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Hormonal Methods Of Birth Control

How Hormonal Contraceptives Like The Pill Work

Michigan pharmacists now able to prescribe birth control

The hormones in contraceptives dont only prevent ovulation. Some also prevent fertilized eggs from implanting into the womb. Others cause the mucus in the cervix to become thick and sticky, making it harder for the sperm to move and reach the egg cell.

Hormonal contraceptives are only reliable if they are used properly. If, for instance, a woman forgets to take her pill one day, her ovaries may release an egg and she could become pregnant.

The effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives may be reduced by medication such as , blood-pressure-lowering or cholesterol-lowering drugs, antifungal drugs or herbal products like St. Johns wort. Also, if women who take the pill vomit or have diarrhea, the pill may no longer provide enough protection. So they have to use another form of contraception too for instance, a condom.

What Are The Types Of Hormonal Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are hormonal pills for women. Dosage is one pill a day at the same time every day, starting on the first day of the period or the first Sunday after the period starts. Oral contraceptives are of two primary types:

Progestin-only oral contraceptive

Mini-pills do not contain estrogen and are not widely used in the United States. Progestin-only pills are suitable for women who are breastfeeding or cannot take estrogen for any reason.

  • If a pill is missed, a backup contraception is required.
  • Unscheduled bleeding and spotting may occur.
  • Side effects such as
  • Combination oral contraceptives

    Combination oral contraceptives contain progestin and ethinyl estradiol, a form of estrogen. Several formulations of combination contraceptives are available which come in packs of:

    Current available formulations have lower dosages of estrogen than when hormonal birth control first entered the market. This made oral contraception safer and reduced the side effects.

    • Efficacy: Failure rate ranges from 0.1% with perfect use to 5% for typical use.
  • Hypertension: Estrogen elevates blood pressure and is not recommended for women with hypertension.
  • Risk factors for cervical cancer are early sexual intercourse and human papillomavirus exposure.
  • Contraceptive injections

  • Bone density loss
  • What Are The Health Risks For Smokers Who Use Birth Control

    If you smoke and are 35 or older, you should not use hormonal birth control. Smoking tobacco and using hormonal birth control raises your risk for blood clots and high blood pressure. Smoking and high blood pressure are risk factors for a heart attack or stroke. The risk for a heart attack or stroke also goes up as you age.

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    No Pelvic Exam Needed

    Traditionally, contraceptive prescription has been tied to pelvic examination, Papanicolaous smear testing and screening for STIs. However, none of these steps are necessary for prescribing contraceptives . In fact, Pap tests are no longer recommended for youth . A good medical history and a blood pressure measurement are all that is required in most cases. A baseline weight allows for objective assessment of future complaints concerning weight gain.

    The recommendation not to require a pelvic examination is not intended to discourage screening for STIs, which can now be performed using patient-collected methods, but rather to ensure that patient or provider obstacles to screening do not impede access to contraceptives.

    Discouraged By The Cost Of Birth Control We Can Help

    Set hormonal contraception stock vector. Illustration of birth

    We do our best to help you afford the birth control method you choose no matter what your situation is. Whether you have your own health insurance, are on your parents plan, or dont have insurance at all, weve got you covered. Find a health center near you.

    • Many insurance plans, including Medicaid, cover Planned Parenthood services.

    • Well help you navigate your states health insurance plans. Learn more

    • Is health insurance not an option for you? We can get you set up with state or locally funded programs that help cover the cost of your birth control.

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    When Do I Start Another Birth Control Pill Pack

    Youâll start each new birth control pill pack on the same day of the week that you initially started it. If you are on the 21-day pill pack, start the new pill pack 7 days after you finished the old pill pack. If you are on the 28-day pill pack, begin the new pack after taking the last pill in the old pack.

    Start your new pill pack on schedule, whether or not you get your period or are still having your period.

    What Are Hormonal Contraceptives

    These contraceptives use hormones to prevent pregnancy.

    Hormonal contraceptives include the Pill and the Depo Provera injection.

    There are two types of pill:

    You take one pill each day. If you take the pill correctly, it is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

    The Depo Provera injection is an injection you get every three months. If you get your injections on time, Depo Provera is more than 99% effective.

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    Who Can Use Hormonal Birth Control

    Most women can use hormonal birth control.

    You shouldn’t take oral birth control that contains estrogen and progestin if you:

    What If You Cannot Use Hormonal Contraceptives

    Pregnancy Prevention

    Some contraceptives work by using hormones that are similar to the hormones women produce naturally. These hormones are oestrogen and progestogen.

    Contraceptives that contain these hormones arent suitable for some women, such as those who have medical conditions like breast cancer.

    Not all contraceptive methods use hormones. Some work in other ways, including:

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    The Birth Control Pill

    Most birth control pills contain a combination of the hormones estrogen and progestin, which is why they are also called combined pills or combination pills. Different pills have different doses of hormones in them and are taken in different ways. But all birth control pills are taken on 21 or 22 days per cycle.

    There are one-phase, two-phase and three-phase pills sometimes also referred to as monophasic, biphasic and triphasic pills. With one-phase pills, each pill in the packet contains the same amount of hormones in the same proportions. With two-phase pills and three-phase pills, the pills in the packet have different doses and proportions of hormones in them, depending on the phase of the cycle. They have to be taken in the correct order to work properly. In most cases, if a woman forgets to take one pill, she has to take it within the next 12 hours. Otherwise continuing to take the pill will not reliably prevent pregnancy for the rest of her cycle.

    After taking them for 21 or 22 days, there is a 6- or 7-day break during which the monthly period occurs. Pregnancy will still be prevented during this break. Some birth control pills have 28 pills per packet and are taken every day, to make it easier for women to take them properly. The last six or seven pills in the packet dont have any hormones or drugs in them, though.

    Depo Provera And Depo

    Depo Provera and Depo-subQ Provera 104 are hormonal contraceptive injections. Both depo shots are similareach injection slowly releases the progestin, medroxyprogesterone acetate. You must get a Depo Provera injection every 11 to 13 weeks . If you use Depo Provera, you basically need to have four injections each year. Like all hormonal birth control methods, Depo Provera does have some side effects. Many women stop using Depo Provera because of the side effects . There is no way to know before starting Depo Provera if you will have any of these side effects. The good news about Depo Proverait has been FDA-approved to help treat endometriosis.

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    What Are The Types And Brands Of Birth Control Pills Available In The Us

    Over 60 different combinations of birth control pills are available in the United States. Many of the combinations of these pills have 21 hormonally active pills followed by seven pills containing no hormones. A woman begins taking a pill on the first day of her period or the first Sunday after her period has begun. By taking a pill a day, a woman can usually take pills consistently throughout her cycle.

    There are a variety of types of birth control pills. Three of these include monophasic, biphasic, and diphasic pills.

    Monophasic pills: These have a constant dose of both estrogen and progestin in each of the hormonally active pills.

    Phasic pills : In these combination pills, the dosage of one or both hormones changes so as to mimic a normal menstrual cycle.

    More Questions And Answers About Birth Control Pills

    Birth Control Q& A

    What is continuous use with combination birth control pills?

    With continuous birth control pill use, you take an active pill every day and never have a period. You might have breakthrough bleeding, especially at first. You may want fewer periods or none at all, especially if you have problem periods. But you may wonder how youâll know if you get pregnant by accident.

    If you think you could be, take a pregnancy test. They work even if you’re taking the pill. If the test is positive, stop taking your pills and call your doctor.

    Do I have to get permission from my parents to go on the pill if Iâm younger than 18?

    It depends where you live. In some states, you can get a prescription without permission. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the laws in your area. A sexual education counselor might be able to give you some ideas about how to bring up the subject with your parents. Even if you decide against that, they can talk to you privately if youâre confused, unsure, or just curious about sexual activity.

    How old do I have to be to take the pill?

    Thereâs no minimum age once you start to get your period, but some doctors suggest waiting until around 16 to give your body a chance to properly establish its cycle. Itâs a good idea to talk to your doctor, parents, or a counselor to make sure youâre physically and mentally ready, both for the pill and for sex.

    Will it make my cycle more regular?

    Will the pill make me gain weight?

    Will the pill make my breasts larger?

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    Side Effects Of Hormonal Birth Control

    Its important to note that while hormonal birth control can help prevent pregnancy, it cannot prevent sexually transmitted infections , so its important to take steps to protect yourself by using condoms as well.

    Hormonal birth control is generally considered safe, effective, and well-toleratedmost people dont experience side effects when they take it.

    However, some people may experience physical or emotional side effects such as:

    You may experience side effects when you first go on hormonal birth control, but they generally improve after the first few months. Report any side effects you experience to your healthcare provider.

    How Does The Birth Control Sponge Work

    The sponge protects against pregnancy in three ways:

    • The spermicide kills sperm cells for 24 hours. You can have sex during that time without needing more spermicide.
    • Itâs designed to trap and absorb before the sperm have a chance to enter your cervix, which connects the to the uterus.
    • It acts as a physical barrier between the sperm and the cervix.

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    Reversible Methods Of Birth Control

    Intrauterine Contraception

    Levonorgestrel intrauterine system The LNG IUD is a small T-shaped device like the Copper T IUD. It is placed inside the uterus by a doctor. It releases a small amount of progestin each day to keep you from getting pregnant. The LNG IUD stays in your uterus for up to 3 to 6 years, depending on the device. Typical use failure rate: 0.1-0.4%.1

    Copper T intrauterine device This IUD is a small device that is shaped in the form of a T. Your doctor places it inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It can stay in your uterus for up to 10 years. Typical use failure rate: 0.8%.1

    Hormonal Methods

    ImplantThe implant is a single, thin rod that is inserted under the skin of a womens upper arm. The rod contains a progestin that is released into the body over 3 years. Typical use failure rate: 0.1%.1

    Injection or shotWomen get shots of the hormone progestin in the buttocks or arm every three months from their doctor. Typical use failure rate: 4%.1

    Combined oral contraceptivesAlso called the pill, combined oral contraceptives contain the hormones estrogen and progestin. It is prescribed by a doctor. A pill is taken at the same time each day. If you are older than 35 years and smoke, have a history of blood clots or breast cancer, your doctor may advise you not to take the pill. Typical use failure rate: 7%.1

    Barrier Methods

    Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

    Lactational Amenorrhea Method

    Emergency Contraception

    Permanent Methods of Birth Control

    Would You Prefer Contraception You Do Not Have To Remember Every Day

    Depo-Provera Shot Side Effects, Schedule & More

    Not all contraceptives have to be taken every day or each time you have sex.

    You do not have to think about some contraceptives for months or years.

    These methods need to be inserted by a health professional into your uterus or arm :

    The contraceptive injection can be given 1 of 2 ways: either by an intramuscular injection into the buttock, or as a subcutaneous injection into the thigh or abdomen.

    This is given every 8 weeks or every 12 weeks, depending on the type.

    The subcutaneous injection can be given by a health professional, or you can be shown how to inject it yourself.

    Other contraceptives that need to be changed or replaced every month or week are:

    Other contraceptives used or inserted just before sex are:

    Find out how to stop smoking

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    Do Combination Pills Contain The Same Level Of Hormones

    Most of them use between 20 and 35 micrograms of estrogen along with some progesterone. Your doctor may start you on this level and then change it if side effects bother you.

    Some pills have as little as 10 micrograms of estrogen. Low-dose pills may be a good option if youâre in perimenopause. They can help with symptoms like hot flashes or irregular periods.

    Combination pills are either monophasic or multiphasic .

    • Monophasic pills deliver an even level of hormones throughout the month.
    • Multiphasic ones have slightly different levels of hormones in active pills. They mimic normal hormonal changes that happen during your menstrual cycle.

    Both are equally effective at preventing a pregnancy.

    How Effective Are The Different Methods

    The list below shows how effective each of the 15 different methods are, and how often you need to use them or think about them .

    The effectiveness of each method is worked out by calculating how many women get pregnant if 100 women use the method for a year.

    For example, if a particular contraceptive method is 99% effective, 1 woman out of every 100 who uses it will get pregnant in a year.

    Some methods listed below, such as the pill, include the phrase if used correctly.

    This is because people who use these methods have to use them every time they have sex, or remember to take or apply them every day, week or month.

    If the method is not used correctly, it will not be as effective.

    Contraceptives that are more than 99% effective:

    Contraceptives that are 98% effective if used correctly:

    Contraceptives that are 95% effective if used correctly:

    Contraceptives that are 92 to 96% effective if used correctly:

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    Which Types Of Birth Control Can I Get Without A Prescription

    You can buy these types of birth control over the counter at a drugstore or supermarket:

    • Emergency contraception pills. Plan B One-Step® and its generic versions are available in drugstores and some supermarkets to anyone, without a prescription. However you should not use EC as your regular birth control because it does not work as well as regular birth control. EC is meant to be used only when your regular birth control does not work for some unexpected reason.

    How Do You Take It

    Does Birth Control Actually Work? â Emme

    You only need to take Phexxi when you need it. It can be taken immediately before or up to one hour before sex.

    According to Gersh, Phexxi requires thoughtful use and preparation, so its best suited for women who are prepared for some level of forethought.

    Phexxi, which comes in a box of 12, will only be available through a prescription. If your insurance doesnt cover it, it will cost about $250 to $275 per box, or $20 to $23 per dose.

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