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Symptoms Of Low Estrogen Men

What Causes Low Estrogen

Male Hormone Imbalance – Low Testosterone Symptoms and Treatment in San Diego

Our amazing ovaries are responsible for producing most of our estrogen during our fertile years. So anything that affects the health of your ovaries can lead to reduced estrogen.

There are a number of things that could be the root cause of your low estrogen. The great news is that most of these are caused by lifestyle choices which means you can take control of them!

Causes of low estrogen include:

  • Over exercising
  • Low fat or vegetarian diets
  • Thyroid disorders or dysfunction
  • Genetic defects, toxin exposure or autoimmune diseases that cause your ovaries to fail
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • A congenital condition called Turner syndrome
  • Perimenopause or an age related decline
  • Problems with your pituitary gland which produces FSH and LH
  • Premature ovarian insufficiency

What Are The Symptoms Of High Estrogen In Men

What are the symptoms of high estrogen in men? According to Dr. Bernstein “erectile dysfunction, weight gain, decrease in libido or sexual drive, enlargement of the breast tissue, depression, loss of energy or feeling tired and decrease in muscle mass” are some of the symptoms you could expect if you live with high estrogen.

High estrogen in men may cause:

Signs Of Low Estrogen In Men That Arent Obvious

We understand that, as men, we need to have a lot of testosterone. Its necessary for muscle growth and for keeping our performance up in the bedroom. Needless to say, its a pretty important hormone.

But many people dont know that men also need estrogen to maintain various functions of their bodies. The primary female sex hormone actually plays a big role in the mans body.

Low estrogen can actually be a pretty big problem for your body, so today, were going to take a look at low estrogen and learn how to identify it so that we can get ahead of it and stay away from low E.

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The Importance Of Monitoring And Controlling Your Hormone Levels

Everything weve discussed so far leads to this conclusion:

As we begin to raise one level through hormonal replacement therapy, its really important to carefully monitor the therapys effect on your other hormones.

Thats why frequent screening is part of our therapy process at Testosterone Centers of Texas.

Most often, a medication named Arimidex , an estrogen blocker, is the treatment of choice to help reduce and control estradiol levels. This medication, when used and monitored appropriately, is safe, inexpensive, and very effective.

Once-per-week dosing is typically enough to reduce elevated levels back into the normal range.

Special care should be taken to monitor for side effects of persistent estradiol elevation and flushing, which may occur with the use of Arimidex.

Talk to a TRT expert and get back to feeling the way you’re supposed to.Now serving patients in all Texas cities.

Do Estrogen Levels Fall At Menopause

Low Testosterone and Its Effects On The Human Male

Yes. Estrogen levels fall at menopause. This is a natural transition for all women between ages 40 and 55. The decline in estrogen can happen abruptly in younger women whose ovaries are removed, resulting in so-called surgical menopause.

Perimenopause is the period of transition before menopause. The first natural decline in estrogen levels starts during this phase. Other physiological changes also start. Women going through perimenopause may experience weight gain along with other menopause symptoms. For instance, there may be irregular menstrual periods, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness.

On average, menopause occurs at age 51. When it does, a woman’s body produces less estrogen and progesterone. The drop of estrogen levels at menopause can cause uncomfortable symptoms, including:

Some women experience moodiness. That may or may not be related to the loss of estrogen. Lower levels of estrogen may also increase a woman’s risk for heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and fractures.

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How Can I Maintain Healthy Estrogen Levels

You cant always prevent the conditions associated with hormone imbalances. Still, you can put good practices into place to help maintain your overall health.

  • Get enough sleep. Getting adequate, uninterrupted sleep each night helps your body maintain the healthy hormone levels needed to carry out important functions.
  • Manage your stress. High stress can cause your body to produce too much of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Excess stress hormones can cause a hormone imbalance that negatively impacts your estrogen levels.
  • Get the right amount of exercise. A healthy amount of exercise can help you regulate how much you eat and how much body fat you have. It can help you sleep better, too.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol can raise your estrogen levels. Over time, too much exposure to estrogen may raise your cancer risk.
  • Practice good eating habits. Monitor your food intake to help balance your hormones. Reducing foods with sugar and eating foods high in fiber and healthy fats can help with hormone balance.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

How Do You Fix High Estrogen

Its important to keep in mind that everyones hormone levels are unique and there are a number of factors that can play a role in a persons hormonal health. With that said, there are some lifestyle changes that may potentially help in lowering estrogen levels, these include:

  • Incorporate magnesium and B vitamins into your diet
  • Try adding fresh and organic foods to your everyday diet whenever possible
  • Get the right amount of sleep

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What Happens If A Man Has Too Much Estrogen

Too much estrogen in men can lead to erectile dysfunction, weight gain, decrease in libido, enlargement of the breast tissue, depression, loss of energy and decrease in muscle mass. Reference

Normal Estrogen levels in men should be 10 and 40 pg/ml. For men over 35 years old, it is important to keep these pg/ml lower end but not below 10.

Eat For Hormonal Health

5 Signs Your Testosterone is Low (Men)

A healthy diet can speed healing, no matter what ails you. You can eat certain foods to support hormonal health. Always eat as many whole foods as you possibly can and avoid the processed and sugary ones. Organic veggies and fruits, lots of water and herbal teas, and fibrous foods like apples, pears, berries, avocados, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds are all beneficial for your body.

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Should I Be Worried About High Estrogen

This depends on whether youre experiencing symptoms.

If testosterone level is three times the expected normal and their estrogen level is also above normal, I wont recommend any therapy as long as theyre asymptomatic, says Herati. The high level doesnt always necessitate treatment.

Thats great news, because your levels of estrogen and testosterone can vary throughout your life as you age and experience weight changes or illnesses.

According to the Endocrine Society, the average male has 10 to 40 picograms of estradiol per milliliter of blood. In comparison, a male has roughly 300 to 1,200 nanograms of testosterone per deciliter of blood. Its OK if your levels are different from these, as long as this ratio is preserved.

Symptoms Of Low Estrogen And How To Treat It

Estrogen is the primary hormone that sets women apart from men. While men have it in small amounts, women have far more. To stay healthy and feeling good, its important to have adequate amounts of estrogen. When were low in this particular hormone, a host of irritating symptoms typically occurs. Lets take a look at 10 symptoms of low estrogen and what we can do to treat it.

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Low Estrogen Explains Some Hypogonadal Symptoms In Men

Testosterone deficiency in men accounts for decreases in lean mass, muscle size, and strength, whereas estrogen deficiency primarily accounts for increases in body fat, according to a new study. Deficiency of both hormones contributes to a decrease in sexual function.

Our findings support changes in the approach to evaluation and management of hypogonadism in men, investigators concluded in the New England Journal of Medicine .

Joel S. Finkelstein, MD, and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, studied 198 healthy men aged 20-50 years who were given goserelin acetate to suppress endogenous testosterone and estradiol . They randomized subjects to receive a placebo gel or 1.25, 2.5, 5, or 10 grams of testosterone gel daily for 16 weeks. Another 202 healthy men received goserelin acetate, placebo gel or testosterone gel, and anastrozole .

More than 80% of circulating estradiol in men is derived from the conversion of testosterone, the investigators noted, so decreases in serum testosterone levels are accompanied by a decline in serum estradiol levels. Nevertheless, the consequences of male hypogonadism are routinely attributed solely to androgen deficiency the potential role of the concomitant decline in estrogens is typically ignored, they observed.

What Happens When Estrogen Levels Are Consistently Low

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Low estrogen is often a tell-tale sign that youre approaching menopause. Low estrogen may also signify a fertility problem, a nutritional deficiency, a condition like Turner syndrome, etc.

Symptoms may include:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Irregular periods or no periods.
  • Headaches, trouble concentrating.
  • Mood changes, irritability and depression.
  • Vaginal dryness, leading to painful intercourse .

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What Does Estrogen Do

Before we discuss identifying low estrogen levels, we first have to understand what estrogen does for the male body. The amount of functions it has is actually pretty surprising.

The primary form of estrogen in men is called estradiol. Its created as a byproduct of the process of breaking down testosterone, so estradiol and testosterone levels are closely related.

Look For These Signs And Symptoms Which Are Common During Menopause:

  • Tired all the time or mid-day slumps. Lack of energy can be related to both low estrogen and low testosterone levels.

  • Mood swings. If you ever had premenstrual mood swings, these were caused by a drop in the estrogen level which happens prior to menstruation. During menopause, estrogen is chronically low. Mood swings can also be aggravated by low testosterone levels.

  • Brain fog. This is another symptom that is related to both low estrogen and low testosterone levels.

  • Hot flashes. This feeling of intense heat involving the face, neck and upper body, lasting for several minutes is related to low estrogen level. Hot flashes can strike several times throughout the day.

  • Vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is related to a low estrogen level and can cause pain with intercourse.
  • Low sex drive. Low libido is related to a low testosterone level. There are few treatment options available for women.

  • Loss in muscle strength. It’s more difficult to gain muscle and strength during menopause. These changes are due to a low testosterone level.
  • Night sweats. Night sweats are “the hot flashes of nighttime” and related to a low testosterone level.

  • The good thing is all of these symptoms are treatable by balancing your hormones.

    For more on how to balance your hormones, schedule a consult by calling 470-336-9616.

    I’ve helped hundreds of women balance their hormones naturally.

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    Estrogen In Men: Functionality & Importance

    As mentioned above, both the genders create estrogen. However, females possess elevated estrogen levels than males.

    The ovaries, adrenal glands, testes, and fat cells produce estrogen, and it is essential for female adolescence and menstrual cycle management. Additionally, estrogen in men is vital for the male reproductive system.

    There are three different estrogen types:

    • estradiol, the primary type of estrogen
    • Estriol, a kind of estrogen often generated during pregnancy
    • estrone, found in more significant amounts in postmenopausal women.

    Using aromatase, the body can transforms testosterone into estradiol. Also Estradiol serves the following functions in the male body:

    • Controlling sexual desire

    However, males with insufficient aromatase activity to produce estrogen may experience:

    • unusual bone formation
    • fertility issues
    • metabolic syndromes

    Estrogen serves other roles inside the human body, and it may aid in cholesterol management and bones and cardiovascular health maintenance. Additionally, it also impacts emotions, skin, and other bodily tissues.

    Testosterone is the essential hormone for the development and function of male sexuality. However, estrogen and testosterone must coexist in a state of equilibrium.

    As men grow, testosterone levels fall while estrogen levels climbs. Yet, this is of little concern unless your estrogen levels become highly elevated. So this may be a potential risk for diabetes or any form of cancer.

    When To See A Doctor

    Symptoms of Low Testosterone

    If you notice signs and symptoms of low estrogen, you should contact your doctor to discuss whats happening. You can discuss with your doctor if there are blood tests recommended to check your overall health. Make sure you are up to date on your Pap smear test, which checks for cervical cancer.

    • Youve missed a period or more: This could be a sign of pregnancy or the result of certain medications, an underlying illness, or perimenopause.
    • Youve not had a period for a year and start bleeding or spotting: In women who have gone through menopause, spotting or light bleeding could be caused by endometrial cancer or other serious health problems.
    • You are 16 or older and have not started menstruating: This could be a sign of delayed puberty due to hormonal imbalance.
    • You think you may have an eating disorder: Eating disorders can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. They can cause deficiencies that can compromise estrogen production.
    • You are feeling overwhelming sadness or having suicidal thoughts: Reach out to a mental health professional to get the help and support you deserve, and talk to your doctor about possible treatment options.

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    Difficulty Achieving And Maintaining An Erection

    Testosterone aids in achieving and maintaining an erection. It tells brain receptors to produce nitric oxide, which is a molecule that helps trigger a series of chemical reactions necessary for an erection to occur.

    When testosterone levels are too low, you may have difficulty achieving an erection before sex or having spontaneous erections, such as during sleep.

    However, research is inconclusive on whether testosterone replacement therapy can successfully treat erectile dysfunction. In a 2016 review of studies that looked at the benefit of testosterone in men with erection difficulties, showed no improvement with testosterone treatment.

    Other health conditions can often cause erectile difficulties. These include:

    Treatment Solutions For High Estrogen

    Higher levels of estrogen create far-reaching issues for all men and can be severe in many ways. Medication is often a popular solution for those with higher estrogen levels. Aromatase inhibitors are a possible treatment option to consider. Inhibitors are supposed to stop the Androgen hormones from turning into estrogen, but the results vary considerably. You might need to talk to your doctor about this as some doctors wont initially recommend this treatment. Inhibitors can also be found in many natural forms, such as grapeseed extract.

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    Testing Your Hormone Levels

    If you think that low estrogen might be an issue for you, make an appointment with your doctor as she will be able to order the relevant lab work to confirm your hormone levels.

    If you dont have access to a great doctor or prefer to test without involving a GP, you can order a Female Hormone Check online.

    I recommend is iScreen Australia and iScreen NZ, as their process is very simple, your results are interpreted by a qualified medical professional and they help you understand the next steps based on your results. Their customer service is also fantastic which I think is extremely important.

    If you’d like help to determine your estrogen levels and personal information about how to correct hormonal imbalances,

    What Questions Should I Ask My Provider

    Testogen Review: Real Experience, not just words.
    • How will I know that I need an estrogen test?
    • Are my low estrogen levels a sign of a condition?
    • What lifestyle changes can I put into place to manage low estrogen symptoms?
    • Do I need to increase my estrogen levels to manage my symptoms?
    • Would you recommend hormone replacement therapy for me? What are the risks?
    • What foods, vitamins or supplements would you recommend to prevent or treat hormone imbalances?

    A note from Cleveland Clinic

    Many people shrug off the symptoms associated with low estrogen as an unpleasant part of getting older. But you should address symptoms that interfere with your quality of life. If youre noticing bothersome signs of low estrogen, see your provider and discuss the hormonal and non-hormonal ways to manage your symptoms.

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    How Will A Doctor Help Manage The Risks Of Unbalanced Estrogen

    According to Herati, its important to consult a doctor if you think you have unbalanced estrogen levels and not to take action on your own.

    The safest approach is to do everything with the clinician, he says. Self-diagnosis and self-medication can be very dangerous.

    According to Herati, often, when someone thinks theyre experiencing low estrogen, theyre actually experiencing another condition. Symptoms like weight gain or changes in sexual performance can result from many factors other than your estrogen levels.

    Increased Fat Relative To Muscle

    A loss of lean muscle tissue and an increase in fat tissue also typically occurs with advancing age, as well as with metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Fat tissue contains aromatase and thus converts testosterone to estrogen. Fat also serves as a reservoir for storing estradiol. Both these factors lead to increased estrogen levels in men.

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    Simple Dietary And Lifestyle Changes May Help Lower Estrogen Levels

    If you have higher estrogen levels, you might be able to lower these levels by making minor changes to your diet. If you want to handle your estrogen levels, you may want to opt for a high-fiber, low-fat diet. Fortunately, there are lots of food options to add to your everyday diet. Those include the following:

    • Green Tea: This contains polyphenol and may help lower your estrogen levels.
    • Flaxseed and Sesame Seeds: Seeds contain natural fats. They are rich in polyphenol, a micro-nutrient, and can be a helpful tool to combat high estrogen levels.
    • Rice and Oats: These are excellent sources of natural fats and can be helpful to add to your everyday diet. Although, its important not to go overboard with natural fats either. Balance is crucial.
    • Broccoli, Kale, and Vegetables: Vegetables are necessary foods to add to your diet. Many contain phytochemicals that help to block the production of estrogen. If you have higher estrogen levels, it can be worth adding them to your diet.
    • Pomegranates and Red Grapes: Like kale, pomegranates help to block estrogen production, and grapes are natural blockers.
    • Portobello and Shiitake Mushrooms: These may help reduce estrogen levels.

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