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Luden’s Melatonin Soothers Target

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Kindroot: A Vegan Alternative Made With Organic Ingredients And Natural Flavors

If you relied on Ludens Melatonin Soothers to help you fall asleep, you might want to try Kindroot Snooze.

While both lozenges have melatonin, Kindroot has a stronger dose and features ashwagandha, which studies have shown improves sleep quality. Thus, Kindroot Snooze not only helps you get to sleep, it can help you sleep better and wake feeling more refreshed and energetic.

Unlike Ludens, Kindroot lozenges have no artificial colors or flavors. Snooze is vegan, made with organic ingredients and only uses natural flavors such as lavender and vanilla.

If you loved Ludens Melatonin Soothers and youre dismayed that its discontinued, Kindroot Snooze could be the better, more effective, healthier alternative youve been seeking.

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Innovative Ingredients Are Hitting The Mainstream Market


November 18, 2019 by Jen Johnston

Jen Johnston

Ingredient trends come and go, and sometimes they have staying power. This year, five ingredients have been on my radar elderberry, coconut oil, charcoal, melatonin and CBD.

In Europe, elderberry has been used for centuries, but in the U.S. its been slower to gain traction, partly due to the virus that nearly decimated the plant during the 1950s and 60s. Elderberry had been used in alternative healing circles for many years and could be widely found in the aisles of natural food stores.

However, this immune-supporting herb began taking off during 2017. The American Botanical Council cited the larger-than-average 2016-2017 flu season as the catalyst.

Pinterests 100 for 2019 Report showed a 685% increase in pins about elderberry recipes over 2018. Brands such as Sambucol from PharmaCare US and Sambucus by Natures Way have enjoyed popularity at niche natural retailers. Now chains are seeing the value of elderberry, and consumers can find the products widely distributed.

Elderberry is at the very early stages of bleeding into other categories. So far, e-commerce brands such as Delizioso with its Elderberry Hair Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner, and Keller Works, with its elderberry soap, are distributing personal care products with the herb. But with the growing popularity I would not be surprised to see mainstream manufacturers following suit, perhaps even with an elderberry toothpaste or wound care item.

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Snack Innovation Remains Strong As Consumers Replace Main Meals With Snacks

New air popped sorghum is corn free, gluten free, non-GMO and easier to digest than popcorn.PHOTO COURTESY OF: MARKS MINDFUL MUNCHIES

Hershey rebrands Take5 under Reeses. On-trend sweet showcases flavor-texture combination.PHOTO COURTESY OF: THE HERSHEY COMPANY

The Heat is On! New packaging and this popular limited-edition flavor becomes a regular.PHOTO COURTESY OF: FRITO-LAY NORTH AMERICA

New offerings appeal for plant- and fruit-based eating, nutrition and sustainable sourcing.PHOTO COURTESY OF: RIPE REVIVAL

Snack innovation remains strong as consumers replace main meals with snacks. In fact, when Innova Market Insights conducted an eating behaviors survey last year, an estimated 60% of Americans say they snack twice or more a day and only just under 3% of Americans say they never snack.

This snack attack activity drove new product launches in meat snacks, snack mixes, and fruit-based snacks. Each enjoyed double-digit growth rates with meat snacks at the top of the heap, expanding at a 20.6% CAGR from 2014 to 2018.

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