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What Age Can You Start Giving Melatonin

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The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione

Many bottles sold in drug stores advertise that melatonin actually âhelps promote sleepâ but if you look closely, there is a disclaimer on the back: âThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, care or prevent any disease.ââItâs possibly thought to affect growth, to affect sexual development and puberty and a lot of different effects,â Dr. Johnson-Arbor explains. âIt is a hormone and it definitely can have these severe interactions that you might not think of just looking at the pill on the counter and buying it over the counter thinking it is safe.â Dr. Johnson-Arbor cites studies that melatonin is clinically proven to help children with specific disabilities like autism but has not yet been proven to be healthy for children without disabilities.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition is the leading trade association for the supplement industry. âMelatonin has a strong safety profile but it should only be given to children as a sleep aide in consultation with a doctor or other healthcare practitioner,â said Duffy MacKay, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs for the Council. MacKay is also a practicing naturopathic doctor. When we asked our Facebook followers about melatonin for children, the reactions were strong. They ranged from success stories to vows never to touch the supplement.

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First Off When Should You Use Melatonin With Your Toddler

This is where parents get a little confused. If your child can fall asleep on their own about 30 minutes after you put them to bed, melatonin may not be necessary! The natural sleep aid can be very helpful, however, if your child has a sleep dysfunction. For instance, if they cant fall asleepand lie awake for hours, or fall asleep and then wake several times during the night.

It can also be very helpful for kids on the autism spectrum, or those whove been diagnosed with ADHD. Kids with these disorders are well-known to have a lot of trouble falling asleep, and studies have shown melatonin to be effective in shortening the time it takes them to fall asleep.

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Melatonin Is Not Meant For Kids

In her sleep consulting practice, McGinn has met babies who have been on melatonin from as young as four months of age. But, of the more than 500 melatonin-containing products licensed for sale in Canada, only two are licensed for teenagers , and there arent any approved for kids under 12.

Cummings, who does recommend melatonin to some of his pediatric patients as a treatment for managing insomnia, says the average kid under five would not have developed the type of sleep disorder where melatonin could be useful, and therefore they wouldnt need it.

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Side Effects Of Melatonin

Melatonin is considered relatively safe for short-term use and has few risks. However, some children who take melatonin supplements may experience mild symptoms. These symptoms may include bedwetting, drowsiness, headaches, and agitation.

Currently, there is little research on the long-term effects of melatonin use in children. Some experts question if melatonin, because it is a hormone, can affect other hormonal development in adolescents. Further research must be conducted to more clearly understand the long-term effects of melatonin on children.

Reputable Sleep Supplements

Melatonin And Baby Sleep

Melatonin: The bad &  the ugly

In recent years, melatonin has become a bit of a buzzword amongst sleep deprived parents looking for a solution to their childrens sleep issues. But what exactly is melatonin and what does it have to do with sleep? And could melatonin supplements be the magic cure to your babys sleep woes?

In this article:

  • How do babies produce melatonin?
  • What stimulates melatonin in babies and toddlers?
  • Can you give melatonin to a baby?
  • How safe is melatonin for kids?
  • Natural ways to improve your baby’s sleep

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What Should Parents Be Concerned About

The parenting website of the A.A.P. has warned of concerns that melatonin might affect puberty, but so far there isnt any solid evidence of this.

In a 2019 review of recent studies about melatonin and puberty, the authors found it difficult to draw strong conclusions. Only a few studies have examined the topic on a long-term basis, and these had small sample sizes, incomplete follow-up and poor measures of pubertal timing, the authors said.

There are other concerns, too. Side effects can include morning sleepiness, nightmares, agitation, headaches and increased urination at night. And melatonin could interact with certain medications. But in general, Dr. Owens said, its pretty well tolerated among her patients.

More worrisome is the lack of strict regulation of melatonin products. A 2017 study tested 31 different melatonin supplements and found most of the supplements did not have the same amount of melatonin listed on their labels. In addition, 26 percent of the supplements contained serotonin, a hormone that can have harmful effects even at relatively low levels.

I was so shocked by that, and it completely changed my recommendations to families, Dr. Owens said. She now recommends the brand Natrol because it has been used in clinical trials that evaluated its purity.

How Much And How Often A Baby Should Sleep

Depending on the exact age of your baby, they should be sleeping for around 16 hours each day. Obviously, this event isnt a straight 16 hours, as they only sleep for 3 to 4 hours at one time. At this age, babies are not expected to sleep fully through the night as they will want to wake up to eat at least one time.

You cannot expect your baby to sleep fully through the night each night, but a problem does arise when your baby is waking every hour or 2. If your baby simply wakes 1 time during the night, this event is completely normal and it sounds like no melatonin supplement is necessary.

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Can I Go To Childrens Hospital At 18

Three percent of patients admitted to childrens hospitals are at least 18 years old, and trends indicate that their numbers will only grow. Both pediatric and adult hospitals are building programs, partnerships and structured referral arrangements to move beyond age alone in selecting the best treatment site.

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You May Not Be Able To Trust The Products


Even though supplements are widely available, remember that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplements like it does prescription medications. That means you may not know exactly what youre getting when you buy an over-the-counter product.

One study of 31 products found that almost three-quarters contained melatonin content at least 10% greater or lower than claimed on the label. Sometimes the melatonin content was as high as 478% above the label. About a quarter of products also contained the mood-altering hormone serotonin.

Its important to recognize that melatonin is not regulated by the FDA, Paruthi said. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the melatonin you find between brands, between bottles, or between tablets/liquid is equivalent.

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What To Use Instead Of Melatonin For Kids

The safest approach for addressing sleep problems in children is to try non-pharmaceutical sleep strategies first. One study found that proper “sleep hygiene” is as effective as melatonin in half of children with sleep problems.

Sleep hygiene means having a bedroom environment and daily routines that promote good sleep. The most important part of good sleep hygiene for babies and kids is a consistent daily schedule, including set bedtimes and naptimes, wake-up times, and a nightly bedtime ritual.

Other things to try before sleep-aid supplements :

  • A night light can help soothe any fears keeping your child awake. You might want to try a timed nightlight so that the light doesn’t stay on all night and possibly wake your child too early.
  • Transitional objects, such as loveys, can help your child self-soothe at night. So can a pacifier.

Melatonin Wont Solve Every Sleep Problem

Melatonin is a hormone naturally released by our brains to help us fall asleep. Melatonin supplements can be helpful when that release doesnt happen at the desired timejet lag is an obvious example.

Carl Cummings, a paediatrician in Montreal who wrote a paper for the Canadian Paediatric Society entitled Melatonin for the management of sleep disorders in children and adolescents, explains that melatonin could be helpful in kids who have chronic insomnia because of a problem with sleep initiation, which means the child is going to bed at an appropriate time, but it is taking longer than 30 minutes for him to fall asleep. Often, this issue can be solved with good bedtime routines and parents consistently setting appropriate limits around sleep. But in some cases, these strategies wont work, which is where melatonin comes in.

What makes melatonin so compelling is that it will help most kids fall asleep. The problem is, it wont help a kid who is procrastinating bedtime learn good sleep habits it wont stop your daughter from waking up with nightmares it wont fix your babys colic and it probably wont stop your kid from hopping out of bed ready to start the day at 4:30 a.m. If you want a real solution to those common kids sleep problems, youll have to look further than a pill.

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Create The Optimal Sleep Environment

We recommend a dark room for both naps and overnight sleep for babies and toddlers under 2 years old because at this age, they aren’t capable of fearing the dark. Blackout blinds are an effective way to get the room as dark as possible during the day.

If your toddler develops a fear of the dark beyond 2 years of age, you may need to use a nightlight for reassurance. Use a red nightlight if you can, as this has been shown to have minimal impact on melatonin production. Blue light should definitely be avoided, as this suppresses melatonin more than any other colour of light!

For younger babies who arent rolling yet, we recommend swaddling them for naps and overnight sleep as this helps to suppress their startle reflex. For older babies who are rolling, a sleeping bag or sleepsuit with legs is a good option. This can help to prevent them getting tangled in blankets or kicking off the blankets and getting cold.

White noise can also be a very effective tool for settling and can help babies to drift between sleep cycles instead of waking fully – especially during naps and in the early morning when sleep pressure is lower.

You can find a list of recommended sleep products here: Products We Recommend

How Often Are Children Using Melatonin

What Age Can You Give Melatonin

Its hard to know for sure. An article the New York Times, Parents Are Relying on Melatonin to Help Their Kids Sleep. Should They?, noted that melatonin sales overall had increased by 87% in the year prior to March 2020. The Times conducted a survey of 933 parents with children under age 18. One third had a history of sleep difficulties in the past year. Over half the parents reported giving melatonin to their children at one time.

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When Should Melatoninnot Be Used

As mentioned above, children lose sleep for many reasons.Avoid melatonin:

  • if the insomnia is situational
  • if the insomnia is short-term
  • if the insomnia is due to an underlying physicalcause
  • if your child is younger than 3

Melatonin should never substitute for healthy sleeppractices: a regular, age-appropriate and consistent bedtime and bedtimeroutine, no caffeine, and no electronics or screens before bedtime.

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What Else Should Parents Know

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends discussing the possibility of using melatonin with your childs doctor before starting a supplement. A pediatrician can rule out medical issues that may interfere with sleep, such as anxiety or sleep disorders, along with recommending healthy sleep routines. If you do decide to buy melatonin after consulting with your childs pediatrician, see our tips on how to choose a supplement.

The maximum dose of melatonin for children who weigh less than 88 pounds, Canapari says, is 2 mg. The maximum for kids who weigh more than that is 5 mg. Still, Canapari recommends using the lowest dose for the minimum amount of time possible. Kids who are sensitive to melatonin need very little, so if you start on a low dose, they may not need more, Canapari says.

Be mindful, too, of your own expectations for how long your child should be sleeping. While ample sleep is an important part of well-being, some kids just need less sleep than their peers. If your child isnt falling asleep at night, melatonin may be a short-term solution, but it wont necessarily solve the real problem. Instead, its best to focus on supporting long-term behaviors that help kids fall and stay asleep. Even though we prescribe melatonin as doctors, we really try to focus on retraining kids sleep habits, Esparham says.

Ashley Abramson

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Healthy Sleep Habits For Kids

If you choose to give your child melatonin to help them sleep, it should be in partnership with other healthy sleep habits. Here are some safe alternatives to melatonin for your child:

  • Routine:Set a routine and stick to it every night.
  • Daytime naps: Keep daytime naps short, especially for older kids.
  • Sleep in bed: Put them to bed while they are awake .
  • No caffeine:The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry advises against children under 12 consuming any caffeine.
  • No sugar before bed: Every parent can spot a sugar rush in children. Children hyped on sugar have a harder time settling down.
  • Screen time: Cut off screen time 30 minutes before bed.
  • Bed is bed: Keep your childs bed a place to sleep, not to play.
  • Stay active: Keep kids active during the day so they can get their energy out while its light out.

Is 10mg Of Melatonin Too Much For A 2 Year Old


Young children should avoid melatonin unless otherwise directed by a doctor. Doses between 1 and 5 milligrams may cause seizures or other complications for young children. In adults, the standard dose used in studies ranges between 1 and 10 mg, although there isn’t currently a definitive best dosage.

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What Is The Youngest Age In Which You Can Give A Child Melatonin To Help Sleeping

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

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Can You Overdose On Melatonin

While melatonin is generally considered safe, it is possible to take too much. There is no official recommended melatonin dosage, and people can have different sensitivities to melatonin, so finding an appropriate dose can be challenging. Moreover, because melatonin is not regulated in the U.S., the actual melatonin content of supplements can vary significantly. Studies have found that some melatonin products can have nearly five times as much melatonin as their label claims, or much less.

The first sign that youve taken too much melatonin is that youll continue feeling its soporific effects the following day. You may feel especially drowsy or groggy. Doses of 10 milligrams or higher can cause side effects like drowsiness and headache. Other symptoms of melatonin overdose include:

  • Changes in blood pressure

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Final Thoughts On Melatonin For Babies

Melatonin for babies is becoming increasingly common as parents learn more about the benefits and risks. If your baby isnt sleeping enough, it can cause issues for both of you, and it could even hinder your babys growth and development.

While supplementing with melatonin helps babies sleep and is generally safe, it is important to consult your babys pediatrician before beginning. The pediatrician will consider a variety of factors before determining the frequency and the dosage necessary to help your baby sleep.

If you have already tried everything to help your baby sleep better, melatonin may be the way to go. Youll likely find relief quickly and, if things work out as predicted, your baby will be able to establish a more normal sleep cycle even without the supplement.

It Sounds Great Why Should I Worry About Melatonin

How to Make 2021 Your Healthiest Year Yet


There are several areas for concern, specifically known and theoretical side effects, and problems with preparations.

This means there is substantially less regulatory oversight in terms of safety and efficacy. I also find that the labelling of preparations is frequently misleading. Take the example of this liquid preparation, which many of my patients have tried. It is labeled as 1 mg but each dropperful contains 0.25 mg.

You need to go to the web to get this information as it is not on the bottle. .

  • Problems with preparations inaccurate dosing: A recent study showed that the amount of melatonin can vary anywhere from -83% to +478% from the labeled dose. This means that if you are giving your child a dose of 3 mg, the actual dose may actually be anywhere from 0.5 mg to 14 mg. Moreover, the lot to lot variability was as high as 465% meaning that you may buy a different bottle of medicine, from the same manufacturer, and still one bottle may have more than four times as much as melatonin as another, Finally, the researchers found serotonin in 71% of samples. To me, this is the most concerning issue with melatonin you dont know what you are getting.
  • A 2020 study of the PedPRM long acting melatonin formulation followed 80 children for 2 years, and did not show any evidence of effects on weight, height, body mass index, or Tanner staging .This is the best long term study of melatonin safety and is quite reassuring.

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