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Supplements For Female Hormone Balance

Magnesium For Good Hormonal Health

The IMPORTANCE of Selenium For Female Hormone Balance

Magnesium, found in greens, nuts, beans and wholegrains, is a bit of a PMS superstar. A 2010 study by researchers at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran found that taking a supplement of 300mg of magnesium can help ease PMS, when itâs taken alongside vitamin B6.

Itâs thought magnesium has a relaxing effect on the muscles which can help soothe symptoms like cramps and breast tenderness.

Unfortunately, itâs very common to have a magnesium deficiency without realising. One reason is that a boozy or stressful lifestyle, strenuous exercise and overdoing it on the caffeine are all linked to reduced absorption of the mineral. Pregnancy, insulin resistance, heavy periods and HRT can also lead to magnesium deficiency.

Absorption of magnesium also depends on other nutrients â if youâre low in B6 or vitamin D, or you take too much vitamin D or calcium, for example, you may be upsetting the delicate balance of magnesium in your body.

The Best Vitamins For Hormonal Imbalance

The good news? You can help your body combat these hormonal imbalances with the right nutrients. Incorporating vitamins, for example, into your daily diet can help support a more balanced bodyhelping you to stave off any of those symptoms you might be experiencing.

Of course, youll want to consult a doctor if you think you have a hormonal imbalance. But supporting your system with these vitamins and nutrients can make a difference in your daily life too.

The Best Supplements To Balance Hormones

#1 Probiotics for Mood and Gut Health

Probiotics can do more than improve your gut health. They also may indirectly enhance your brain, too. Research shows that the gut and brain are connected, a partnership called the gut-brain axis.

Probiotics have become increasingly popular in recent years. You might already eat a lot of probiotic foods, such as yogurt or kimchi, or take a daily probiotic supplement to reap their potential benefits.

Gut bacteria are key players in your mood and mental health. They can relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, but they might also make them worse.

How to Take Probiotics

For best results, take probiotic supplements with meals. When you are selecting a probiotic supplement, choose one with a diverse range of bacteria, a high number of colony-forming units , and also be sure that its either been refrigerated or is guaranteed to be stable at room temperature.

#2 Magnesium for Cramps and Stress Management

When your body does not have enough Magnesium then systemic inflammation occurs. This can result in fatigue, headaches/migraines, aches, and pains.

Magnesium helps keep adrenal stress hormones under control too. This is a big deal, as stress hormones throw everything off whack!

In fact, I find it so helpful for pain management that I also use it as salt in baths and as a spray on my abdomen to reduce cramping.

How to take magnesium

#3 Dong Quai for menstrual cramps and PMS

How to take Dong Quai

#4 Maca for Balancing Hormones

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Work On Your Stress Levels

In women, sex hormones, like progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen, are made in the adrenal glands. These hormones often become depleted during periods of chronic stress, in order for the body to increase cortisol levels .

Additionally, stress affects our hormones further upstream by disrupting the pituitary gland or master gland of the endocrine system. The pituitary gland controls the creation and release of many hormones, and a dysregulation of this system can offset normal hormone production [57

Over time, chronic stress can create symptoms of a hormonal imbalance and potentially lead to an endocrine disorder. Common stressors include:

  • Work, relationship, and personal life issues
  • Blood sugar fluctuations
  • Chronic inflammation

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce your stress levels. Cognitive behavioral therapy and coping-skills training can both reduce stress and symptoms of hormonal disorders . Meditation, yoga, deep-breathing exercises, and other forms of mindfulness are all effective at reducing overall stress levels.

Eating a balanced diet to control blood sugar levels, healing the gut, and lessening your inflammatory burden on the body are all ways in which you can reduce your overall stress load.

How To Make Your Own Natural Hormone Balancing Herbal Infusions

Totally Products Woman

A great way to save money and improve the taste of hormone-balancing herbs is to make your own infusions using dried, loose herbs .

To do so, select 1-2 teaspoons of loose herbs per one cup of water.

To infuse, put herbs in a large glass jar and add 1 cup boiling water per 1-2 teaspoons of loose herbs. Let steep overnight, then strain and either re-heat over stovetop or sip chilled . Feel free to add lemon or honey to enhance the flavor.

To make a quick tea, add herbs to a teapot and bring water to a boil. Let steep for 10-15 minutes, then consume.

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Top Supplements For Hormones Faq:

What supplements are good for hormonal imbalance?Most hormonal imbalances are linked to deficiencies in several key nutrients, so I recommend everyone take Magnesium, B complex vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, and probiotics to make sure your body has the building blocks it needs to work its best. Beyond these, several adaptogens and herbal supplements like DIM, Vitex, Black Cohosh, Maca, Hops, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola are powerful aids to promote happy hormones.

How do you know if you have hormone imbalance?Hormone imbalances is a wide term that can mean a lot of different things. While period issues, severe PMS, migraines, hot flashes, lagging libido, and other similar issues are what most of us recognize as hormone problems, it really goes much further. Lack of energy, brain fog, sleep problems, digestive distress, stubborn weight, and skin issues are also all tied to your hormones.

What are the best supplements for women?Every woman is unique, and theres not a one-size-fits-all pill I can recommend. A couple that I believe EVERY woman needs are Magnesium, B complex vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Probiotics. But if you have specific hormone concerns, DIM, Vitex, Black Cohosh, Maca, Hops, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola can all be helpful aids to get you feeling your best.

What Is The Natural Remedy For Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance is a complex condition.

Not everyone struggles with hormonal issues, but plenty of women experience their share of hormonal ups and downs. Stress problems, depression, anxiety, severe PMS, and menopause symptoms can be the result of hormonal imbalances.

Hormones play a key role in the emotional state of both men and women, but as women, we are more likely to experience extreme and sudden changes in mood as a result of our hormones, mainly due to the monthly cycle and changing levels of progesterone and estrogen.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of tried and true ways to help balance hormones. One such way is by ensuring youre getting all the right hormone-balancing nutrients from your diet. Supplementing with certain vitamins and supplements may help as well. Relief is possible, with the right approach.

Using natural remedies such as vitamins and supplements for hormone balance has many benefits as they are safe and non-toxic and support the body to assist natural healing.

Natural remedies for hormone imbalance start with treating leaky gut, supporting the immune system, and changing your lifestyle. Everything is connected. Treating your body with drugs and hormonal treatments does not have to be your only option.

There are many safe natural treatments for hormone imbalance and simple self-help measures you can use to help with your symptoms. As well as diet changes, there are also many supplements to balance hormones that can help with specific symptoms.

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Sports Research Vitamin D3 + K2

Sports Research Vitamin D3 + K2 has the perfect combination of vitamins that not only promotes hormonal balance but also supports cardiovascular and bone health.

The vitamin D in this supplement is in the form of D3, which is the most effective form of vitamin D. The K2 in this supplement helps to direct calcium to the bones where it is needed.

This supplement is non-GMO, vegan certified, soy-free, and gluten-free.

What Do We Know About Over 30 Hormone Support

PCOS Supplements: What I use to balance hormones

We know that Over 30 Hormone Support can help with a variety of symptoms. And we know that it is made from quality ingredients.

In addition, the company has been around for many years and offers 60 days money-back guarantee to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Its also important to note that this supplement does not contain soy, dairy, gluten, GMOs, artificial colors, or flavors. It may be a good choice for those who are sensitive to these allergens as well as those suffering from hormonal imbalance.

What Are the Side Effects of Over 30 Hormone Support?

When taken as directed and following all label instructions, Over 30 Hormone Support should not cause any side effects.

If you are pregnant or nursing, this product should not be used without the advice of a doctor. It is also important to note that if you are taking any medications, Over 30 Hormone Support might interfere with their effectiveness. If you are uncertain about whether you should take this supplement or not, always speak to your healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen.

Are There Any Customer Reviews for Over 30 Hormone Support?

There are many positive reviews from customers on its official website stating that they have noticed good results after taking Over 30 Hormone Support.

One customer commented that she has been taking this supplement for two months and it has helped with her symptoms of PMS.

What Is The Dosage Instructions?

What Is The Cost? Where To Buy?


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The Quest For Hormonal Balance

It may seem like its rare to find a woman today that has zero complaints about all things hormone balance-related.

Thats because a combination of stressful schedules, long to-do lists, less-than-ideal diets and other factors make hormonal balance a popular topic.

Here are some of the main culprits that are believed to directly affect womens hormonal balance:

  • Ongoing stress, which can be caused by many factors such as work, being too busy, relationships/family issues, finances, etc.

  • A poor diet, which can negatively impact gut health and lead to low nutrient intake

  • Sleep deprivation

  • High alcohol consumption

How To Take Hormone Balance Supplements

Learning that your hormones are out of balance can be worrying, especially if youre concerned about long-term health issues like diabetes, but you can regain your equilibrium with a little help. One simple way to bring them back under control is with supplements, but even with the best hormone balance supplements, there are certain tips you should consider to make the most of them.

The active ingredients in these supplements vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the hormone they are meant to regulate, as do the recommended instructions. As such, there arent many hard and fast rules on taking hormone balance supplements, but here are a few tips that should help you get the most out of your chosen supplements that promote hormone balance:

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Different Types Of Hormone Imbalances

Before we go straight to the supplements for hormone imbalance, lets first find out about the different hormonal imbalances that can occur in the body. Here are the possible hormone imbalances:

Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal gland in response to stress. Cortisol helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and metabolism. It also plays a role in immune function and inflammatory responses.

An imbalance in cortisol levels can lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and weight gain.

The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck that produces thyroid hormones and is part of the endocrine system. These hormones regulate many processes in the body such as growth, development, metabolism, and body temperature.

An imbalance in thyroid hormone levels can lead to conditions such as fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, and depression.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone that is produced by the ovaries. It plays a role in regulating the menstrual cycle and fertility.

An imbalance in estrogen levels can lead to conditions such as PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, and hot flashes.

Progesterone is a female sex hormone that is produced by the ovaries. It plays a role in regulating the menstrual cycle and fertility.

An imbalance in progesterone levels can lead to conditions such as PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, and infertility.

Can They Interact With My Other Meds

Envy Nutrition Estrogen Balance

Many herbal supplements can cause adverse reactions to conventional medicine, so you should always ask your doctor before starting a new supplement regime. For example, even something as common as cranberry can exacerbate the effects of blood-thinning drugs, potentially causing bruising and excess bleeding.

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Why Is Hormonal Balance Important

Hormone levels are regulated by your endocrine system, made up of several glands including the adrenal glands that release cortisol, one of the body’s primary stress hormones. When there’s hormonal balance, your body thrives. When there’s a hormone imbalance, on the other hand, everything can go haywireas those of us who have ever felt “hormonal” can attest.

Hormonal health is also influenced by external factors such as daily habits , stress management and underlying health-related factors.

Magnesium And B Vitamins

Magnesium is one of those minerals that can have a huge impact on your overall well-being. For example, magnesium deficiency has been linked to high anxiety levels, and we all know that stress wreaks havoc on the human body in myriad ways. Throwing a womans hormonal health off-balance is one of those ways, so taking magnesium supplements to reduce stress can have a notably positive effect on a womans body. Eating magnesium-rich foods like dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, and legumes are a great natural way to improve magnesium levels as well.

Many magnesium-rich foods are also excellent sources of B vitamins, such as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 . The thyroid gland is responsible for a wide variety of bodily functions, as thyroid hormones help maintain your bodys metabolic rate, heart function, digestive health, and more.

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Best Hormone Balance Supplements

Hormonal issues can affect people, so if you have symptoms of a hormonal imbalance or arent feeling yourself, you could benefit from taking vitamins for hormonal imbalance. Whether youre suffering from fatigue, mood swings or reproductive issues , you dont have to accept these issues as a fact of life.

Best hormone balance supplements can be made from natural herbs and spices or chemical extracts, and while each one has different benefits, theres sure to be at least one product that can help your specific imbalance in our picks for the best hormone balance supplements:

Vitamin D Is The Same As Both D2 And D3

Vitamins for Hormone Balance and Immunity

If youve walked through your local drug stores vitamin aisle, you might have noticed a few different types of Vitamin D, such as D2 and D3. Does it matter what version of Vitamin D you take? Not really. Studies show the efficacy of all Vitamin D types as a dietary supplement beneficial to health.

Whats the Real Difference Between D, D2, and D3?

If theyre all the same and all equally as effective, then why are there different types of Vitamin D in the first place? Well, while theyre all mostly the same, both D2 and D3 are derived from different sources D2 comes from plants, while D3 comes from cholesterol in the body.

However, both D2 and D3 must go through the same conversion process to become the active form of Vitamin D that can be used by the body, so, in the end, it doesnt matter which form you take because its all going to the same place and doing the same thing.

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Vitamin B6 Can Help With Pms

One of the best vitamins for hormone balance is vitamin B6. Its particularly useful when youre trying to address estrogen-related issues such as PMS and PCOS.

Studies show that taking a consistent supplementation of vitamin B6 can help with mood swings, irritability, cramps, fatigue, and depression that accompany PMS in women.

Moon Balance Mix Your Super

Your Super creates superfood and plant-based protein mixes that improve your physical and mental health. Theyre big believers in transparency, meaning you know what youre putting into your system before you buy it.

Moon Balance is a latte powder that helps balance your hormones and assists in combating the challenges that come with PMS.

Youll soon notice an improvement in getting a better nights rest, less frequent night sweats, and clearing brain fog.

Whether youre having a morning latte or afternoon smoothie, Moon Balance helps balance hormones and can be enjoyed in many ways and should be used once per day.


Your Supers mission is to improve health and hormonal imbalances by incorporating super plants into all their products. The Moon Balance Mix stays true to this claim.

The ingredients in this mix for the hormone imbalance supplement include Baobab, maca, hibiscus, amla berry, beetroot, and Shatavari powder.

The Ghanaian baobab in the Moon Balance Mix helps balance hormones and is rich in nutrients and vitamins that play a key role in promoting hormone balance and keeping your mood stable. Egyptian hibiscus has the same effects with the inclusion of reducing PMS pain.

Peruvian maca along with the Indian Shatavari are adaptogen superfoods that increase your energy levels throughout the day.

The Moon Balance Mix helps balance hormones and is a plant-based, gluten-free product making it a healthy, organic option.



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Best Supplements For Hormone Balance

Women can often tell when they have a hormonal imbalanceit feels like something is just off. Hormone fluctuations affect almost every aspect of a womans life, from physical to mental health. Its widespread too. Statistics show that 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalance.Despite it being an unwritten part of the female experience, a hormonal imbalance goes undiagnosed most of the time. But when it starts to cause health issues, you cant ignore it anymore.

Luckily, balancing your hormones is easier than you think. With the right foods, vitamins, and female hormone balance supplements, you can get your health back on track. So read on, and well tell you the steps you can take to fix a hormonal imbalance. Plus, weve rounded up the best foods and the best supplements for hormone balance.

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