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Supplements To Manage Cortisol Levels

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How To Choose Your Supplements To Reduce Cortisol Level

If you want to purchase supplements to reduce cortisol level, follow a buying guide. Some features need to tick your supplements to reduce cortisol level before buying. Lets take a look at them:

  • Quality: The quality of the product should be good. It should be durable, and it should have the life of more than 1 year. The best way to check the quality is by reviewing other customers who have used the product.
  • Price: The price is an important factor while buying any product online or offline. You need to calculate how much money you are willing to spend on this product and then compare it with other sellers who are offering similar products at different prices. If there is too much difference between the prices, then go for higher priced ones as they might be better in quality and durability than lower priced ones which are available in plenty on the market today!
  • Features: Make sure that all features of your desired product are present in that particular model before purchasing it from any website or store! You can also read reviews about each feature from other customers who have used these features and then decide if these features are useful for your needs or not!

Prebiotics And Probiotics For A Healthy Gut And Reduced Stress

Keeping your gut healthy pays dividends to all areas of health. However, it is particularly important when it comes to controlling cortisol levels and reducing stress. Both prebiotics and probiotics can be consumed dietarily or, ideally to ensure adequate intake, in supplement form.

The job of prebiotics and probiotics is to keep your good gut bacteria thriving and multiplying. Studies have shown time and again that a healthy gut is associated with suppressed stress response and the circulation of more desirable levels of cortisol throughout the body. Prebiotics can be found in high-fibre foods including a number of fruits and vegetables. Some of the best dietary sources of prebiotics include apples, pears, bananas, garlic, oats, onion, tomato and wheat. Chocolate is also a potent source of prebiotic goodness, as well as a whole load of other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Probiotics are most commonly found in fermented foods and beverages such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha. Miso is also a great source of probiotics.

Other dietary hacks for lowering cortisol levels include ramping up your water intake – dehydration is one of the leading causes of elevated cortisol in the bloodstream – and upping your consumption of both black and green tea. Both of these types of tea are high in antioxidants, and have been shown to be more effective than other caffeinated beverages for reducing stress levels and decreasing the likelihood of suffering adrenal fatigue.

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How To Reduce Cortisol With Medication:

Natural ways of reducing cortisol provide a safer alternative to cortisol reduction. But, sometimes, no amount of diet or exercise helps, as is the case with Cushing syndrome, which occurs when your body is subjected to high levels of cortisol for a prolonged length of time.

In instances where natural methods dont help, your doctor may recommend medication to lower cortisol.

Tip:Always check with your physician to see what medications, if any, they recommend for cortisol reduction.

Some of the more common medication recommended to treat high levels of cortisol, according to, include Neuromodulatory Agents, Steroidogenesis Inhibitors, and Cortisol Receptor Antagonists.

  • Neuromodulatory Agents

Medications such as octreotide, bromocriptine, and cyproheptadine modulate the release of adrenocorticotropic hormone, or ACTH, from the pituitary gland. While these drugs achieve their intended results in different ways, studies have suggested that they effectively reduce cortisol production.

  • Steroidogenesis Inhibitors

A steroidgenesis inhibitor reduces the production of cortisol by slowing down one or more of the enzymatic steps involved in the cortisol production process. Some of the more common medications used for this include mitotane, cytadren, and ketoconazole, which inhibit cortisol production in different ways.

  • Cortisol Receptor Antagonists

What Is Cortisol How Is It Related To Chronic Stress

Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager cortisol level support formula

Cortisol is the bodys primary stress hormone. It is produced by the adrenal glands, then released when the body is dealing with stressful situations or imminent danger .

It is important to keep stress levels under control because the prolonged presence of psychological stressors can lead to an overproduction of cortisol. While the body needs cortisol to manage stress, too much cortisol can lead to a chronic stress response. This can impact various organ systems in the body and have negative effects on the immune system, digestive system, mental status, metabolism, and overall health.

Studies have shown that moderate to high levels of cortisol can increase the risk of chronic disease, including heart disease and diabetes. It can also lead to weight gain and obesity, interfere with sleep, cause brain fog, and impaired immune responses against infection.

Besides external stressors, a rare but serious disease called Cushings syndrome can result in very high cortisol levels in the body.

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Ashwagandha By Pure Encapsulations

  • One of the most reputable supplement manufacturers on the market with 3rd party testing and GMP audited facilities to back it!
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Ashwagandha is one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs that has been shown to lower cortisol. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, in particular for anxiety.

Research on ashwagandha has shown significant reductions in cortisol levels and a significant reduction in self-reported stress and anxiety symptoms by bringing the body into hormonal and neurotransmitter homeostasis.

In a study with chronically stress individuals, participants were given 300 mg of high-concentration full-spectrum Ashwagandha root which showed significant reductions in serum cortisol compared to those who did not receive ashwagandha.

Pure Encapsulations is one of the makes one of the most respected supplement manufacturers on the market which is why we recommend their Ashwagandha 500 mg for those looking for a stand-alone ashwagandha product.

Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha 500 mg is , but a better option is to purchase on Wellevate., which is nearly $9 cheaper when you use our affiliate link to create your Wellevate account.

Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol

One mug of coffee has the potential of increasing your cortisol levels by thirty percent in a one hour period! Furthermore, it keeps up this effect for eighteen hours. This is why coffee is the favorite of so many writers it keeps them awake and functioning.

As to alcohol, research showed a high correlation in men and women with regards to alcohol intake and higher cortisol levels in the body. The chronic intake of alcohol stimulates the HPA axis and results in overproduction of cortisol.

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Watch Your Sugar Intake

Eating too much sugar is one of the most common triggers of out-of-control cortisol. Eating high-glycemic-index foods causes a rapid spike in blood sugar, and eventually a quick spike in cortisol, explains Greuner. After your blood sugar spikes and insulin shuttles that blood sugar to our cells, our blood sugar crashes. This signals cortisol to step in and release stored sugar into our blood stream to energize us.

Not to mention, the inflammatory refined carbs and sugars found in processed foods are stressful for the body to break down, says DeVille. So, fast food and anything bagged, boxed, canned, or prepackaged can further affect cortisol.

Supplements To Reduce Cortisol: Take The Next Step

5 Foods That Naturally Decrease Cortisol, the Stress Hormone

Excess production of the stress hormone cortisol can be very damaging to your brain health and mental wellness.

While theres an abundance of supplements that claim to decrease cortisol, most rely on animal studies or clinical trials using well-trained athletes to support these claims.

Only a handful of supplements have been shown to reduce cortisol in typical humans under normal circumstances.

Cortisol-lowering supplements are a diverse group that includes traditional herbs, certain fats, compounds found in specific foods, and some core nutrients.

Recommended: Upgrading brain health is key to making your brain work better.

Mind Lab Pro is the brain supplement we recommend because, by boosting your brain health, it can help you:

  • Improve your mental clarity and focus.
  • Boost your memory and your ability to learn.
  • Increase your capacity to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions.

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What Vitamins Help Balance Cortisol

While it is important to eat a balanced diet with many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, there are some particular vitamins in foods that reduce cortisol. Namely, B vitamins help to manage cortisol levels. According to a December 2016 review in the journal European Food Research and Technology, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 help to bolster the activity of the GABAergic system.

This is significant because GABA is a chemical compound that affects the hormonal control of cortisol. Additionally, vitamins B1 and B2 were found to help keep cortisol levels low during times of stress in athletes, and they also aided in reducing muscle pain and aiding the recovery process, which are normally hampered by elevated cortisol levels.

The Office on Women’s Health says that B vitamins help reduce feelings of stress due to their ability to regulate nerves and brain cells. They suggest consuming foods that reduce cortisol, that are rich in B vitamins, such as dark green leafy vegetables, avocados, fish, bananas and chicken.

Vitamin C has been examined as a potential aid in balancing cortisol levels for many years. However, the European Food Research and Technology review of the current research suggests that vitamin C is mainly useful to buffer sudden psychological stress-induced cortisol increases, but not overall concentration levels of cortisol. In this case, 3,000 mg of vitamin C per day was the dosage taken.

Phosphaditylserine To Reduce Cortisol

In simple words, phosphatidylserine is a type of fat that can be found in every cell membrane of the human body. It also contains the mineral phosphorus. Several human studies have found out that phosphatidylserine improves cognitive function, attention and memory. Plus, PS is one of the top supplements for reducing cortisol, fatigue, ADHD symptoms and cognitive decline.

Phosphatidylserine has countless human results, along with an FDA-approved health claim regarding its ability to reverse neurodegenerative disease in humans. This is due to its naturally potent action on nourishing the brains neurotransmitters, hormonal health and mental health. You can’t go wrong with taking phosphatidylserine to reduce cortisol levels. This is at the top of the list for a reason, which is why we added it to our natural cortisol-lowering supplement, Cortigon.

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Easy Ways To Manage Cortisol Levels Naturally

Stress. It just seems like an inevitable byproduct of everyday life. Or as its referred to today adulting. Yes, adulting can be tough. However, we cant let it get the best of us. Once we succumb to stress, we open the doors for this state of mind to become chronic.

We dont need to live our lives subservient to stress. There are many methods to combat this nuisance naturally. In fact, here are eight easy ways to manage your cortisol levels.

Pros Vs Cons Of Cortisync

Cortisol Manager

PrimeGENIX CortiSync made the top of the list for a reason. Taking a close look at the advantages, the effective results, and the endless positive reviews make this a top product.



  • More expensive than other supplements on the list

Unfortunately, CortiSync does come at a higher cost than most of the supplements on the list today. This is due to the high-quality ingredients and 67-day warranty that they offer on the product.

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How To Reduce Cortisol Naturally

Dr. Lin stresses that a big-picture approach is key to maintaining healthy cortisol levels and feeling less stressed. These go-to strategies are good for the body and the mind.


Exercise benefits health from head to toe. So its no surprise that it helps with stress relief, too, possibly by reducing cortisol levels. Studies show, for instance, that exercise can bring down cortisol levels in the elderly and in people with major depressive disorder.


Almost nothing beats a good nights sleep. When youre not sleeping well, you tend to be more anxious, irritable and stressed, Dr. Lin says. Like exercise, sleep is important for health in all sorts of ways including managing stress and keeping cortisol in check.

Sleep deprivation may increase cortisol levels. The increased cortisol can impair memory, contribute to weight gain and even accelerate the aging process. In other words: Dont skimp on shut-eye.


Spending time in the great outdoors is a great way to lower cortisol and calm your brain. The practice of forest bathing essentially, hanging out in the woods and breathing the forest air can reduce cortisol levels and lower stress.

Mind-body practices

When it comes to de-stressing, cortisol is just one piece of the puzzle, Dr. Lin adds. No one food or pill can deliver you to blissful calm. But healthy choices can set your body up for low-stress success.

Foods That Contain Serotonin Can Lower Cortisol

Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter responsible for many functions such as digestion, mood regulation and sleep.

Having adequate serotonin can certainly contribute to being less irritable, maintain mood stability and prevent poor quality sleep all of which can worsen with excess cortisol.

In addition, having enough serotonin can make you more resilient and tolerant of stressors in your life. In other words, it can help you avoid feeling like your molehills are mountains.

Which foods contain serotonin?

Dietary sources of serotonin include many fruit: kiwi, papaya, plums, pineapple, plantain and bananas.

Additional sources are foods such as wild rice, green onion, spinach, Napa cabbage, lettuce, potatoes and hazelnuts.

Simple meal ideas that contain serotonin to reduce stress:
  • Spring roll stir fry with Napa cabbage
  • Wild rice and chicken soup

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What Imbalanced Levels Of Cortisol Can Do

Too much or too little cortisol can cause noticeable difficulties in your daily life. The imbalance of cortisol levels is often due to regulation problems by the hypothalamus, pituitary glands, or adrenal glands.

Weight gain, wide stretch marks on the stomach, muscle weakness in the arms and thighs, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, excessive hair growth, and weak bones are the common symptoms of high cortisol levels.

Fatigue, unnecessary weight loss, poor appetite, and low blood pressure are the common symptoms of low cortisol levels.

Definitely speak with your health care provider if you suspect high or low cortisol levels, and stop reading articles on the internet about it. If youre in a rabbit hole, this is your invitation to leave. Often the solution may be as simple as a bit of lifestyle change, a daily supplement, or other medications.

Which Herbal Supplements Are Best For Lowering Cortisol

Cortisol: How to Balance for Fat Loss | Health Hacks- Thomas DeLauer

Cortisol is a stress hormone made by the adrenal glands, regulating several processes throughout the body such as metabolism and immune response. Cortisol is responsible for several body functions including the ability to lower inflammation and increase glucose. It serves as a balancing mechanism between salt and water, and can regulate blood pressure as well.

Along with your brain, cortisol controls mood, motivation and fear. Cortisol is a stress hormone and can be likened to an alarm system within your body. So when you experience the fight or flight feeling, you can attribute this to your increased cortisol level.

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Magnolia And Phellodendron Bark:

There are about 200 different types of magnolia trees in the world.

Magnolia Officinalis is usually referred to as the houpo magnolia or simply magnolia bark. The houpo magnolia plant is found in China, where it is often used as a supplement in traditional Chinese medication along with Phellodendron.

Though these barks are commonly used in traditional Chinese medications, you might be curious about what the latest study says about the tree bark.

In a trial of 40 women aged 20 to 50, consuming 250 mg extracts of magnolia and Phellodendron bark three times a day relieved them of short-term and transitory anxiety better than taking a placebo .

I’ve Read That Unfit People Tend To Release More Cortisol Than The Fit True And If So Why

The enzyme that converts an inactive form of cortisol into the active form is found in fat cells. So the obese tend to produce more cortisol. Whether this perpetuates the obesity is still a matter of debate among scientists.

But there are experimental drugs that inhibit the enzyme that converts inactive cortisone into the active form, and these drugs have shown beneficial effects against obesity in preliminary animal studies. Also, those who are fit are able to handle any type of stress more effectively than those who aren’t fit.

As a result, fit people produce less cortisol even under stressful conditions.

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How To Lower Cortisol Levels Its More Than Reducing Stress

Contrary to popular misconception, learning how to lower cortisol levels isnât solely about naturopathic remedies. For example, supplements like ashwagandha, prebiotics, probiotics, and magnesium are revered for their cortisol-regulating properties. While these substances may or may not work, your goal shouldnât be to keep your cortisol load low all the time.

The thing is, your body requires high cortisol concentrations at the right times and low cortisol levels at other times . This keeps yourself in circadian alignment such that you feel and function at your best.

Ahead, we explain how a healthy cortisol rhythm works so you have a better idea of when and how to lower your cortisol levels when you need to. Itâs all about making this hormone work for you instead of against you.

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