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How Can I Raise My Estrogen Levels Quickly

The 3 Best Supplements For Natural Estrogen Control

Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Diindolylmethane DIM/Indole 3 Carbinol IC3

Diindolylmethane , its natural precursor, Indole-3-carbinol is also present in cruciferous vegetables and regulates estrogen by increasing the good estrogens.

There are essentially two main pathways in the liver for estrogen to be normally metabolized and excreted. One pathway leads to very good metabolites called 2-hydroxy estrogens.

The other pathway leads to bad metabolites called 4 or 16-hydroxy estrogens.

DIM stimulates the favorable 2-hydroxy pathway for estrogen. Through this process, DIM also helps convert the more dangerous form of estrogen into the weaker, less dangerous form . DIM is usually cheaper than IC3.

There are also studies which demonstrate protective activity of DIM in the prostate.

Calcium D-Glucarate

As with all of our sex hormones when they are used by our systems, they are bound to transport molecules for elimination. Calcium D-glucarate supports glucuronidation, a conjugation process that occurs in the liver to metabolize hormones such as estrogen, and toxins, by binding them to glucuronic acid and then excreting the compound in bile.

This process can be disrupted by beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme produced by intestinal bacteria. Beta-glucuronidase breaks the chemical bonds established between glucuronic acid and the conjugated hormones or toxins. With a lot of us having damaged digestive systems, excess beta-glucuronidase could be pretty common.

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Tongkat Ali And Estrogen In Men

Tongkat ali is an popular pro-erectile herbal supplement found in small tree from South East Asia.

It seems to work as aphrodisiac quite well. However, human studies are still somewhat limited, but so far its has shown to increase libido, erection and well-being.67 Another human study showed increase increased testosterone and reduced cortisol levels.68

Does Tongkat Ali reduce estrogen levels? As far we know that Tongkat Ali contains Eurycomanone quassinoid which might have anti-estrogenic activity.6971

But the problem is that this component called Eurycomanone seems not to be bioavailable when taken orally.72

Tongkat Ali is good for increasing libido and erection. Furthermore, it also has potential components that have anti-estrogenic activity.

Of course you can use Tongkat Ali as erection/libido booster. But unless you are going to inject Tongkat Ali in your veins, dont expect that it does much to your estrogen levels. We have to wait until someone invent Eurycomanone supplement that is orally bioavailable.

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What Foods Are High In Estrogen

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  • The food you eat can impact the way your body produces hormones or even contain hormones. Different vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, animal products, and even herbs have chemicals in them that contain, engage with, or imitate hormones.

    Phytoestrogen is a common compound that imitates estrogen in foods. This is because phytoestrogens are essentially the plant version of estrogen. Human bodies will process them the same way as regular estrogen, but it is weaker than synthetic or natural estrogen.

    Another source of estrogen in foods is animal estrogen. Products like eggs or milk contain high estrogen levels because they are produced in parts of the animals body that regulate its hormones.

    Eating high estrogen foods can help people who suffer from various conditions related to low estrogen levels. Conversely, there are some health scenarios in which eating foods high in estrogen can be harmful. Knowing what foods are high in estrogen helps either situation limit or increase your intake of those foods intentionally.

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    How To Reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally

    Addressing estrogen dominance can feel overwhelming, so I take a four-step approach in my clinic and my Hormone Harmony Academy digital program to make it more achievable.

    If youre ready to learn exactly how to balance your hormones step-by-step, find out about my Hormone Harmony Academy digital program here. To get you started, Ive outlined some simple tips to begin addressing estrogen dominance:

    Does Hrt Have A Place

    Where do you apply estrogen cream?

    While doing things naturally is a good goal, hormone replacement therapy can be safe and effective if more natural treatments dont work

    The bottom line is that HRT comes with a complex set of potential benefits and downsides that each require careful consideration for patients who havent benefited from more natural approaches .

    Beyond the alleviation of menopausal symptoms , HRT has these benefits:

    The downsides include a slightly increased risk of blood clots and hormone-dependent breast cancers .

    Overall, the negative side effects of HRT may have been overhyped and the treatment appears not to appreciably raise health risks if used for no more than five to 10 years .

    How to increase estrogen in the safest way with HRT involves using topical estrogen , rather than an oral form, which can increase the risk of clots. Bioidentical progesterone should be taken alongside to protect the wall of the womb from estrogen-related thickening .

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    Follow A Balanced Diet

    Cut down on refined sugars and carbohydrates and instead ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of protein, fruit, and vegetables. Incorporate healthy fats into your diet and aim to have three meals a day, including healthy snacks if you become hungry. Balancing your hormones also depends on balancing your portion sizes. Try not to let yourself get too hungry throughout the day, as this may promote overeating following the release of a hunger hormone called ghrelin.

    How To Track Your Estrogen Levels At Home

    Whether you are looking to achieve your fertility goals, or tap into valuable information about your health, tracking hormone levels at home can help you and your doctor uncover valuable information about your cycles and hormone levels.

    The science of tracking fertility hormones at home can be difficult to grasp. A personalized lab-quality and data-driven solution such as Mira Fertility can allow you to identify your unique patterns and offer personalized fertility insights. With its clinically proven accuracy, the Mira Analyzer tracks luteinizing hormone and estrogen giving you real-world data you can track and use, not to mention share with your healthcare provider. Mira takes the guesswork out of tracking and can help you make informed decisions about your reproductive cycle.

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    Foods That Increase Estrogen Level

    There are several estrogen-rich foods that may help boost your estrogen level. These foods contain phytoestrogen, which is a plant-based estrogen that mimics estrogen once it is processed by the body.

    The following is a list of foods that are known for containing excessive amounts of phytoestrogens. It is important to keep in mind that estrogen rich foods may have unwanted effects in men.

    Soybean products: Soy is a rich source of phytoestrogen and comes in a variety of easy to consume forms like soy milk, tofu, or edamame. Soy products are the greatest source of isoflavones, a class of phytoestrogen that can be easily consumed in your diet. Soy is also a great source of protein, making it an ideal meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians.

    Flaxseeds: These little seeds contain up to three times the phytoestrogens of soybeans, but your body will not reap their benefits unless they are cracked or ground prior to consumption. Also high in fiber, flaxseeds will make you feel full and may aid in weight loss and in the reduction of cholesterol.

    Sesame seeds: Whole seedsor even sesame oilcontain lignans that possess phytoestrogens. The seeds are also loaded with fiber and are a great source of minerals.

    Beans: They are relativity high in phytoestrogens, but they dont get much attention. Beans are known for having a high fiber content, which helps to control cholesterol levels. Types of beans include peas, pinto bean, and lima beans

    Why Do You Need Oestrogen


    Oestrogen is the primary hormone for sexual and reproductive growth in women. Oestrogen works with other hormones to help during puberty and maintain fertility till menopause. This hormone is not only necessary for sexual reproductive growth but also performs other vital functions. It promotes bone density, balances mood, controls cholesterol, and encourages a healthy heart.

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    How To Increase Your Estrogen Level Naturally

    This article was co-authored by Lisa Bryant, ND. Dr. Lisa Bryant is Licensed Naturopathic Physician and natural medicine expert based in Portland, Oregon. She earned a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and completed her residency in Naturopathic Family Medicine there in 2014.There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 18,125 times.

    Concerns over the potential increased cancer risk from prescription estrogen has led more people to seek natural alternatives. Raising estrogen levels naturally is possible, mainly by making dietary changes. There are also some over-the-counter herbs and supplements that you can try, but keep in mind that research is limited on the effects of herbal supplements, so its best to discuss taking them with a doctor first. Also, talk with a doctor if low estrogen levels are causing you discomfort or menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, insomnia, mood changes, or vaginal dryness. A functional medicine or naturopathic doctor may also be able to help by checking for conditions that can mimic low estrogen, such as low progesterone, testosterone, or DHEA.

    How Do Phytoestrogens Affect Your Health

    Phytoestrogens have a similar chemical structure to that of estrogen and may mimic its hormonal actions.

    Phytoestrogens attach to estrogen receptors in your cells, potentially affecting the function of estrogen throughout your body .

    However, not all phytoestrogens function in the same way.

    Phytoestrogens have been shown to have both estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects. This means that, while some phytoestrogens have estrogen-like effects and increase estrogen levels in your body, others block its effects and decrease estrogen levels .

    Because of their complex actions, phytoestrogens are one of the most controversial topics in nutrition and health.

    While some researchers have raised concerns that a high intake of phytoestrogens may cause hormonal imbalance, most evidence has linked them to positive health effects.

    In fact, multiple studies have associated phytoestrogen intake with decreased cholesterol levels, improved menopausal symptoms, and a lower risk of osteoporosis and certain types of cancer, including breast cancer (

    3 ).

    Soy isoflavones can produce estrogen-like activity in the body by mimicking the effects of natural estrogen. They may increase or decrease blood estrogen levels .

    One study found that women who took a soy protein supplement for 12 weeks experienced moderate decreases in blood estrogen levels compared with a control group.

    The researchers proposed that these effects might help protect against certain types of breast cancer .

    15 ).

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    Foods To Increase Estrogen For Sexual Desire

    Certain diets have been shown to promote healthy estrogen levels while significantly increasing sex drive in women. In this article, we will explore these foods to increase estrogen for sexual desire.

    Uses and Function of Estrogen in Women

    Estrogen is a female hormone thats responsible for the reproductive development of women. It is made mostly in the ovaries with adrenal glands also make a small amount of estrogen.

    In addition to regulating the menstrual cycle, uses of estrogen include maintaining the reproductive tract, the urinary tract, the heart and blood vessels, bones, breasts, skin, hair, mucous membranes, pelvic muscles, and the brain.

    Keeping Or Restoring Strong Healthy Bones

    Pin on Exercises

    Osteoporosisthinning of the bone tissueis common, particularly among Caucasian women, after menopause. The cause is not an inadequate calcium intake, ordinarily. The problem is abnormally rapid calcium loss, aggravated by the following five calcium wasters:

  • Animal protein. When researchers feed animal protein to volunteers and then test their urine a little later, it is loaded with calcium, which comes from their bones. Heres why. A protein molecule is like a string of beads, and each bead is an amino acid. When protein is digested, these beads come apart and pass into the blood, making the blood slightly acidic. In the process of neutralizing that acidity, calcium is pulled from the bones. It ends up being lost in the urine. A report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that when research subjects eliminated meats, cheese, and eggs from their diets, they cut their urinary calcium losses in half.17 Another study showed that a high ratio of animal protein to vegetable protein in the diet increases bone loss and risk of fracture in postmenopausal women.18 Switching from beef to chicken or fish does not help, because these products have as much animal protein as beef, or even a bit more.
  • Caffeine. Whether it comes in coffee, tea, or colas, caffeine is a weak diuretic that causes calcium loss via the kidneys.21 Caffeine intakes of > 300 mg per day have been shown to accelerate bone loss in elderly postmenopausal women.22
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    Your Gut Health Influences Your Hormones

    When considering how to increase estrogen, the health of your gut is something to bear in mind. In particular, the quality of your gut microbiota can have an impact on the balance of female hormones .

    Some signs of hormonal imbalances, such as PCOS and painful periods, have been associated with low microbial diversity and a leaky gut . A healthy gut may contribute to stable hormone levels , and stable hormones may improve gut health .

    Plus, if youre taking phytoestrogens, healthy gut microbes play a large role in metabolizing them and transforming them into their bioactive forms, ideally helping to relieve menopause symptoms .

    Though theres no direct evidence that taking probiotics can increase low estrogen levels, probiotics can help to correct gut bacteria imbalance , which means your gut is in a better place to support a healthy hormonal balance overall.

    How To Lower Estrogen Levels In Men Conclusion

    In this article we learned that there are indeed natural ways to lower estrogen in men. However, most of the supplements that are touted to lower estrogen levels seems not to have good scientifical evidence behind them.

    Lowering estrogen naturally is similar to raising testosterone levels naturally. There is no magic natural supplement that is going to make a huge difference. You really have to focus on the basics.

    Firstly, everyone should focus on lowering body fat and exposure to an endocrine disruptors. Then get your diet in order, after that you can try some of the supplements that might lower your estrogen levels naturally.

    This information should not be taken as a substitute for medical expertise. This article is purely my personal experiences and notes on the subject. Before making changes to your lifestyle, diet or supplementation you should consult your doctor or a qualified health care provider. Especially medicines users should speak to their doctor, because some supplements and foods can change absorption of certain drugs. Better to play safely.

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    Foods That Increase Estrogen Levels Naturally

    The transition into menopause has been attributed to the decrease of hormonal estrogen in the body, which is responsible for womens sex characteristics. The following are some of the physiological changes that are attributed to estrogen:

    • Responsible for female puberty
    • Control growth of the uterine lining during the menstruation cycle and at the beginning of pregnancy
    • Involved in breast development and breast changes seen during pregnancy
    • Play a role in bone and cholesterol metabolism
    • Helps to regulate food intake, body weight, glucose metabolism, and insulin sensitivity

    How Can I Increase My Estrogen Levels After Menopause

    How I Increased My Testosterone Levels Naturally (Without Steroids)

    When you have low levels of estrogen and progesterone, such as during menopause, it can negatively affect your mood, sexual desire, bone health, and more.Food

  • Soybeans. Soybeans and the products produced from them, such as tofu and miso, are a great source of phytoestrogens .
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    What Tests Will Be Done To Diagnose Low Estrogen

    There are three types of estrogen that your body makes. An estrogen test can measure all three: estrone , estradiol and estriol . Your provider will do a simple blood draw and send it to a lab for analysis.

    • Estrone is the primary hormone your body produces during menopause and postmenopause. Its a weaker form of estrogen than estradiol .
    • Estradiol is the primary hormone your body produces in your reproductive years.
    • Estriol is the primary hormone your body makes during pregnancy.

    Estrogen can be assessed when your provider is unsure about the status of your hormones . That being said, only a couple of conditions are FDA-approved for hormone replacement therapy.

    Estrogen Gut Health And Diet

    Your gut is home to a huge population of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, known as your gut microbiome.

    The good microbes in your gut are critical for digestion and immune health. Without a diverse microbiome, your body cant absorb and use phytoestrogens.

    Some research shows a link between gut microbiota diversity and estrogen levels in women who have been through menopause.

    At ZOE, our scientists recently found that, following menopause, you are more likely to experience unhealthy blood sugar and blood fat spikes after eating. These spikes are important health markers that are often overlooked in people who seem otherwise healthy.

    With the ZOE at-home test, you find out which microbes you currently have in your gut, including how many good and bad ones, and what the best foods for your body are at your current life stage.

    You can take our free quiz to find out more.

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    Herbs To Increase Oestrogen

    Having food rich in oestrogen will help in maintaining hormone levels. However, this may not be possible every day. So, here is yet another answer to how to increase oestrogen naturally? Herbs! Various herbs mixed in your home-cooked meals can help increase hormone levels. Some of them are as follows:

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