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How Can I Boost My Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone And Zinc: The Connection

Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Zinc is an essential dietary mineral. Zinc is necessary for the immune system to function in a proper manner and also for cell division. When you consume proper amounts of zinc, it aids the bodys digestive process while helping to build proteins.

When someone has a zinc deficiency, it is often accompanied by low levels of testosterone. It is not fully understood why this is the case, but the correlation is strong enough to make this something worth exploring. There arent a very high number of cases involving zinc deficiency, but it is possible.

As with any supplementation, the incorporation of zinc into your diet should be carefully considered with the guidance of a professional. You can never be too careful when making changes to your intake. Because zinc can be stimulatory for the thyroid, those who have adrenal or thyroid weakness needs to be especially careful.

That being said, zinc supplementation may be a good way to improve testosterone naturally and avoid using synthetic hormone therapy replacements.

Get More Zinc Magnesium And Vitamin D3 In Your Diet

Zinc is a mineral that many of us are deficient in around 2 billion worldwide in fact . additionally, youll also see improvements in your immune system, liver function and mood.

Youll find zinc in foods such as oysters, beef, lamb and mushrooms.

Magnesium is also a nutrient we are likely to be deficient in according to the World Health Organisation, 75% of Americans dont achieve the daily recommended intake of this essential mineral. Magnesium increases your total and free testosterone levels, as well as supports your muscle and insulin levels it can also assist with mood and depression . Youll find magnesium in pumpkin seeds, dark green vegetables, beans and nuts.

Vitamin D3 is the perfect nutrient if you want to optimize your T levels. It is plays a major role in maintaining overall health and athletic performance. Studies have reported that vitamin D3 increases both free and total testosterone when supplementing ~3300IUs per day .

This sunshine hormone will also help to optimize your bone health in particular if you are have gone through the menopausal transition or are approaching it . Youll find it in foods such as oily fish, cheese and eggs but your best bet is to get it naturally via sunlight.

For our 10 best testosterone boosting foods, check out this article.

Don’t: Let Stress Take Over Your Life

Some studies show that men in stressful life circumstances are more likely to have lower levels of total testosterone compared to those in less stressful situations. This is because increasedcortisol may have some relationship with testosterone production.

Natural ways to reduce cortisol include extracts from the bark of magnolia and phellondendron trees and lychee-green tea blend. One of the most popular herbal extracts is from ashwagandha. In a clinical trial, 60 days of ashwagandha not only reduced cortisol with parrel reductions in stress and anxiety, but it also increased testosterone levels in males.

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Garlic For Muscle Maintenance

Banish vampires and weak muscles alike: garlic contains allicin, a compound that lowers levels of stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol competes with testosterone for the same sites within muscle cells, says nutrition consultant Alan Gordon. Ditch the cortisol, then the testosterone can get to work. Garlics more potent uncooked.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

New #1 Testosterone Booster for Men Testosterone for Health, Energy ...

EEVO is filled with antioxidants that can combat inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are linked to lower T levels. EEVO is mostly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs, which can reduce LDL cholesterol and elevate HDL cholesterol, which is needed to convert to testosterone. One study found that EEVO and other dietary oils can boost both testosterone and LH levels .

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What Is The Best Way To Track Sexual Health

Low testosterone levels can cause many complications, especially with male sexuality. It is best to look into methods of increasing testosterone naturally before turning to dangerous hormone replacement options. If you feel you may have issues youd like to investigate further, there are a number of methods available. Although blood testing is an accurate method, it only reflects a snapshot of time and can vary according to the time of day or what has been consumed that day. A saliva panel is a better choice as it is taken in multiple readings throughout the day. However, neither of these options show metabolites. A urine panel is the best way to track sexual health as 4 to 5 panels can give you deep insights into metabolites and your personal health.

Nutrition Part : Dietary Fat Doesnt Make You Fat

Back when I had low testosterone levels, my diet mainly consisted of lean protein sources and starches.

I followed the typical high-carb/high-protein/low-fat bodybuilding diet with 6 meals a day.

Not only was I sick and tired of this way of eating, but it didnt improve my life or physique in any way.

Despite eating a low-fat diet and training consistently for the first time in my life, I was fatter than ever.

This type of diet may work for guys with great genetics who have naturally high testosterone levels or a hormone enhanced bodybuilder, however it wont work for a guy with below average genetics, low testosterone and no hormone use. .

In September 2010 I started researching how to increase testosterone naturally, and I found that dietary fat is crucial for optimal testosterone levels.

And dietary fat doesnt make you gain body-fat.

Excess Calories make you gain body-fat regardless if they come from protein, carbs or fat.

Fats are the main macronutrient in your diet that are directly responsible for producing testosterone.

Testosterone is made from cholesterol and cholesterol is found in foods high in fat.

The main fat sources I used to boost my testosterone:

I personally found that its not about going crazy on these foods, but instead focusing on balance and quality.

Have a few eggs daily and include quality red meat 3-4 times per week.

A good guideline is to get roughly 30% of your total Calories from healthy fats, then split the rest into carbs and protein.

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Nutrition Part : Stay Away From Fad Diets

Diets that brand themselves as low-carb, low-calorie or low-fat often promise quick results, but those quick results come at a price that isnt worth to pay.

As a guy into fitness youre most likely focusing too much on protein intake, and too little on carbs and fat.

The truth is that carbs and fats are more important for performance, health and well-being than protein!

Instead, it will detract from your energy because you will be able to eat less of the energy sources .

Keep in mind that the main factor for staying lean is to manage your daily Calories.

If you eat a ton of protein, you will have to limit either carbs or fats or both.

So why are carbs important?

I mentioned that fats are the most important to include because theyre the building block of testosterone.

However, this doesnt mean you need to go to the other extreme and cut carbs.

Carbs are the best energy source for your body because theyre readily available to be absorbed by your muscles and brain where as fats are a slower energy source that takes a longer time to digest.

For the best result, you need the optimal balance of both.

Generally speaking, the better shape you are in and the more active you are, the more carbs your body needs.

Heres a quick contrast breakdown:

  • Low body-fat + high muscle mass + high activity levels = high carb intake.
  • High body-fat + low muscle mass + low activity levels = low-moderate carb intake.

When it comes to choosing carbs, you have to choose those that:

  • You digest well.
  • Ways: How To Boost Testosterone Naturally In Women

    5 Secrets to Naturally Boost #Testosterone and How to Check Testosterone Levels From Home

    Founder, Origin Health. Nurse Practitioner, Living Young Center.

    There are many ways to bring your testosterone levels back into a healthy range. This includes taking medications or supplementing with hormones. But, you can help your body produce its own without taking medications or hormones, just by changing your lifestyle and supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. By doing this, you can have noticeable results in as little as 24-48 hours.

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    Consume Foods High In Cholesterol

    Although too much cholesterol is bad for your heart health, consuming too little of it can cause a drop in your testosterone levels. This is because cholesterol is a foundation building block of testosterone, and higher testosterone levels are associated with consuming more cholesterol .

    Of course, not all cholesterol is created equal, which is why you want to consume foods high in healthy HDL cholesterol such as eggs, which also contain healthy fats and protein.

    Take Dhea To Increase Testosterone

    The steroid hormone known as âdehydroepiandrosterone, DHEAâ, plays an important role in sexual behavior, mental health and muscle growth. Your body uses this hormone to make sex steroids. Thus, taking a DHEA supplement should increase your circulating testosterone. A 2018 paper in the International Journal of Sports Medicine explored this possibility in athletic women.

    The subjects took a 100 mg dose of DHEA each day for four weeks. This protocol caused a dramatic increase in the women’s testosterone levels by the end of the study. Athletes often use DHEA because it allegedly fights aging and improves performance. This experiment, however, failed to find a performance-enhancing effect of DHEA.

    âRead more:â Menstruation & DHEA

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    Testosterone And Vegetarian Diets

    Another common concept is that vegan and vegetarian diets will contribute to lower levels of testosterone. Still, one study found vegans to have higher testosterone levels than both vegetarians and meat-eaters .

    The vegans and vegetarians in this study were younger and had a lower body weight than meat-eaters, which can affect the results. If these men were healthier in general, they would also tend to have higher testosterone levels.

    Nonetheless, the study seems to prove that you can have a vegetarian or vegan diet and enjoy optimal hormonal balance and health.

    Need a boost?

    Signs That You Have Low Testosterone

    Testo Rev

    There are many symptoms that a man has low testosterone, and each will vary from man to man. Thats why we tend to stress getting a hormone levels test done by your doctor to know for sure how low your T levels are right now.

    Knowing what level your testosterone is at right now, will help guide you forward in knowing how to adjust lifestyle and dietary habits to best improve your heart, hormone, and sexual health.

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    How You Can Fix Low Testosterone With Lifestyle Choices

    Testosterone levels dont only come down to the foods you eat, but also to your lifestyle. The best strategy for testosterone deficiency is to attack the problem from all angles, combining nutrition with sleep, exercise, and stress management.

    Here are some tips for maximizing testosterone production in your everyday life:

    Manage Your Stress Levels

    Stress is bad for your body because it releases too much cortisol, which destroys your natural testosterone levels. Exercising, eating healthy, and meditating are all great ways to decrease your cortisol and feel more calm and relaxed.

    One 2016 study found that students who are stressed have increased salivary cortisol and anxiety, while their salivary testosterone decreases .

    Harvard researchers also discovered that mindfulness meditation could decrease depression, a testosterone thief in most people .

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    Are Bpa Alternatives Safe

    Its worth noting that many BPA-free products have replaced BPA with bisphenol-S or bisphenol-F , compounds that are similar in structure and function to BPA but that havent yet been as heavily studied for their safety.

    However, the research that does exist suggests that even small concentrations of BPS and BPF may leach into food and disrupt the function of your cells in ways similar to BPA. Thus, BPA-free plastics may not be an adequate solution .

    A better alternative may be to limit or avoid plastics altogether, especially for foods and beverages.

    That means replacing plastic drinking bottles with glass or stainless steel, avoiding bottled water in plastic bottles, and purchasing food thats not packaged in plastic or cans lined with BPA-containing plastics.

    Replacing all of your plastic containers or household supplies may seem daunting, but there are more options available than ever to help you do just that.

    For kids, you can now purchase glass or stainless steel baby bottles or water bottles, and the brand RocketBox sells kid-friendly, stainless steel lunchboxes that are perfect for school lunches.

    Food manufacturers are moving away from plastic or plastic-lined packaging as well. You may find more items that used to be packaged in plastic are now packaged in glass, cardboard, or biodegradable materials.


    BPA alternatives, like BPS and BPF, may not be safe despite being a common addition to items that are labeled BPA-free.

    Why Are High Levels Of Testosterone Beneficial

    3 Proven Ways To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

    Testosterone plays a key role in the health of both men and women, as it has anabolic effects. These include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density, stimulation of height growth and bone maturation in addition to virilising effects. Sustained low levels of testosterone can lead to obesity, brittle bones, muscle loss, low sex drive, moodiness, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and impotence.

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    Vital Hormones: 10 Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone

    A few small changes to your life can have a big impact on your health! Consider using these natural ways to boost testosterone this year. As you learn how to boost testosterone naturally, you might notice changes to other aspects of your health.

    You can avoid hormonal instability, even as you get older.

    Concerned about your own hormone levels? We can help you take back control over your own life.

    Get your testosterone levels checked at Blue Sky MD today by contacting us or scheduling an initial consultation today.

    High Quality Sleep For High Testosterone

    Sleep is one of the most underrated things in the fitness community.

    Most of us today are overworked, spend time around toxic people and getting by on artificial energy produced from refined sugar and caffeinated beverages.

    Its a recipe for chronic overload on the body and a messed up hormonal profile.

    Sufficient sleep regulates testosterone production, hunger hormones, metabolism, improves your mood and energises you.

    It makes you recovered for the next day.

    When I had low testosterone levels, I went to extremes to optimise my sleep.

    I stopped using an alarm, and skipped early morning lectures to get my sleep.

    This is the best way to get the amount of sleep your body naturally needs.

    Got trouble sleeping on time? Try the remedies below:

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    Use Malaysian Ginseng To Increase Testosterone

    Ancient healers have used ââEurycoma longifoliaâ, also known as Malaysian ginsengâ, as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Modern researchers have shown that testosterone mediates this effect in men. The authors of a 2014 article in Phytotherapy Research wanted see if they could repeat the finding in women.

    Older women took capsules containing 400 mg of âEurycoma longifoliaâ each day for five weeks. This procedure gradually increased their testosterone. It remained higher than baseline from three weeks until the end of the study. The women didn’t report any supplement-related side effects.

    Scientists have started to understand the mechanisms underlying the positive effects of Malaysian ginseng. Eurycomanone appears to be the active ingredient in this traditional herb. A 2018 report in the Journal ofX-ray Science and Technology showed that extracts featuring eurycomanone prevented bone loss in an animal model of osteoporosis.

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    Take Dietary Supplements With Caution


    More research needs to be done into the safety and efficacy of supplements, so we recommend focusing on the risk-free natural cures for low testosterone like lowering sleep debt, exercising, and cutting down on alcohol.

    However, there is some evidence to show zinc supplements can boost testosterone in both men and women, and vitamin D supplements may help, too.

    Speak to a doctor before taking supplements, however, especially if you have an existing health condition. And avoid steroids, which have been linked to sleep problems like reduced total sleep time and more nighttime awakenings.

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    Don’t: Skimp On Vitamin D

    Do vitamin deficiencies affect testosterone levels? The most important deficiency to worry about in relationship to testosterone is vitamin D deficiency.

    In a clinical trial of men with low testosterone, 3,332 IU’s of vitamin D3 daily for 1 year resulted in average rise of total testosterone levels and free testosterone levels. Total testosterone levels were still below optimalmeaning that vitamin D isn’t a “magic bullet” for low testosterone. However, having healthy levels of the sunshine vitamin is linked with many other benefits, from sturdy bones to a strong immune systemand fortunately, there are easy ways to boost your vitamin D levels quickly.

    Biohacking Testosterone: Tricks Of The Trade That Actually Work

    These days, people can hack anything! Although the term derived from the tech world, it now is being used broadly in many areas, and the health industry has picked it up as well. Some great biohacks to improve testosterone naturally include:

    • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
    • Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
    • Stem Cell Injections

    Electrical Muscle Stimulation

    Electrical muscle stimulation is a method to elicit a muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulate the motor neurons. The stimulated contractions can be fast with long pauses, quick and frequent, or held for several seconds, even minutes at a time. Muscles are fired up through the electrical impulses rather than the brain eliminating the stress that can occur to joints and tendons. The body never even recognizes the difference in origin.

    EMS conducted on areas with high androgen receptors such as the legs have a high success rate in improving testosterone naturally. In addition, by adding an EMS regimen to their exercise routine, without any alterations in diet, many people found significant weight loss in the waist and abdominal area. EMS has also shown benefits in pain management and increasing blood flow to the muscles.

    Red Light Therapy

    Cold Thermogenesis

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields


    Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

    • Improve sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction
    • Provide increased sensitivity
    • Removing penile pain associated with erection
    • Stronger and firmer erections

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