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Types Of Hormonal Birth Control

What Are The Most Effective Forms Of Birth Control

Depo-Provera Shot Side Effects, Schedule & More

The most effective form of birth control is to not have sexual intercourse . Even for the most motivated couples, this can be difficult to maintain. So, its important to have a backup form of birth control in mind.

Birth control only works when you use it correctly and consistently. Forms of birth control that are more convenient and dont require much maintenance are usually most effective. These forms include the birth control implant, intrauterine devices and sterilization.

Methods of birth control like fertility awareness or pulling out are least effective at preventing pregnancy.

Doubling-up on birth control is typically best like using a condom and a birth control pill. Thats because youre protecting against STIs, using a barrier method, and taking hormonal medication all at the same time.

Types Of Birth Control Shots

A birth control shot is a form of hormonal contraception used to prevent pregnancy. As opposed to oral contraceptives, which require daily pill-taking, birth control shots provide pregnancy protection lasting from 30 days to 12 weeks with but a single injection.

There are several options marketed around the world, which vary by the hormones used and how long the protection lasts, but only one is approved for use in the United States.

Fertility Awareness Method/natural Family Planning

  • Fertility awareness method is also known as Natural Family Planning and is commonly called NFP.
  • NFP does not rely on devices or medications to prevent pregnancy.
  • NFP is a contraceptive method that uses the natural functions of your body and your menstrual cycle to determine ovulation. This involves recording your basal body temperature and changes in your cervical mucus each day.
  • NFP requires periodic abstinence during a womans ovulation window. Some women choose to use a barrier method or withdrawal during this time frame.

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Can I Get Birth Control Without My Parents Permission

In the United States, most states allow teenagers to access oral contraception and other birth control options without parental permission. Its best to call your doctor, a local Planned Parenthood center, or your student health center to find out whether youll need a parents permission.

Doctors have to adhere to patient-doctor confidentiality. However, if youre on your parents insurance plan, its possible your parent will receive a statement in the mail that shows what insurance paid for.

If youre concerned about privacy, you might want to pay out of pocket. If you cant afford it, Planned Parenthood might be able to help you cover the cost.

How Hormonal Contraceptives Like The Pill Work

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The hormones in contraceptives dont only prevent ovulation. Some also prevent fertilized eggs from implanting into the womb. Others cause the mucus in the cervix to become thick and sticky, making it harder for the sperm to move and reach the egg cell.

Hormonal contraceptives are only reliable if they are used properly. If, for instance, a woman forgets to take her pill one day, her ovaries may release an egg and she could become pregnant.

The effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives may be reduced by medication such as , blood-pressure-lowering or cholesterol-lowering drugs, antifungal drugs or herbal products like St. Johns wort. Also, if women who take the pill vomit or have diarrhea, the pill may no longer provide enough protection. So they have to use another form of contraception too for instance, a condom.

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What Else Should I Know About Emergency Contraception

Menstrual irregularities are common after you take emergency contraception. However, if you dont get your period within a few weeks of taking emergency contraception, you should take a pregnancy test. It’s important to use condoms or abstain from intercourse for the next five days after taking emergency contraception, otherwise you can get pregnant. If you find yourself taking emergency contraceptive pills frequently, speak to a healthcare provider about more effective ways to prevent pregnancy. The benefit of using IUDs as a form of emergency contraception is that you are taking proactive steps to protect yourself from future unwanted pregnancies.

How Do I Use Birth Control Pills

Combination pills come in a variety of formats. These include monthly packs, which follow 21-, 24-, or 28-day cycles. Extended regimens can follow 91-day cycles. With all these formats, you take one pill each day at the same time of day.

If you start taking your combination pill within 5 days after your period starts, youll be protected against pregnancy right away. If you start at any other time, youll need to take the pills for 7 consecutive days before youre protected. During this time, you should use a barrier method of birth control, such as an external condom.

Progestin-only pills, on the other hand, come in only packs of 28. As with combination pills, you take one pill at the same time every day.

Progestin-only pills tend to work more quickly than combination pills, which means youll be protected against pregnancy after taking 2 consecutive pills within 48 hours. If you dont want to wait the 48 hours to have sex, you should use a barrier method of birth control.

combination pill and the progestin-only pill have 9 percent failure rates with typical use. That means out of 100 people using the pill, 9 would get pregnant.

To be fully effective, progestin pills must be taken within the same 3-hour time period every day. If you miss this time window, you should take your pill as soon as you remember and use a different method of contraception, like a condom, for 2 days.

Certain medications may make either type of pill less effective, including:

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Insurance Coverage And Financing Of Oral Contraceptives

Private Insurance and the ACA

Table 2: Policies Expanding Contraceptive Coverage and Availability
18 6
1 Some states require pharmacists to have a collaborative partnership with a physician or advanced practice clinician. States that have given pharmacists only expanded dispensing authority are not included here. NH, OH, UT, and WV permit pharmacists to dispense certain self-administered hormonal contraceptives under a standing prescription drug order or consult agreement with a licensed physician, but not to prescribe them. 2 Insurers may apply cost sharing for drugs or devices that are therapeutically equivalent to another contraceptive drug or device that is already covered under the same policy. Some states require that all contraceptive drugs, devices, and other products be covered, while others require that at least one be covered. Also, some states require the method be prescribed. Many states permit exemptions for employers with religious and/or moral objections to contraception. 3 Effective in 2020, NM will require insurers to cover a 6-month supply of contraceptives. 4 State law does not prohibit cost sharing. 5 Effective in 2020.

Public Programs


Back Pains And Cramping

Birth Control Shot: Progestin

Yes, theyre annoying, but these aches are signs of exciting things happening in your body. As your body prepares to ovulate every month, the follicle on your ovary holding the egg that could become your baby begins to grow.

When the follicle ruptures and releases the egg and surrounding fluid, it can be irritating, causing cramping and lower back pain. You may even feel a quick pinch on one side of your lower abdomen when the egg matures and releases from an ovary . While these pains are no fun, they could clue you in as to when you ovulate so you know when to jump in the sack.

If you find that this pain is getting progressively worse, consult with your OB/GYN, since hormonal contraception can mask the painful symptoms of some conditions like endometriosis.

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Can You Use Iuds For Emergency Contraception

Yes, both copper-containing IUDs and progestin-containing IUDs can be used as a form of emergency contraception when used within 120 hours of having unprotected sex. This is the most effective form of emergency contraception. The benefit of using IUDs for emergency contraception is that youre seeking a method of birth control and youre preventing future unwanted pregnancies.

Progestin-containing IUDs work by causing your cervical mucus to become thicker so sperm cant reach an egg. The hormone also thins the lining of your uterus, so menstrual bleeding becomes lighter. The copper-containing IUD works by stopping the sperm from reaching the egg.

How is it available?

A healthcare provider prescribes and inserts IUDs.

How effective is it?

IUDs can be close to 100% effective at preventing pregnancy when inserted within five days of having unprotected sex.

How Are Birth Control Pills Packaged

You get a set of pills packaged in a thin case. Pill packs containing regular birth control pills have either 21 or 28 pills. Twenty-one-day pill packs contain 21 active pills. Twenty-eight-day pill packs contain 21 active pills and seven inactive pills. The pill packs are marked with the days of the week to remind you to take a pill every day. The seven inactive pills in the 28-day pill pack are added so youâre reminded to start a new pill pack after 28 days.

Some newer pills have only two inactive pills or even none. It’s important to always take all the pills to be sure youâre protected from getting pregnant.

A package of extended-cycle Seasonale contains 84 active pink tablets and seven inactive white pills. With Seasonique and LoSeasonique, the last seven pills contain estrogen only.

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The pill has been widely shown to be safe, but as is the case with any drug, it can come with side effects and risks, including an increased risk of blood clots. Its worth noting that hormonal contraceptives are used not just to prevent pregnancy, but treat certain conditions such as hormonal acne, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis, among others. It can also lower the risk for certain types of cancers ovarian in particular when taken long-term.

Still, given how many people take hormonal contraception, the lack of more robust data on side effects is notable, and leads some patients to want to experiment with going hormone-free.

Paula Castaño, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, said theres a range of reasons that influence whether patients decide to stop taking the pill.

I think is multifactorial, she said. For some women, its a feeling or desire that they want to know what they feel like when theyre not on birth control, for some it is a question about whether there are any health reasons why they should, for some there is concern about whether fertility is affected in any way by long-term contraceptive use. A large factor in deciding to stop taking the pill can be influence from friends and family based on their opinions and experiences, whether or not those are based in medical fact.

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Being Informed May Help A Woman Choose The Right Birth Control For Her

Set hormonal contraception stock vector. Illustration of birth

Nearly half of all pregnancies every year in the United States are not planned, yet around one-third of women who could become pregnant donât use contraception. Why might a woman who doesnât want to become pregnant not use birth control? Reasons vary but may include lack of access or knowledge, infrequent sex or concerns about how their health will be affected.

When it comes to helping women decide to use birth control, information often plays an important role. One large study found that teenage girls who had thorough sex education before becoming sexually active were more likely to use some type of birth control when they had sex.

Understanding the differences between hormonal and non-hormonal birth control can help you make the best choice for your body and your lifestyle.

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Would You Prefer Contraception You Do Not Have To Remember Every Day

Not all contraceptives have to be taken every day or each time you have sex.

You do not have to think about some contraceptives for months or years.

These methods need to be inserted by a health professional into your uterus or arm :

The contraceptive injection can be given 1 of 2 ways: either by an intramuscular injection into the buttock, or as a subcutaneous injection into the thigh or abdomen.

This is given every 8 weeks or every 12 weeks, depending on the type.

The subcutaneous injection can be given by a health professional, or you can be shown how to inject it yourself.

Other contraceptives that need to be changed or replaced every month or week are:

Other contraceptives used or inserted just before sex are:

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Side Effects Of The Progesterone

The progesterone-only pill, or minipill, doesnt contain the hormone estrogen which is found in the combined pill. Its often a hormonal birth control option for those who face risks taking the combined pill, e.g. those with a family history of blood clots. Side effects of the progesterone-only pill include:

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Types Of Birth Control

There are two types of hormonal birth control:

  • Combination Hormonal Birth Control: Combination birth control is methods that contain both synthetic estrogen and some type of progestin.
  • Progestin-Only Birth Control: These methods are contraceptives that only contain progestin and are good options if you cannot use birth control that contains estrogen.
  • Hormonal birth control methods tend to be very popular. You may wish to use hormonal contraception because:

    • These methods are reversible . This means that your fertility quickly returns once you stop using them.
    • Hormonal birth control is convenient and easy to use.
    • Many of these methods have some of the lowest failure rates , so they are very effective.
    • Hormone birth control can offer you many non-contraceptive health benefits as well .

    Here is a list of all of the available hormonal birth control methods for you to use. The first three are combination methods and the rest of the list are progestin-only hormonal birth control options.

    Its Actually Used For Doping In Men Sometimes Belinda Pletzer

    Debunking top myths about birth control pills | GMA Digital

    Its actually used for doping in men sometimes, says Belinda Pletzer, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Salzburg, Austria. It helps build muscle, so its popular with powerlifters and boxers: the former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury recently served a two-year suspension after testing positive for the steroid in 2015

    The hormone used by the pill is a close relative of an androgen that male boxers have used for doping

    Weve known about these side effects for decades: the first progestin ever made, norethindrone, was androgenic.

    Back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, pregnant women sometimes took norethindrone in large doses to help prevent miscarriage. But the hormone also caused some unsettling changes to their bodies.

    The women were sweatier, hairier and spottier. Some noticed that their voices had deepened. Nearly one in five baby girls born to mothers taking it had masculinised genitals. Some of these unlucky children required surgery.

    Today androgenic progestins are much less androgenic. The doses in contraceptive pills are much smaller, and the hormones are usually combined with synthetic oestrogen, which cancels out many of the masculine effects on our bodies.

    But there are some side effects.

    More recent types of contraceptive pill are designed to be anti-androgenic, often prescribed to treat acne or excessive hair growth

    Even small amounts of testosterone can make some parts of the female brain get smaller and others to get bigger

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    What Are Some Common Names Of Birth Control Pills

    The top 12 most commonly reviewed and rated combination birth control pills on include:

    There are many options for birth control. Consult with your healthcare provider and see a more extensive list of birth control here.

    A monthly period still occurs with the traditional, combination birth control pills. Women may also choose the extended or continuous dosing birth control pill, in which a period only occurs 4 times a years or is completely eliminated . It is also possible to completely eliminate periods by taking only the active pills continuously from a combination birth control pill package, and skipping the inactive pills. Ask your healthcare provider if this would be a good option for you.

    How Effective Is Phexxi Compared To Other Forms Birth Control

    According to data cited by the FDA, Phexxi is about 86% percent effective with typical use. . Planned Parenthood says this means about 14 in 100 women who use Phexxi will become pregnant.

    Thats much less effective than the implant, an IUD, or male or female sterilization, which has about a 99% effectiveness, per the CDC. Even with typical use the patch, the ring, the shot, and the Pill-which range from 91%-94% effective-are all also more effective than Phexxi.

    Instead, the new birth control method is more on par with other non-hormonal methods like male and female condoms, diaphragms, spermicides, and the sponge, at preventing pregnancy. Worth noting: The CDC calls these methods less effective than their counterparts.

    Planned Parenthood also says you can use Phexxi with plastic or latex condoms for extra protection against pregnancy as well as STDs. Phexxi can also be used with a diaphragm as well as some other types of hormonal contraceptives, like the patch, Pill, or shot. You should not, however, use Phexxi with a vaginal ring.

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