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Melatonin For Dogs: Is It Safe

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If you have a dog that isnt sleeping well or is wandering around aimlessly during the night, you may have considered giving them one of your melatonin supplements. While melatonin is safe for dogs, the human version may not be. Lets look at all the reasons melatonin can help our canines, how to use it safely, and which melatonin ingredients you need to know about.

Active And Inactive Ingredients

Pet parents have had success with melatonin products that use the hormone as an active and inactive ingredient, but if your doctor recommends a melatonin regimen for your pet, look for brands that list melatonin as the active ingredient. Otherwise, the supplement may only contain a trace of the hormone thats unlikely to have a profound effect on your pets behavior.

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What is Pet Melatonin for Cats?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the pineal gland of cats . It plays a large role in regulating sleep patterns. It also has a role in the regulation of cortisol production, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands in response to stress.

Pet Melatonin is in a convenient liquid format that makes it easy to administer to cats in the correct amount, unlike capsules or tablets. It is synthetically derived and not extracted from the pineal glands of pigs. A synthetic melatonin ensures safety from viruses or other microbes that may be present in animal tissue.

What is Pet Melatonin used for?

Pet Melatonin is a supplement made just for pets. If your cats sleep patterns have been disrupted, Pet Melatonin can help to normalize their sleep rhythms. If your cat is agitated, anxious or restless, Pet Melatonin can help with a restful nights sleep. You can also use Pet Wellbeing Calming Care daily for additional calming support.

Many cats with hyperthyroidism tend to exhibit signs of restlessness and have trouble sleeping. Pet Melatonin is ideal for these cats and is often given with Pet Wellbeing Thyroid Support Gold.

Consider Pet Melatonin for your cat if they are experiencing:

  • Sleep-wake pattern disruption
  • Cognitive disorder causing confusion/trouble sleeping

A note from our veterinarian…


Does it Come With a Guarantee?

Yes! Pet Melatonin for Cats comes with a 90-day, money-back guarantee.


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How Much Melatonin Can I Give My Dog

It all depends on your pets needs, age, and their weight. A general rule of thumb is 1 mg for dogs under 10 pounds, dogs up to 25 pounds can be given 1.5 mg and dogs that weigh between 25 and 100 pounds are OK with up to 3mg of melatonin, and those extra-large doggos over 100 lbs can be given anywhere between 3 to 6 mg of melatonin. If you go overboard with melatonin, your pooch might feel drowsy, lethargic, and extra sleepy.

Best Melatonin For Dogs

Pet Melatonin

Melatonin for dogs helps your pet cope with stressful situations and anxiety by supplementing much-needed sleep hormone. There are various melatonin supplements for dogs on the market, so read on to find out which one is the best!

While most dogs are happy-go-lucky furballs whose tails seem never to stop wagging, it doesnt mean that they dont experience stress and nervousness as we do. Pooches can be scared and stressed out in certain situations or are wary and fearful as a rule, often due to past trauma- this is often seen with rescue dogs that have been abused. Some dogs are more prone than others and develop serious anxiety issues that require medication, behavioral therapy, and lots of patience and effort from their pet parents. Needless to say, there are many different approaches to the problem of canine anxiety, whether situational or chronic and what works for one dog might not work for the other. It takes time and experimenting to get results, but going the tried-and-true route is always the safest bet. For instance, many pet parents swear by melatonin for dogs and its soothing effect it has on dogs in times of duress.

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Are There Any Risk Factors For This Supplement

Studies in animals are limited for this supplement and therefore information regarding risk factors is also limited. Do not use melatonin in pets that are allergic to it. Do not give melatonin implants to pregnant or sexually immature animals. Use the oral form cautiously in pregnant or lactating pets.

While the significance of these risk factors in animals is unknown, people with liver, kidney, or heart disease, as well as brain disorders, should use this supplement cautiously.

Other Uses Of Melatonin In Dogs

Other potential uses of melatonin in dogs include treatment for hair loss, Cushingâs disease, and thrombocytopenia.

  • Hair loss: Research suggests that melatonin may be helpful for dogs with hair loss. In dogs with certain types of alopecia, melatonin may help prevent hair loss, promote regrowth of fur, and encourage the formation of a healthier coat.
  • Cushingâs disease: Melatonin may be an alternative treatment for Cushingâs disease, a condition caused by excess production Trusted SourceU.S. Food and Drug Administration The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices and by ensuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit of the hormone cortisol. Examples of symptoms of Cushingâs disease in dogs include increased hunger and thirst, hair loss, and panting more than usual.
  • Thrombocytopenia: Canine immune-mediated thrombocytopenia is a common disorder in dogs Trusted SourceNational Library of Medicine, Biotech InformationThe National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic in which the immune system attacks platelets or cells in the bone marrow. Some veterinarians prescribe melatonin alongside other treatments for canine ITP.

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Can Dogs Take Melatonin

Melatonin supplements are believed to be safe for most dogs when used in appropriate amounts, and many veterinarians prescribe melatonin to try to help dogs with various health issues.

Melatonin is a hormone that nearly all mammals, including dogs, produce naturally. Animals produce melatonin during periods of darkness, and their melatonin levels can change throughout the year in response to varying amounts of daylight. Melatonin has many potential functions, including helping animals sense the time of day and regulate seasonal changes in their body and behavior.

Melatonin is also sold as a dietary supplement Trusted SourceNational Center for Complementary and Integrative Health NCCIH funds and conducts research to help answer important scientific and public health questions about complementary health that is marketed for use in humans, dogs, and other animals. The body can make melatonin naturally, but melatonin for supplements is typically manufactured synthetically. Veterinarians may recommend melatonin supplements for some behavioral or medical conditions in dogs.

Before giving a dog any new supplement or medication, it is important to speak with a veterinarian. Prior to recommending melatonin, a veterinarian may perform an exam and conduct tests to diagnose the cause of behavior or sleep issues. This may help identify the optimal treatment and ensure that melatonin is a safe and appropriate option.

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    How Long Does It Take For Melatonin To Work On A Dog

    Luckily, melatonin is a fast-acting supplement that will quickly show results. Usually, it takes an hour or two for melatonin to be in full effect, but it can take as little as 15 minutes for it to kick in for some pooches . In any case, its best to give your pet melatonin at least an hour in advance so they can get a good nights rest.

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    Is Melatonin Safe For Dogs

    The short answer is yes, melatonin is safe for your dog. However, some synthetically produced melatonin supplements contain added fillers or substances that can make dogs sick. Melatonin also interacts with certain drugs and can disrupt hormone production. The FDA doesnt regulate melatonin supplements, so giving human melatonin to your dog can make them sick. This is especially true for melatonin supplements that contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener thats extremely toxic to dogs.

    Potential side effects of melatonin:

    • Cramping and upset stomach
    • increased heart rate or tachycardia
    • Fertility issues
    • Insulin resistance

    Best For Sensitive Stomach: Dr Lyons Calming Aid With Melatonin

    Pet Wellbeing Melatonin for Dogs and Cats, 2 oz

    Combining nature and science, Dr. Lyons calming supplement is designed to offer maximum potency with a gentle, dog-safe formula based on natural ingredients. To make sure your pet is calm, especially in stressful situations, the formula relies on melatonin, thiamine, and l-tryptophan, as well as relaxing herbs such as chamomile and ginger that calms an upset tummy. The supplement comes in the form of soft chewables with chicken liver flavor your dog will love them! This supplement is formulated for dogs 18 weeks and older.

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    Are There Any Drug Interactions I Should Be Aware Of

    The following medications should be used with caution when given with melatonin: benzodiazepines, succinylcholine, or warfarin. Melatonin can also decrease cortisol and estradiol levels.

    Vitamins, herbal therapies, and supplements have the potential to interact with each other, as well as with prescription and over the counter medications. It is important to tell your veterinarian about any medications that your pet is taking.

    Best For Hair And Coat: Healthy Pets Melavet Melatonin Soft Chews

    If youre looking for something to help your pet grow his hair back, or dont need a potent calming aid, these soft chews are a good match. With 2m of melatonin per serving, theyll help maintain a healthy, shiny coat with thick hair not a bald spot in sight. To boot, this supplement is also safe for cats to use- so a big plus if you have a multi-pet household!

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    Runner Up: Zesty Paws Calming Bites For Dogs

    Its not easy keeping canine anxiety under control, but this potent calming supplement can certainly help minimize your dogs symptoms. In addition to melanin, which contributes to the anti-anxiety properties of this formula, it also includes other powerful calming substances for dogs, such as L-Theanine , organic ginger root, L-Tryptophan, organic hemp, organic passion flower, and chamomile. Together, they help sensitive and anxious pooches feel at ease in stressful situations and can soothe dogs with aggressive or hyperactive tendencies. This melatonin supplement comes in the form of turkey-flavored chewables, so your pooch is bound to love it and, to boot, it is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

    What To Consider Before Using Melatonin For Dogs

    How testing dog DNA works

    Making sure your pet is getting the right kind of supplements is not always easy they are not prescribed, so unless you get a concrete tip from your vet, youll be left to your own devices. Melatonin for dogs is available in various different formulas, many of which include different calming agents, too, so picking up a melatonin supplement is not a straightforward process. You will have to consider your pets unique situation and needs before you pick, and it will require a bit of research. There are many features to consider, from form to formula, before you make the purchase: here are some of the most important factors that could influence your decision:

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    Whats The Best Place To Purchase Pet Wellbeing Pet Melatonin For Dogs

    Online shopping is the way of 2022, and if you want to make sure that your purchase will be an excellent one then theres no better place than online. Youll have access to so many more products in different shapes sizes colors flavors brands with unbeatable prices.

    There are so many different options when it comes to choosing a new product, and we truly believe that you should do your research before making such an important purchase. The questions might include:

    • Should I buy a new, used or refurbished pet wellbeing pet melatonin for dogs?
    • Do you really need the high quality pet wellbeing pet melatonin for dogs there is?
    • What are must-have features for pet wellbeing pet melatonin for dogs?
    • Best time to buy a pet wellbeing pet melatonin for dogs?
    • What are the benefits of buying pet wellbeing pet melatonin for dogs?
    • Why is it critical to invest in a good, particularly the best one, in todays market?

    In our opinion, investing in a good, high-quality product will make you feel confident about your purchase. You can tell that the company put effort into making sure it was top-notch and took their time with designing everything from packaging to graphics for marketing purposes because this makes them seem more reliable than competitors who dont invest so much money on these things . Plus having quality materials ensures longevity which is always nice.

    Best With Hemp: Finn Calming Aid Calming Dog Treats

    Your pooch can also be cool and relaxed in stressful scenarios- as long as you find a calming remedy that works. Melatonin-only wont work for all dogs, and sometimes, you need something more in the formula to kick it up a notch. Finn Calming Aid Calming Dog Treats have a unique formula that combines melatonin with various natural ingredients with a proven calming effect, such as organic hemp, organic passionflower, organic valerian root, and organic chamomile. To perfect the formula even more, the list of ingredients includes organic ginger, which will help fight any inflammation and soothe an upset stomach .

    Finn Calming Aid Calming Dog Treats are made in the USA with a cold-pressing technology with premium quality ingredients- no fillers or artificial flavors. Flavored with natural cheese, real bacon, and real beef liver, these calming treats wont have to be snuck in food to mask a weird aroma- considering how tasty pooches find these, you can dole them out as a reward!

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    Ideal For Dogs With Adrenal Disorders Or Dementia

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    What is Pet Melatonin used for?

    Pet Melatonin is a supplement made just for dogs. Animal studies have shown promising results supplementing melatonin to animals for adrenal support. By supporting the adrenals to be balanced, with normal cortisol production, dog owners report normal hair growth, less stress, normal energy levels and normal appetite and urination in their dogs.

    For dogs who experience anxiety for any reason , melatonin is often the key to helping dogs maintain less stress in their day.

    Pet Melatonin can also assist dogs if normal sleep patterns need to be achieved, particularly those who experience sundowning due to dementia.

    • Normal cortisol production by the adrenal glands
    • Normal hair growth
    • Anxiety from separation and less stress
    • Anxiety due to things like loud noises

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