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How Can I Lower My Cortisol Levels To Lose Weight

Figure Out Your Stress Triggers

How To LOWER Cortisol Levels? Dr.Berg

Stress and cortisol are closely interlinked. A stressor is any stimuli that causes anxiety or stress. It can be something physical or psychological, like a threat to your safety or an unexpected change to your environment. It could also be pain, financial worries, relationship issues, or work-related problems.

When your body is exposed to stress, cortisol is released to keep the body on high alert and can even provide much needed energy, an important factor in the fight or flight response. Therefore, stressful situations increase cortisol production.

Understanding your own triggers is vital if you want lower cortisol levels. Keep a journal to record stressful situations. You dont have to go into detail, but make a note of what happened and consider why it made you feel bad.

You can use this information to find practical ways of managing these situations. For example, stepping away from arguments, learning to say no to extra work, and avoiding unnecessary triggers are good places to start.

S To Get Your Cortisol Levels Under Control & Turn Down The Stress

Do you find yourself overly stressed, tired and even notice weight gain despite not changing your diet or workout frequency? Your cortisol levels may be out of whack. More specifically, they may be too high.

Cortisol is often called the primary stress hormone because its one of the main hormones we release when were under any sort of pressure and our evolutionary-based fight or flight response kicks into gear. Although most think of cortisol as a bad thing such as contributing to acne, weight gain or high blood pressure theres actually a lot more to cortisol levels than just our stress response and its unwanted symptoms. We need it to live.

While producing cortisol is a necessity for life and helps keep us motivated, awake and responsive to our environment, maintaining abnormally high circulating cortisol levels can become dangerous and contribute to long-term problems. Long-term use of corticosteroids and chronic stress are two of the biggest contributors to high cortisol. Chronic, high cortisol production is tied to symptoms and ailments including weight gain, anxiety, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances and fertility problems, in addition to many other problems.

The good news is there are many natural ways to get your cortisol levels in check. For instance, adaptogen herbs are known to lower cortisol, and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Read on for more ways to lower high cortisol levels naturally.

How To Prevent Future Health Issues

Although decreasing your stress levels may feel impossible some days, you can still manage the effects of elevated cortisol. To begin with, practicing relaxation through mindfulness, meditation, yoga or deep breathing can help bring the production of this hormone back down to normal levels.

Youll also prevent the excess storage of empty calories by ensuring that you consume a diet high in quality foods. Even though your body may be craving a quick fix, aim to eat mostly whole, plant-based foods. Of course, making the decision to eat right isnt always easy, but its worth it. By monitoring your diet, the calories you consume will be turned into energy, not converted into fat and stored by the body.

Finally, exercise is an excellent way to manage your stress hormones too. Whether you go out for a run, take a daily walk with your family or hit the gym, exercising will help maintain your lean body mass. This is especially important during prolonged periods of high cortisol levels.

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Rules: How To Lower Cortisol Levels And Lose Weight

What rules should be followed: Begin gradually . Do not start abruptly. The more sharply you start moving towards your goal, the sooner you will return to the habitual way of life. Only discipline will help you achieve the goal how to lower cortisol levels and lose weight. Be disciplined . You gained weight for a long time. Therefore, to lose it you need to have patience. In the question: how to lower cortisol levels and lose weight be patient .

Change Your Life By Changing Your Daily Habits

Stress, Fat and Faith

If youre serious about losing weight then we highly recommend you pay more attention to your daily habits. Start by being more aware of your daily stress and cortisol levels which have a direct impact on how your body and stores and uses energy.

If you follow the 5 tips above were confident youll begin to see a drastic decrease in stress levels. If youre interested taking your weight loss efforts to the next level, we recommend you request an appointment with one of our endocrinologists who can help you create a personalized approach to weight loss or contact us to get more information our Weigh Less for Way Less program.

We look forward to helping you look and feel like yourself again.

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How Does It Work

Your hypothalamus and pituitary gland — both located in your brain — can sense if your blood contains the right level of cortisol. If the level is too low, your brain adjusts the amount of hormones it makes. Your adrenal glands pick up on these signals. Then, they fine-tune the amount of cortisol they release.

Cortisol receptors — which are in most cells in your body — receive and use the hormone in different ways. Your needs will differ from day to day. For instance, when your body is on high alert, cortisol can alter or shut down functions that get in the way. These might include your digestive or reproductive systems, your immune system, or even your growth processes.

Sometimes, your cortisol levels can get out of whack.

Probiotics To Lower Cortisol

The human gut microbiome is home to trillions of bacterial cells which have major benefits for your health. They keep your gut barrier strong, combat inflammation, modulate the immune system, and even help regulate mental health. Thats why boosting the composition of your gut is important.

Probiotic bacteria may help reduce cortisol and stress. For example, bacteria such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus and L. farciminis lower the release of cortisol caused by stress. One strain of Lactobacillus, known as L. Plantarum 299v, was shown to reduce exam stress in irritable bowel syndrome patients.

Probiotic foods that nourish gut bacteria, such as yoghurt drinks and fermented soy products that contain specific lactic acid bacteria strains, may help to reduce stress-induced elevated cortisol levels. Some of these bacteria also relieve symptoms of IBS and the stress associated with living with a chronic illness.

TIP Want to find out how diverse your gut microbiome is? Take the Atlas Microbiome Test.

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Effects Of Excess Cortisol

Excess cortisol stimulates glucose production. This excess glucose is then typically converted into fat, which gets stored in your body. For example, people with serious metabolic conditions that involve excessive cortisol production, such as Cushing syndrome, have an unhealthy increase in abdominal fat.

A chronically high level of circulating cortisol increases fat storage and raises the risk of obesity. And when you have too much adrenaline, fat cells eventually become less responsive to adrenal stimulation to release fat.

Of particular concern is abdominal weight gainone of the most dangerous types of obesity, and one that contributes to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and heart disease.

Some studies have found that stress-induced cortisol levels can cause people to increase the amount of food they eat.

Get The Right Amount Of Sleep


Prioritizing your sleep may be an effective way to reduce cortisol levels. Chronic sleep issues such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, or shift work have been associated with higher cortisol .

One review of 28 studies in shift workers found that cortisol levels were higher in workers who slept during the day rather than at night .

Those on rotating shifts have been linked with poorer health outcomes, such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and worsened mental health (

18 ):


Practicing good sleep hygiene can help to keep cortisol in a normal rhythm. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine 6 hours before bed, and staying off your cell phone right before bed are effective strategies.

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Cut Out Caffeine Or Consume Less

A 2005 study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that caffeine increases cortisol secretion even in people at rest. Because caffeine can stimulate cortisol production and increase blood pressure, Krista King, MS, RDN, of Composed Nutrition, offers a solution to lower cortisol: “Try doing a caffeine reset. Gradually you have each day by swapping it out for a caffeine-free or lower caffeine alternative.”

What Happens When Cortisol Is High

Over the last 20 years, studies have increasingly revealed that moderate to high cortisol levels may lead to an array of health issues, such as :

  • Chronic disease. Long-term increased cortisol may increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases.
  • Weight gain. Cortisol may increase appetite and signal the body to shift metabolism to store fat.
  • Lack of energy/difficulty sleeping. It can interfere with sleep hormones which may impact sleep quality and length.
  • Difficulty concentrating. Also referred to as brain fog, some people report trouble focusing and lack of mental clarity.
  • Impaired immune system. Increased cortisol can hamper the immune system, making it more difficult to fight infections.
  • Cushings syndrome. In rare cases, very high cortisol levels can lead to Cushings syndrome, a rare but serious disease.

Elevated cortisol levels can be caused from many underlying issues such as overactivity or cancer of the pituitary or adrenal glands, chronic stress, and medication side effects .

Further, existing chronic disease may lead to higher cortisol levels, causing a chicken or the egg type of scenario .

Therefore, its best to work with a qualified health professional to establish the root cause of your health issues. Along with this, you may want to introduce some effective lifestyle habits that may help you better manage your cortisol levels. Here are some recommendations:

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How Cortisol Causes Weight Loss Resistance

During times of stress, cortisol and adrenaline are released from your adrenal glands, located just above the kidneys.

This triggers an increase in heart rate and energy levels, preparing your body to fight or flee.

This is a good thing, but in todays crisis-fueled world, we can end up producing too much cortisol and this can cause problems .

A rise in cortisol levels make you crave for carbs and sweets, which in turn lead to over-eating and hunger. As a result, you get elevated blood sugar, which gets converted to fat for long-term storage .

Cortisol actually signals the body to store fat . Especially belly fat , which makes it hard to lose weight.

Secondly, elevated cortisol levels over extended periods end up depleting happy hormones such as serotonin. You end up getting too little sleep and feeling fatigued .

Likewise, high cortisol levels are linked to depression, cloudiness and brain fog . This causes a hopeless loop the more stressed you are, the more you eat, and the more you gain weight!

Actually, cortisol causes your body to break down muscles for energy! The less muscle you have the lower your metabolism, and the more fat your body stores!

In other words, studies show that higher levels of cortisol lead to an increased appetite and over-eating . This leads to weight gain.

Elevated levels of cortisol for a long time cause cushings syndrome:

Can Cortisol Cause Belly Fat

Pin by Grandmashel on Thyroid as we know it

Cortisol doesnt only affect our weight but where we put on the weight. Women, in particular, with higher levels of cortisol tend to store excess fat in the belly.

Its also important to know that most of the fat stored around the abdominal area is the visceral type of fat. And this is the kind of fat we want less of as it can eventually lead to strokes and heart attacks.

But fear not! Ill be sharing some tips below that you can begin implementing today.

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Fight Or Flight Response And Cortisol

Once the body senses stress, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and stimulates the release of catecholamines leading to an increased heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, muscle strength , and increase in alertness.

Cortisol is continuously released to keep the body in this alert state to respond to stressful stimuli. However, this heightened response comes with a higher energy cost, so the metabolic systems will be affected to keep a steady supply of energy coming to the brain .

Exercise But Not Too Much

Depending on the intensity of exercise, it can increase or decrease cortisol.

Intense exercise increases cortisol shortly afterward but will decrease a few hours later. This short-term increase helps coordinate growth of the body to meet the challenge. Additionally, the size of the cortisol response lessens with routine training .

Regular exercise has been shown in numerous studies to help improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and improve overall health, which can help lower cortisol over time .

Interestingly, regular exercise has also been associated with greater resilience to acute stress and may lower negative health effects associated with stress, such as high cortisol .

That said, overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Therefore, aim for around 150200 minutes of mostly low- to moderate-intensity exercise each week and allow yourself time to rest between workouts.


Exercising regularly can help you better manage stress and promote good health, which may help lower cortisol levels. That said, avoid overdoing it and aim for around 150200 minutes of low- to moderate- intensity exercise each week.

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How To Lower Cortisol: Decrease Your Stress Levels And Lose Weight

Stress is part and parcel of everyday life and something that we must all contend with, whether we like it or not. Elevated stress levels lead to the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Despite cortisol being an essential hormone that helps with many important functions in the body, chronically increased levels of it can lead to many undesirable symptoms in the body.

Figuring out how to lower stress and cortisol is not only good for your overall health, but it is also quite essential for your mental health too. If you have been unsuccessfully trying to get rid of all the side effects of cortisol, read on to find simple but effective ways of doing this.

Causes Of High Cortisol Levels

6 Ways To Lower Cortisol Levels Cortisol Stress Hormone Dr.Berg

Wondering what underlying conditions could be contributing to your high cortisol levels? Cortisol tends to go up as perceived stress goes up, so anything that triggers a negative mind states things like anxiety, worry, anger or frustration contributes to high cortisol levels. Medication use, inflammation, poor sleep and a poor diet can also trigger high cortisol levels by altering hormonal balances and negatively affecting the immune system.

Corticosteroid medications like hydrocortisone, prednisone pills or other medications used to treat inflammatory-related diseases or symptoms are common causes of high cortisol levels. Aside from corticosteroids, other major factors contributing to higher than usual cortisol production include:

  • recent surgery, illness, injury or whole-body infections

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How To Break The Cycle Of Stress And Weight Gain

When you’re stressed out, healthy behaviors likely eating properly and exercising regularly can easily fall by the wayside. Maintaining a schedule and/or routine can help make these healthy behaviors a habit and combat stress-related weight changes. Here are a few strategies that can help you break the cycle of stress and weight gain:

Are There Herbs Or Supplements To Reduce Cortisol

The supplement aisle at the natural foods store is hardly a one-way ticket to a stress-free life. But some items may help keep cortisol levels in a healthy range, Dr. Lin says. Research suggests these herbs and natural supplements might lower stress, anxiety and/or cortisol levels:

While some herbs might help lower cortisol levels naturally, you dont want to swallow everything in sight, Dr. Lin says. Teas like lemon balm and chamomile are quite safe. But if youre thinking about trying herbs in supplement form, talk to a trained provider first.

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Is Cortisol Something You Can Target With Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching can be a highly effective tool in combating stress. Clark et al. determined that six months of wellness coaching in 100 adults produced improvement in quality of life, perceived stress, and mood. Recall that the stress response is what sets the cascade of cortisol dysregulation. It is easy to suggest stress reduction strategies, but it is more difficult to implement them in daily life.A skilled wellness coach can help a client push past perceive life barriers to stress reduction and help their client discover and implement effective stress reduction strategies. Likewise, a skilled wellness coach can help a client improve sleep hygiene and optimize dietary intakes. These measures can help to reduce cortisol levels both acutely and long-term thereby reducing the potential for negative health consequences.

Cortisol And Weight Loss: What You Need To Know

Pin on Body Rock!

Cortisol. Is it bad for weight loss?

Thats the question posed by one Muscle Evo reader this week.

Ive read that too much exercise can increase my cortisol levels and put the brakes on weight loss, he wrote. Is this true?

Cortisol does have the potential to affect your rate of weight loss. But its not as simple as saying that when cortisol goes up, your rate of weight loss goes down.

Nor is it the case that suppressing cortisol as the people trying to sell you cortisol blocking supplements would have you believe will help you lose weight.

First up, what is cortisol? And what effect does it have on weight loss?

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