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Foods To Naturally Increase Testosterone

The Top 12 Foods That Boost Testosterone

7 BEST FOOD To Increase TESTOSTERONE Level Naturally

Medically reviewed by Katelyn Hagerty, FNP

As a man, maintaining normal levels of testosterone is critical not just for your health, but also for your quality of life and wellbeing.

Testosterone is more than just the hormone that puts hair on your chest. It also plays a critical role in regulating your sex drive, fueling your reproductive health and allowing you to maintain stable levels of energy, healthy bones and an optimal red blood cell count.

Unfortunately, many men struggle to maintain normal testosterone levels. Low testosterone, or low-T, affects as many as five million men in the United States alone, and it isnt just the older men.

Though testosterone production naturally starts to decline after you reach the age of 30, low-T appears to affect younger and younger men with every passing year.

Luckily, we’re finding out more about the effects of low testosterone all the time, as well as the most reliable treatment options for increasing testosterone levels.

Interestingly, the food that you eat on a daily basis might have an impact on your testosterone levels, and adding certain testosterone-friendly foods to your diet may help to boost your testosterone levels.

Below, weve listed 12 foods that may help to increase testosterone, as well as the most recent scientific evidence behind each one.

Weve also shared some other strategies that you may want to consider if youre worried about your testosterone levels, including medical treatments for low testosterone.

Spinach To Pump Your Body Full Of Magnesium

Popeye had the right idea. Magnesium, a mineral found in spinach, blocks certain protein from binding with testosterone. As a result, there’s more testosterone that’s usable in your body.

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What Is Testosterone And How Is It Produced

Testosterone is quite simply the main male sex hormone that is responsible for the growth, development and maintenance of the various characteristics of the male reproductive system. Furthermore, is also contributes to the other androgenic characteristics such as body hair, muscular and bone growth, sexual arousal and performance etc. It can be categorised as a naturally produced anabolic steroid in the body.

This hormone is chiefly produced by the gonads, the primary reproductive organs . Gonads are the driving force behind the various aspects of sexual intercourse and reproduction. Coming back to testosterone, men produce it in large quantities through the Leydig cells in the testes and women produce it in controlled quantities in the ovaries. For men almost the entire concentration of testosterone is produced by the testicles while a small amount is also produced by the adrenal glands. Basically, the hypothalamus located in your brain governs just how much testosterone your body needs and this is processed by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then signals the testicles to produce testosterone. Upon synthesis, this hormone flows through your body and participates in various important functionalities.

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How To Tell If You Are Testosterone Deficient

According to the ‘What Is TDS’ campaign, hypogonadism is a condition where the testes produce an unusually low level of testosterone, or dry up altogether. Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome has many symptoms, most notably, a loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, depression, anxiety, loss of wellbeing and a decline in cognitive functions.

If you are worried your T levels are dropping, visit your GP for a blood test.

Packaged And Processed Foods

Best Testosterone Booster Food Lists You Must Be Eating for High T

Among the biggest testosterone-killing foods are those that have been processed, meaning theyve been canned, cooked, frozen, packaged, or had their nutritional content altered or removed. Processing these foods may enhance their taste or give them a longer shelf life, but it can come at a great cost to your body.

Processed foods are filled with trans fats, which multiple studies have associated with inflammation, cardiovascular disease, decreased HDL cholesterol and elevated LDL cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, low testosterone, and decreased fertility . How theyre packaged or canned also mattersto protect the food, theyre lined with bisphenol A , a chemical thats used to create plastics and resins. One study , however, found that males exposed to high concentrations of BPA over a six-month period saw a decrease in their free testosterone and an increase in their levels of sex hormone-binding globulin.

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Pomegranate To Fight Impotence

Some say it was the Biblical forbidden fruit, and old Adam could have done a lot worse. The International Journal of Impotence Research reports that 47% of impotent men found their condition improved after a daily glass of antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice. You dont need a serpent to tell you thats a good thing.

Side Effects Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Injectable testosterone can result in fluctuations in serum testosterone levels.

Alternative formulations of exogenous testosterone, such as gels or creams, have the risk of transference to others.

Testosterone therapy may also lead to polycythemia.

Erythrocytosis is a common adverse effect of TRT, particularly with testosterone ester injections and in older men. Middle-aged and older men on TRT are nearly four times as likely to have HCT > 50%.

TRT increases prostate volume and PSA. There is unequivocal evidence that TRT can stimulate growth and aggravate symptoms in men with locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.

The Endocrine Society and American Urological Association recommend against the use of testosterone for treatment of hypogonadism in men who desire fertility in the next 6 to 12 months.

Previous studies suggested that there is an increased risk of venothromboembolic events in the first six months of treatment, and warnings regarding cardiovascular and embolic events remain in the drug packaging information.

Given the side effects and controversies of exogenous testosterone therapy, much work has been done to identify effective alternatives to treat symptomatic testosterone deficiency.

Here are some alternatives to exogenous testosterone that can boost testosterone naturally.

management of testosterone deficiency.

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Products Rich In Vitamin D

The legendary sunshine vitamin and its corresponding health benefits are well documented. But a lot of people are unaware that vitamin D is also crucial for healthy testosterone. One study which looked at the effect vitamin D supplementation on men found that men who supplemented with vitamin D had a 25% increase in testosterone when compared to men taking a placebo.

Nuts Packed With Monounsaturated Fats: Foods To Increase Testosterone #7

How To Increase Testosterone and Booster Foods
  • Nuts are a cool choice that you can make every day that will bring up your testosterone with every handful. Men who eat high amounts of monounsaturated fats show the highest levels of testosterone. And the humble nuts contain a healthy supply of testosterone increasing monounsaturated fats, zinc, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Also, nutrients like B vitamins and minerals are found in nuts. However, it is crucial to know which nuts to put in your daily diet.
  • Be sure to eat nuts which are low in phytosterol content and polyunsaturated fatty-acids. These nuts are prone to lower the bioavailability of testosterone by increasing the production of Sex hormone-binding globulin . Walnuts, Almonds Peanuts and pistachio are in that category of nuts. They also make more oxidative damage in testosterone storage tissues.
  • Instead, munch on Brazil Nuts and Macadamia Nuts. They are known as the good nutty T-boosters. Brazil Nuts are one of the best sources of pro-testosterone nutrients zinc, boron, selenium, magnesium and selenium. Selenium is one of the most potent antioxidants and a vital trace element. Regular taking of selenium improves the production and motility of sperms. According to research, selenium also protects against prostate cancer. Brazil Nuts also house Arginine, an amino acid which increases levels of blood flow to the genitals, acting as a .

More Surprising facts about Nuts

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Mix Cardio With Strength Training And Vice Versa

First thing’s first: Exercise in general can help you lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight. And now we know that excessive weight can contribute to low testosterone levels. So, if you’re not already exercising, starting a workout regimen focused on losing weight may help boost your levels.

But why make time for both cardio and strength training?

“Cardio is a great way to burn a lot of calories, while the muscle built from strength training can help boost your overall metabolism so that you’re burning calories even when you’re not exercising,” says Dr. Starke. “Plus, both types of exercise strength training, especially can help you rebuild some of the muscle mass you might have lost as a result of low testosterone.”

Whether you’re new to exercise or just getting back into it, know that everyone’s fitness level varies and the best way for you to burn calories may look different than the guy on the treadmill next to you. Cardio can be a long run, but it can also be walking at a brisk pace.

And, if you’re new to strength training, don’t be intimidated. Try starting with body weight exercises, which are movements that rely on your own body weight to help build total body strength no gym membership needed.

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Home> Testosterone> How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

As you age you will see a reduction in Testosterone levels which is normal. Whats not normal is feeling like an absolute ass because of it.

Look, I get it. You dont wanna go on TRT but you definitely want better hormone levels in your own body. God forbid you wanna feel like you should feel.

Luckily, there are ways we can improve hormones, so lets see How To Naturally Increase Testosterone.

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What Do The Experts Say

According to experts from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, you cannot increase natural testosterone levels without external interventions, such as supplementation.

However, there are things that you can do to help prevent your testosterone levels from dropping. Eating a diet rich in healthy fats, such as the Mediterranean diet, may help maintain your testosterone levels. A diet that is too restricted in fat may contribute to low levels, since fat is needed to make sex hormones like testosterone.

Does Lowering Estrogen Increase Testosterone

20 Foods That May Help Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

As men age, testosterone levels naturally fall. From the age of 30 years onwards, there is roughly a 1% drop in overall testosterone levels each year .

As this occurs, estrogen levels will naturally rise slightly, but the rise and fall are not clearly linked. There is a hormone called aromatase which can convert testosterone into estradiol, an estrogen precursor.

The conversion from testosterone to estradiol is not thought to be a significant factor in low testosterone levels.

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So Should I Use Food To Increase My Testosterone Levels

Research has confirmed that diet and lifestyle might impact testosterone levels, though eating certain foods probably wont boost testosterone.

There may be both pros and cons of using food to boost testosterone levels.


  • It may lead to consumption of a healthier and more varied diet.


  • It probably wont boost your testosterone levels.

  • It wont treat conditions related to low testosterone levels.

Ultimately, there is never any harm in consuming an overall healthier diet, which can help support hormone levels like testosterone, as well as many other bodily processes.

What Food Kills A Man’s Testosterone

Now that you know about the food that increase testosterone, its time to share what food can kill a mans testosterone count. These are the foods to avoid, or at least consume smaller amounts of during the process of trying to increase testosterone and maintain proper hormone levels:

· Soy products.

· Certain fats.

· Licorice.

The above food options have been shown in various studies to decrease a mans testosterone levels thus causing issues with libido, sexual performance, and other symptoms that arise when a man has lowered T levels.

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Stress Management For Increasing Testosterone

Chronic stress can lead to lower testosterone levels and other mechanisms that accelerate aging in the body. On the other hand, very high testosterone can cause reactions to acute stress and possibly even lead to the onset of mood disorders and substance abuse .

Stress management interventions have the potential to give you more testosterone, so handling your anxiety is not only good for your mind but also your hormonal balance .

The resultant effect on your hormones does depend on other factors, such as your normal response to stress.

How Do I Know Ive Got Low Testosterone

How to increase testosterone naturally and booster foods

Low testosterone levels may contribute to decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fragile bones, and other health issues. Having low testosterone levels may also indicate an underlying medical condition. See your doctor if you suspect you have low testosterone. A simple blood test is all it takes to check if your testosterone falls within the normal range.

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Signs That You Have Low Testosterone

There are many symptoms that a man has low testosterone, and each will vary from man to man. Thats why we tend to stress getting a hormone levels test done by your doctor to know for sure how low your T levels are right now.

Knowing what level your testosterone is at right now, will help guide you forward in knowing how to adjust lifestyle and dietary habits to best improve your heart, hormone, and sexual health.

Best Foods To Boost Testosterone

  • Health and Fitness
  • Best Foods to Boost Testosterone
  • Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays a role in fertility, sexual function, bone health, and muscle mass. Some medical conditions, lifestyle choices, and other factors can influence the amount of this hormone in the body.

    A person’s testosterone level will fall naturally with age by 1 to 2 percent per year. Some medical treatments can raise low testosterone levels, especially in younger men, but a person can also encourage the body to produce more by making some changes to the diet and lifestyle.

    In this article, we list the best foods for increasing testosterone levels. We also describe products to avoid.

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    Testosterone Deficiency And Trt

    Testosterone deficiency has been treated with various formulations of exogenous testosterone. Exogenous testosterone, however, bypasses the bodys natural ability to produce testosterone, thus leading to the downregulation of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone with suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and spermatogenesis.

    What Happens When A Mans Testosterone Is Low

    Foods That Boost Testosterone Level

    Lower than optimal testosterone levels have many effects on your health. These are the most common ones:

    • Reproductive health: Men with low testosterone levels often lose their sex drive. You also experience a low sperm count and erectile dysfunction .
    • Vitality: When male hormone levels experience a dip, your energy levels sink, too.
    • Obesity: High body fat is both a symptom and a cause of low testosterone.
    • Loss of muscle and bone: Testosterone is key in the maintenance and production of muscle mass and bone, for both men and women .
    • Mood disorders: Low levels of testosterone have been linked with a raised incidence of anxiety and depression.

    Testosterone levels tend to drop with age, causing some additional problems due to the loss of muscle mass and bone density. Its a natural part of the aging process in men and doesnt necessarily require any action, such as hormonal therapies .

    You can give yourself a boost to get your testosterone levels as high as possible through food and lifestyle choices, though.

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    Exercise And Lift Weights

    Exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent many lifestyle-related diseases. Not only that but it can also boost your testosterone levels.

    One 2015 study involving men with obesity found that increased physical activity was more beneficial than calorie restriction for increasing testosterone levels .

    According to one literature review, the effects on testosterone levels can vary based on several factors, including the type of exercise and the training intensity .

    Resistance training, such as weightlifting, has been shown to boost testosterone levels in the short term .

    High intensity interval training can be very effective as well, although all types of exercise should work to some extent (

    What you eat can affect levels of testosterone as well as other hormones .

    Additionally, constant dieting or overeating may disrupt your testosterone levels .

    Eating enough protein can help you maintain healthy testosterone levels and can aid in fat loss, which may be beneficial too .

    Consuming plenty of healthy fats may also help support testosterone levels and hormone balance. Some research shows that a low fat diet could actually decrease testosterone levels .

    Therefore, a nutritious, well-rounded diet based mainly on whole foods is best. A healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbs can help you optimize your hormone levels and support your overall health.

    Men Have Some Specific Needs When It Comes To Diet And Many Studies Suggest That Eating The Right Foods Can Keep The Prostate Healthy And Testosterone Levels Balanced Get Your Guy To Add These Nine Essentials Into His Clean

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    Testosterone is an incredibly important hormone responsible for numerous functions. These include the development of reproductive tissues in men such as the testes and prostate, and is associated with sperm production levels. But while this may be the primary sex hormone in men, testosterone is not found exclusively in one sex over others.

    This hormone promotes secondary sexual characteristics too, including muscle mass, bone mass and hair growth. In all people, testosterone impacts mental health and moods, can influence behavior and play a role in the prevention of osteoporosis. Therefore, its naturally a little scary to learn that with age, we begin to decrease our production of testosterone.

    Thankfully, not only are there medical treatments available to measure, balance and regulate hormone levels, but some foods can also play a role. If youre suffering from serious hormonal imbalance issues, we dont recommend relying on dietary solutions alone. However, it may be incredibly helpful to support your medical interventions with a few good-for-you foods. If youre in need of a testosterone boost, speak to your doctor about supplementing your treatment with some of the clean eats listed here:

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