen.

    Another source of estrogen in foods is animal estrogen. Products like eggs or milk contain high estrogen levels because they are produced in parts of the animals body that regulate its hormones.

    Eating high estrogen foods can help people who suffer from various conditions related to low estrogen levels. Conversely, there are some health scenarios in which eating foods high in estrogen can be harmful. Knowing what foods are high in estrogen helps either situation limit or increase your intake of those foods intentionally.

    Low Estrogen Level: Symptoms And Causes

    Best estrogen rich foods for women health & breast growth – Dr. Teji Ashok Dawane

    As previously mentioned, menopause commonly causes decreased levels of estrogen in females. However, women of all ages can experience low estrogen levels from a variety of causes, including hysterectomies , radiation treatments, and severe cases of anorexia.

    A common and well-known consequence of low estrogen levels is the increased fragility of bones seen in post-menopausal women, leading to osteoporosis. Estrogen is known to work in conjunction with calcium, vitamin D, and other minerals to keep bones strong, and without it, bones become brittle and tend to fracture more easily.

    Other symptoms of low estrogen include:

    • Painful sex due to the lack of vaginal lubrication

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    What Foods Should You Avoid

    Soy foods: Among women, there has been concern regarding breast cancer risk and soy products. In men, the consumption of soybeans may also cause problems with estrogen levels.

    Refined sugar:sugars cause a significant spike in insulin levels. It also leads to a reduction in globulin. Both estrogen and testosterone rely on globulin.

    Dairy: cows milk is brimming with female hormones, and so consuming dairy can further increase estrogen levels. This leads to increased production of DHT . DHT is an active form of testosterone and the increased production of it can irritate the prostate and an increased risk of prostate problems, such as prostate cancer.

    How Do Estrogens Affect The Female Body

    Usually, a womans ovaries create more estrogen hormones than adrenal glands and fat cells. Besides regulating the menstrual cycle, estrogen affects the reproductive tract, urinary tract, bones, breasts, skin, hair, heart, blood vessels, mucous membranes, pelvic muscles, and the brain.

    Moreover, estrogens have secondary sexual characteristics, such as pubic and armpit hair, which also start growing with rising estrogen levels in the body. Many organ systems, including the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, are affected by estrogen creation.

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    How Do Phytoestrogens Affect Your Health

    Phytoestrogens have a similar chemical structure to estrogen and may mimic its hormonal actions.

    Phytoestrogens attach to estrogen receptors in your cells, potentially affecting the function of estrogen throughout your body .

    However, not all phytoestrogens function in the same way.

    Research has found that phytoestrogens have both estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects. This means that some phytoestrogens have estrogen-like effects and increase estrogen levels in your body, while others block the hormones effects and decrease estrogen levels .

    Because of their complex actions, phytoestrogens are a controversial topic in nutrition and health.

    While some researchers have raised concerns that a high intake of phytoestrogens may cause hormonal imbalance, most evidence has linked them to positive health effects.

    In fact, multiple studies have associated phytoestrogen intake after menopause with decreased cholesterol levels, reduced menopausal symptoms, and a lower risk of osteoporosis and certain types of cancer, including breast cancer (


    Dried fruits are potent sources of phytoestrogens. Dried apricots, dates, and prunes are some of the dried fruits with the highest phytoestrogen content.

    Sesame seeds are small, fiber-packed seeds that are commonly incorporated into Asian dishes to add a delicate crunch and nutty flavor.

    They are also quite rich in phytoestrogens, among other important nutrients.

    Peaches are a sweet fruit with yellowish or white flesh and fuzzy skin.

    Phytoestrogens And Skin Health

    How to Use Foods and Herbs to Boost Estrogen (for Women in Peri

    Phytoestrogens can act as antiaging in the skin through estrogen receptors or increased production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and extracellular protein matrix. Also, phytoestrogens can also increase vascularisation of skin, proliferation, prevent skin from oxidative stress and apoptosis. Ageing of the skin can be inhibited by the administration of phytoestrogens .

    The protective effects of phytoestrogens on skin health can occur through several mechanisms. It can reduce UV-induced cell death in cultured keratinocytes, improve skin elasticity, increase the depth and increase the production of type 1 procollagen. It offers protection against UV induced senescence by significantly upregulating intracellular SOD activity in a dose-dependent manner. Phytoestrogens also have potent antioxidant effects with strong anti-inflammatory properties . Other studies also proved that the provision of concentrated, isoflavone-rich soy extract during the six consecutive months caused significant increases in epithelial thickness, the number of elastic and collagen fibres, as well as the blood vessels. This study was conducted on 30 postmenopausal women before and immediately after treatment with 100 mg/day of isoflavones-rich, concentrated soy extract for six months .

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    Have You Tried Increasing Estrogen By Eating Certain Foods

    If youve experimented with eating certain goods to increase estrogen levels, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. To help others get a better idea of your situation, be sure to mention what your estrogen levels were prior to dietary changes and how long it took before you noticed a significant increase in estrogen from eating a different diet. Even if you havent had your estrogen levels checked, do you find that eating foods high in phytoestrogens makes you feel better or worse?

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