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What Helps Lower Cortisol Levels

Do Things That Make You Happy

How To LOWER Cortisol Levels? Dr.Berg

Whether its connecting with friends and family or trying out a new hobby, spending time doing things that make you genuinely happy may help reduce stress and lower cortisol levels. Improving your disposition to become more positive can be a big part of improving your overall health. Studies show that positive affect can not only decrease cortisol, but also improve heart rate, blood pressure, and inflammatory markers. One study even found that laughter can decrease stress.

Signs Of High Cortisol

Staying in a state of high stress is both physically and mentally unhealthy.

Sometimes its nearly impossible to avoid, like being in a highly stressful work environment, and it may be necessary for some people to seek low stress jobs as the only way out.

Understanding the signs of high cortisol levels can be important for knowing when to slow down and address the problems in our life that lead to chronic stress.

Eat A Healthy Carb At Dinner

It might sound counterintuitive, but a small serving of a healthy carb at dinner like quinoa, brown rice, squash, or sweet potato can actually regulate blood sugar levels and help you have a better sleep. Cortisol and insulin have an inverse relationship, meaning when cortisol is high, insulin is low, so that healthy carb in the evening spikes your insulin and lowers your cortisol. This helps you to relax and prepare for bed and a restful sleep.

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Supplements To Lower Cortisol

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs that has been shown to lower cortisol. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, in particular for anxiety.

Research on ashwagandha has shown significant reductions in cortisol levels and a significant reduction in self-reported stress and anxiety symptoms by bringing the body into hormonal and neurotransmitter homeostasis.

In a study with chronically stress individuals, participants were given 300 mg of high-concentration full-spectrum Ashwagandha root which showed significant reductions in serum cortisol compared to those who did not receive ashwagandha.

One of our favorite supplements to help lower cortisol levels and reduce anxiety mid-day or wind down in the evening is Cortisol Manager by Integrative Therapeutics, which contains ashwagandha, as well as several other adaptogenic herbs, discussed further down in this post. Interested in giving it a try? Our favorite ashwagandha supplement and Cortisol Manager can be found here for 20% off.

The immediate relaxation effect from this all-natural supplement is like nothing you have ever experienced before! The zen feeling that ashwagandha brings is REAL!

Rhodiola is a Chinese herb known for its stress-reducing, stamina building, and mood stimulating effects in individuals who are fatigued from high stress or struggle with depression.

Fish oil has even been shown to blunt the stress response by reducing cortisol levels in humans.

Ashwagandha Supplement To Reduce Cortisol

45 Foods That Lower Cortisol (Plus Natural Ways to Reduce Stress)

Ashwagandha is a good supplement to provide support during times of emotional or mental stress. Because of this, ashwagandha supplementation can help reduce cortisol levels.

One study found that taking 300 mg of ashwagandha 2 times a day can help to reduce cortisol levels. In the study, the ashwagandha supplement was able to significantly lower cortisol levels without causing any adverse side effects.

Learn more about the proven benefits and uses of ashwagandha.

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Regular Excess Alcohol And High Caffeine Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis can cause cortisol levels to rise. One study involving over 3,600 men and women found that alcohol consumption increased cortisol secretion in the body. The increased cortisol levels happen because alcohol affects the HPA axis.

Caffeine also increases cortisol secretion in people at rest or people undergoing mental stress.

What Are Some Signs And Symptoms Of Abnormal Cortisol Levels

According to Dr. Singh, most people will not experience any symptoms pertaining to their daily cortisol fluctuations. However, if cortisol levels are pathologically high or low for a prolonged period of time, such as several weeks or months, then you might start to notice some of the following symptoms:

High cortisol symptoms:

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Start A Mindfulness Practice

You can practice mindfulness through meditation, yoga, journaling, taking quiet walks in nature, or practicing deep breathing. It doesnt matter which mindful activities you do, as long as you find a way to get in touch with your thoughts and clearspace in your mind. Pay attention to negative or self-limiting thoughts that trigger anxiety. Identifying your thought patterns is the first step in shifting your perspective toward a more calm and peaceful prerogative

Enjoy A Healthy Diet To Lower Cortisol Levels

6 Ways To Lower Cortisol Levels Cortisol Stress Hormone Dr.Berg

Foods that can increase cortisol are refined sugars, unhealthy carbs, and saturated fats. Healthy food choices such as increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables help balance your hormones better.

The journal Advances in Nutrition reported that a poor diet can affect cortisol concentrations. This can have an impact on cognitive function and affect the HPA axis. Studies have shown that supplements such as magnesium can help to decrease the concentration of cortisol if its elevated.

If you have type 2 diabetes and show signs of excess cortisol, then enjoying a healthy diet is essential to control your symptoms.

As well as eating the right foods to help control cortisol, it is essential to drink plenty of fluids. Researchers have found that your levels of hydration can affect cortisol. When the body is dehydrated, cortisol levels increase.

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Types Of Foods To Lower Cortisol

Before looking at specific foods, it will help to know how a few food groups affect cortisol in general.


Many people tell you to stay away from carbohydrates, and often with good cause. But refined carbohydrates are the ones you should be wary of. On the other hand, unrefined carbohydrates like whole grains and those found in fruit and vegetables are fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates that are good for you. Furthermore, they contain an amino acid called tryptophan that plays a role in melatonin production in your brain. You need this hormone to get a good nights rest. Your body needs enough of the right type of sleep to restore itself. So don’t be afraid of having some whole grains.


Almost half the American population does not get enough magnesium from their diet. And when stressed, your magnesium levels tend to become depleted more quickly via sweat and urine. Lowered magnesium levels increase your stress levels. Which can form a negative cycle.

You can mitigate this situation by incorporating magnesium-rich foods into your diet. Avocado, leafy green vegetables, and certain whole grains are great sources.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids


The Cortisol Connection: Scalp And Tress Stress

Simply put, stress is taxing on the body. Mental stress manifests itself physically, potentially impacting hair growth cycles or irritation of the skin and scalp. Elevated cortisol levels also lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This can cause the loss of small blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen to the skin of the scalp, which may impair hair follicles and growth.

“As cortisol pertains to the system that includes the hair, skin and scalp, it can also negatively affect cell signals and increase oxidative stress, which can disrupt our natural hair growth cycle,” said Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D., iHerb chief scientific advisor and author. “People who are highly stressed can lose hair, and because of this, hair might not grow back as efficiently. This can lead to balding or thinned areas on the scalp.”

If elevated cortisol levels are impacting your hair health, treat your scalp with TLC using GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum. Powered by phyto-actives and micro-encapsulated, broad-spectrum CBD, the serum promotes strengthening at the root, leading to an increase in the appearance of volume and visibly thicker-looking hair. For added stress relief, pair the serum with a soothing scalp massage.

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When Should You Get Your Cortisol Levels Checked

If you notice youre experiencing some of the above symptoms, you can ask your doctor to test your cortisol levels. According to Dr. Singh, your provider can check cortisol levels though various methods, including blood, urine, and saliva testing.

Different labs have different ranges of whats normal, so if youre interested in getting your cortisol levels checked, consult with your healthcare professional to see which is best for you, he says. In addition to the type of cortisol test administered, you will also determine what time of day to get tested, whether other corresponding lab tests are needed, and if imaging tests are required in the event of abnormally high or low results.

Consume A Healthy Balanced Diet

Lower Cortisol to Improve Fat Loss and Muscle Retention

Cortisol-friendly foods have long been a topic of research. Consumption of high fat/high carbohydrate foods, which exist rarely in nature, is linked to HPA axis dysregulation and an overall increase in cortisol levels . Conversely, diets low in carbohydrate intake are also linked to higher cortisol levels, especially in females .

Similarly, long-term low-calorie dieting can also increase cortisol levels and disrupt sleep . Overall, a healthy balanced diet with adequate high-quality carbohydrates and adequate vitamins and minerals is your best bet to achieving ideal cortisol secretion patterns. If weight loss is desired, consider shorter periods of calorie deficits intermixed with periods of maintenance calories to minimize the stress response from dieting.

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Best Supplements To Reduce Cortisol

Last updated September 13, 2021.Edited and medically reviewed by Patrick Alban, DC. Written by Deane Alban.

These supplements are proven to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone that, in excess, is often the cause of physical and mental health problems.

Cortisol is your primary stress hormone.

Its useful during emergencies, but chronic stress can create an outpouring of cortisol all day long and thats a problem.

Excess cortisol leads to a host of physical health problems and puts you at greater risk for anxiety, depression, memory loss, and cognitive decline.

The majority of research on cortisol and supplements that affect it has been carried out on animals.

And a surprising number of clinical trials measure how various substances affect the cortisol level of athletes in extreme circumstances, such as running an ultramarathon.

If you think that that kind of research isnt applicable to the average person, youd be right.

Lets take a look at the best cortisol supplements those shown to reduce cortisol in average humans under ordinary circumstances.

Exercise But Not Too Much

Depending on the intensity of exercise, it can increase or decrease cortisol.

Intense exercise increases cortisol shortly afterward but will decrease a few hours later. This short-term increase helps coordinate growth of the body to meet the challenge. Additionally, the size of the cortisol response lessens with routine training .

Regular exercise has been shown in numerous studies to help improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and improve overall health, which can help lower cortisol over time .

Interestingly, regular exercise has also been associated with greater resilience to acute stress and may lower negative health effects associated with stress, such as high cortisol .

That said, overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Therefore, aim for around 150200 minutes of mostly low- to moderate-intensity exercise each week and allow yourself time to rest between workouts.


Exercising regularly can help you better manage stress and promote good health, which may help lower cortisol levels. That said, avoid overdoing it and aim for around 150200 minutes of low- to moderate- intensity exercise each week.

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Cortisol And Blood Glucose

Cortisol acts as a catabolic hormone to increase glucose availability to the brain. This occurs via several pathways. High cortisol levels induce gluconeogenesis in the liver which will then be delivered into the bloodstream. The body must use amino acids to complete this process and the bodys most readily available supply of protein is skeletal muscle.Therefore, muscle tissue is broken down, glycogen stores are emptied, and the muscles decrease glucose uptake. Additionally, cortisol instructs the pancreas to decrease insulin production to keep the circulating levels of glucose higher .

How To Lower Cortisol Levels Its More Than Reducing Stress

How To Reduce Cortisol Levels Naturally For Weight Loss And Stress Relief

Contrary to popular misconception, learning how to lower cortisol levels isnât solely about naturopathic remedies. For example, supplements like ashwagandha, prebiotics, probiotics, and magnesium are revered for their cortisol-regulating properties. While these substances may or may not work, your goal shouldnât be to keep your cortisol load low all the time.

The thing is, your body requires high cortisol concentrations at the right times and low cortisol levels at other times . This keeps yourself in circadian alignment such that you feel and function at your best.

Ahead, we explain how a healthy cortisol rhythm works so you have a better idea of when and how to lower your cortisol levels when you need to. Itâs all about making this hormone work for you instead of against you.

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The Best Herbal Supplements To Reduce Cortisol

There are many herbal remedies known to alleviate stress by reducing cortisol.

The following have both long histories of use for stress and the scientific evidence to support that they reduce cortisol in humans.


Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic herb used mainly to treat anxiety.

It belongs to a select group of herbs referred to as adaptogens natural remedies that counter the physical and mental effects of stress.

” Ashwagandha excels at stress reduction and decreases cortisol significantly more than many other supplements.

Adaptogens are neither stimulating nor sedating, but bring the body into a state of balance known as homeostasis.


We hear this question often. Here’s our answer:

#1Live a brain-healthy lifestyle first .

#2Give Mind Lab Pro a try.

This brain supplement meets all 12 of my requirements for a high-quality brain supplement, including effectiveness, safety, purity, and value. So it’s easier for you to be mentally sharper, happier, and more productive.

Choosing the right brain supplement is all about quality. Now, buy a 3-month supply of Mind Lab Pro & get 1 month free. This 25% discount includes free shipping worldwide. See why I recommend Mind Lab Pro.

Dr. Pat

Arctic Root

Arctic root is another adaptogenic herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase vigor and stamina.

It reduces cortisol and increases resilience to stress, but is slightly energizing rather than sedating.




Eat A Nutritious Diet

Nutrition can influence cortisol for better or for worse.

While all foods can be enjoyed in moderation, being mindful of the foods you eat may alleviate symptoms of stress and help you better manage your cortisol levels.

Regular high added-sugar intake may result in elevated cortisol levels. Interestingly, a high sugar diet may also suppress cortisol release during stressful events, making it more difficult for your body to handle stressful situations (

82 ):


For better gut and mental health, opt for a nutrient-dense diet full of whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and foods high in prebiotics and probiotics.

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Exercise But Avoid Overdoing It

PREP for Women

There is a delicate balance between exercise and cortisol levels. Moderate or vigorous exercise regularly and increasing daily movement can help to improve emotional resilience which can, in turn, reduce cortisol levels .However, engaging in repeated bouts of high-intensity activity with little to no recovery time in between can have the opposite effect and raise cortisol levels. While exercise is a powerful tool in stress management, it is important to prioritize recovery as well .

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Identify And Work To Address Sources Of Stress

If youre experiencing high levels of stress frequently, its time to do some self-reflection.

Knowing exactly whats causing stress consistently in your life helps you take strategic action to lower cortisol levels.

For example, if youre always stressed about being late to work, try implementing a mindful morning routine and leaving earlier each day. If specific projects at work are stressing you out, consider ways to break them up or delegate.

Remember: its always okay to ask for support if you need it! Your health should come first.

Why High Cortisol Levels Are Harmful

Before you stress out about feeling stressed, it’s important to remember that cortisol spikes can sometimes be a good thing. “Having high cortisol levels is a necessary adaptive response,” says William Davis, M.D., cardiologist and author of Super Gut. “We want a high cortisol level to wake up in the morning and deal with acute stressful situations.”

However, he adds, “when you have repetitive or long-term chronic stress this can lead to physiologic consequences.”

One of the most prominent side effects of prolonged high cortisol levels is weight gain, explains Davis, specifically visceral fat. “This is the fat that encircles the organs, intestines, and liver, and is inflammatory fat,” he says. “Visceral fat leads to insulin resistance and contributes to diseases like high blood pressure, coronary disease, and type 2 diabetes.”

Cortisol can also weaken the activity of certain cells linked to the immune system, says Heather Moday, M.D., an immunologist, functional medicine practitioner, and author of The Immunotype Breakthrough. This lowers the production of antibodies and can weaken the body’s immune response over time.

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