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What To Do To Lower Cortisol Levels

Stay Positive And Have Fun

How To Reduce Cortisol Levels Naturally For Weight Loss And Stress Relief

Keeping it light and fun can lead to a happier life. Being positive and happy is in fact linked with lower cortisol, lower blood pressure, having a healthy heart rate, and a strong immune system. Plan trips, go fishing, take hikes, invite friends over for a game nightfind time to enjoy and do the things you love.

Satisfy Your Core Nutritional Needs First

Having a nutritional deficiency is a physical stressor, so its imperative that you meet your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, and particularly, essential fatty acids.

Stress is a notorious nutrient drain and virtually everyone under stress could benefit from a high-quality multivitamin-mineral supplement and an omega-3 supplement in the form of fish oil or krill oil.

Most multivitamin supplements are relatively low in magnesium, so consider taking additional magnesium separately.

Magnesium is extremely important for combating stress and its estimated that 75% of us have an inadequate intake.

Treatment For Anxiety And Stress At The Center A Place Of Hope

Many people are able to reduce their cortisol levels on their own. But if youve been living under high amounts of stress over a long period of time, then you may benefit from professional mental health treatment.

At The Center A Place of HOPE, our clinical team can teach you new skills to reduce your stress and cortisol levels. We make sure every aspect of your health and well-being is taken care of with our proven Whole Person Care approach. Not only will we help you build new mental habits, but we will also make sure youre eating nutritious meals, sleeping restfully, and strengthening your most important relationships.

Are you ready to get started on the road to complete well-being? Get in touch with us for more information about admissions.

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When To Seek Help

Sometimes diet and nutrition alone are not enough to make a difference with the stress youre experiencing. The good news is there are other resources available to help you in your journey to wellness. The key is to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, and know when its time to ask for assistance.

Sometimes, help from your family, friends, or social or spiritual community may be enough to get you through a stressful time. However, sometimes it may be advisable to seek professional help.

The following symptoms are indicators that additional help from a professional may be needed:

  • Stress and worry are interfering with your ability to function in your everyday life working, attending school, or your social life.
  • The stress or anxiety youre experiencing are too hard to manage on your own.
  • Youre dealing with symptoms of severe depression.
  • Youre using other coping mechanisms, such as alcohol or other substances, to deal with stressful feelings.
  • Youre experiencing suicidal thoughts or suicidal behaviors.

Cortisol And Blood Glucose

How to Reduce Cortisol

Cortisol acts as a catabolic hormone to increase glucose availability to the brain. This occurs via several pathways. High cortisol levels induce gluconeogenesis in the liver which will then be delivered into the bloodstream. The body must use amino acids to complete this process and the bodys most readily available supply of protein is skeletal muscle.Therefore, muscle tissue is broken down, glycogen stores are emptied, and the muscles decrease glucose uptake. Additionally, cortisol instructs the pancreas to decrease insulin production to keep the circulating levels of glucose higher .

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Why Are High Cortisol Levels Bad

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that helps regulate the amount of cortisol in our system. It can increase cortisol levels when needed and block excess amounts when its unnecessary.

Too much cortisol can be the result of chronic or toxic stress, which can lead to headaches, tension, difficulty concentrating mood swings and even mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

The symptoms from too much cortisol like these can unconsciously drive people to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

High cortisol levels may also be caused by an adverse reaction to certain medications or from an underlying health condition.

Whatever the case, chronically high cortisol levels are unhealthy and can lead to a number of unwanted symptoms, like some of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Impaired cognitive abilities and rapid mood swings
  • Promote other illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and create a greater risk of developing infections

Its easy to see why people might want to find ways to lower cortisol levels naturally.

Continue Learning About Endocrine System

Important: This content reflects information from various individuals and organizations and may offer alternative or opposing points of view. It should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. As always, you should consult with your healthcare provider about your specific health needs.

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Signs Of High Cortisol

Staying in a state of high stress is both physically and mentally unhealthy.

Sometimes its nearly impossible to avoid, like being in a highly stressful work environment, and it may be necessary for some people to seek low stress jobs as the only way out.

Understanding the signs of high cortisol levels can be important for knowing when to slow down and address the problems in our life that lead to chronic stress.

Limit Alcohol And Caffeine

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Excess consumption of alcohol and caffeine have been shown to increase stress hormones, so their consumption should be limited.

Coffee is definitely good for brain health. There is a lot of research showing it is very healthy and can be protective against dementia.

However, it can also disrupt sleep and make people anxious. I used to not be able to handle any coffee at all. But now that I’m healthy, I can handle it just fine. I drink one cup of Kicking Horse coffee most mornings.

But if youre struggling with high cortisol and chronic stress, I wouldnt recommend high doses of caffeine.

Its been shown to directly stimulate the adrenal cortex, release cortisol into the bloodstream and increase stress hormone levels .

One study found that caffeine increased cortisol by 30% in just one hour, and regular consumption can double your cortisol levels .

So limit it as much as possible.

An alternative solution is to consume the whole coffee fruit, instead of drinking coffee.

The coffee fruit doesnt contain caffeine, but it does contains several healthy compounds not found in coffee beans themselves.

So, next time youre stressed, try watching a funny TV show or YouTube video.

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Maintaining A Good Bedtime Routine

A good bedtime routine can be a useful tool for getting longer and higher-quality sleep. This may involve a combination of relaxing activities that help a person unwind, such as:

  • bathing or showering
  • reading a book or audiobook

People should get into the habit of turning off all screens and relaxing before heading to bed. For example, it may help to turn off phones and any other potential distractions.

Try An Adaptogenic Herb

Adaptogens are a group of fungi and plant-derived compounds that help the body adapt to stress and are known for their ability to reset the body and restore natural functioning. Re-establishing healthy, pre-stress cortisol levels is one of the many benefits of including these supplements in your diet. Ashwagandha, one of the most popular members of this group, has been shown to significantly reduce cortisol levels and calm anxiety. Ginseng and rhodiola are some of our other favorite adaptogens that may help balance your cortisol levels. Try adding these to your morning smoothie, coffee, tea, or even baked goods or discussing further with your Parsley Health clinician or health coach to receive recommendations on high quality brands and specific adaptogens that may work best for you.

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How To Test Your Cortisol Levels

A blood, saliva, or urine test can be done to measure your cortisol levels. Depending on the cause, your GP might sometimes arrange a cortisol test, most commonly using a blood test.

Cortisol blood test

A cortisol blood test is usually done in the morning when your cortisol levels tend to be at their highest. Cortisol levels tend to fall as the day goes on, reaching their lowest point at night before bed.

Cortisol urine test

A cortisol urine test involves collecting all of your urine over the course of a day. This can help to show how your cortisol levels change throughout the day.

Cut Out Caffeine Or Consume Less

How to combat low Cortisol?

A 2005 study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that caffeine increases cortisol secretion even in people at rest. Because caffeine can stimulate cortisol production and increase blood pressure, Krista King, MS, RDN, of Composed Nutrition, offers a solution to lower cortisol: “Try doing a caffeine reset. Gradually you have each day by swapping it out for a caffeine-free or lower caffeine alternative.”

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Foods To Lower Cortisol

It’s hard to understate the importance of a good diet. Many health issues can be managed with the right foods, including foods to lower cortisol. It’s also usually a good idea to avoid sugar, processed foods, trans fats, and sugary drinks. These add to your adrenal load, increase the number of oxidants in your body, and could contribute to inflammation, weight gain, mental health issues, and more.

How To Control Cortisol Level

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands. It is responsible for keeping you alert, focused, and active. This hormone is also responsible for stress responses. Unfortunately, a low cortisol level can lead to a number of diseases and health conditions. In this article, youll learn some ways to naturally regulate your cortisol levels.

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What Are The Negative Side Effects Of High Cortisol

Having the right balance of cortisol levels is essential for human health. So, it should come at no surprise that too much cortisol can lead to negative side effects.

“When placed in a stressful situation, our body responds by releasing hormones, including cortisol. As more cortisol is released, it raises blood sugar levels, which can lead to weight gain, mainly around the abdomen and face,” says Bonnie Balk, RD a registered dietitian and Health & Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics.

And there’s even more to it than that. “Although there are many studies suggesting the connection between stress levels and weight gain, the connection may be from another cause,” Balk adds. “As people experience stressful situations, they tend to turn to their ‘therapist,’ which is often cakes, cookies, or other sugar/salty/oily comfort food, which leads to weight gain. As abdominal fat seems to raise cortisol levels, it contributes to this unhealthy cycle.”

Exercise But Avoid Overdoing It

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There is a delicate balance between exercise and cortisol levels. Moderate or vigorous exercise regularly and increasing daily movement can help to improve emotional resilience which can, in turn, reduce cortisol levels .However, engaging in repeated bouts of high-intensity activity with little to no recovery time in between can have the opposite effect and raise cortisol levels. While exercise is a powerful tool in stress management, it is important to prioritize recovery as well .

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Fight Or Flight Response And Cortisol

Once the body senses stress, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and stimulates the release of catecholamines leading to an increased heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, muscle strength , and increase in alertness.

Cortisol is continuously released to keep the body in this alert state to respond to stressful stimuli. However, this heightened response comes with a higher energy cost, so the metabolic systems will be affected to keep a steady supply of energy coming to the brain .

Symptoms Of High Cortisol

Chronically high cortisol puts tremendous pressure on your brain and heart. It can shrink and kill brain cells. It raises your blood pressure and blood glucose levels, increasing the risk of developing diabetes, having a heart attack or stroke.

Some high cortisol symptoms include:

  • High blood pressure
  • changes in mood, such as feeling irritable or low
  • rapid weight gain in the face and abdomen
  • type 2 diabetes
  • impaired memory and brain function

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Are There Foods That Reduce Cortisol

Yes, no and maybe. Some research suggests that foods like tea, chocolate and fish oils might lower cortisol. But such studies tend to be small and not very conclusive, Dr. Lin says.

Youre unlikely to balance cortisol levels by adding anchovies to your pizza or scarfing a block of chocolate, she says. But good nutrition can make a difference.

Cortisol interacts with neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that send signals in the brain. Neurotransmitters play an important role in mood. And cortisol isnt the only compound that influences them. To make those neurotransmitters, you need all the raw ingredients: vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Dr. Lin says.

The best way to get them is with a balanced, plant-heavy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, she adds. A healthy diet is the underpinning of stress management.

A balanced meal plan can ensure youre getting the nutrients your body needs. And talk to your doctor about taking a basic multivitamin. Its a good insurance policy to make sure youre not deficient in any vitamins, Dr. Lin says.

How To Lower Cortisol Levels Naturally 6 Steps

Get Your Cortisol Levels Under Control Naturally

You can greatly help manage cortisol levels and regain your health by changing your diet, exercise routine, sleep and stress levels. Assuming you havent been diagnosed with Cushings disease by your doctor, here are steps you can take to help lower high cortisol levels naturally:

1. Switch to a Whole Foods, Anti-inflammatory Diet

Poorly managed blood sugar levels and high levels of inflammation can contribute to high cortisol levels and other hormonal imbalances. Following an anti-inflammatory diet low in processed foods and high in antioxidants, fiber and essential nutrients is key to balancing hormones, controlling your cravings and getting you on the right track. These same strategies can also help with adrenal support, allowing you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, boosting energy during the day and helping you sleep better at night.

Some of the most significant dietary contributors to inflammation and high cortisol levels include:

  • high-sugar, high-glycemic diet
  • consuming high amounts of refined and trans fats
  • drinking too much caffeine and alcohol
  • experiencing insufficient intake of micronutrients and antioxidants
  • not consuming enough fiber
  • not consuming enough healthy fats or protein

2. Reduce and Manage Stress

Fortunately, stress management is something you can begin without too much trouble. The natural stress relievers listed below are proven to help lower cortisol and decrease the negative impact stress has on your health:

3. Exercise Regularly

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How To Lower Cortisol Naturally To Boost Your Well

So, how to lower cortisol levels naturally when you need to?

You may have heard that certain foods like dark chocolate and green tea decrease cortisol supply. The same can be said for an anti-inflammatory, healthy diet comprising unprocessed foods like whole grains and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

That said, what you eat doesnât make up the entirety of your game plan on how to lower cortisol when you want it low . Instead, itâs very much about positive lifestyle changes in the form of healthy sleep hygiene and stress reduction techniques.

The Natural Timeline Of Cortisol Production

Before we get into the fine print of how to lower cortisol levels, we first have to know where this stress hormone is manufactured in your body. In which case, look toward the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis . The HPA axis is a complex biological system encompassing the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal glands .

Cortisol follows its own circadian rhythm, scientifically known as the cortisol rhythm. When your cortisol rhythm is properly functioning, your bodyâs cortisol production timeline looks like this:

  • In the early morning hours, your body temperature increases ever so slightly . This minute change is enough to ramp up your bodyâs levels of cortisol, activating the cortisol awakening response . For that same reason, cortisol is also colloquially known as the alertness-promoting hormone.
  • After jolting you into wakefulness in the early morning, your bodyâs release of cortisol surges for 30-45 minutes before gradually quieting down as the day wears on.
  • Cortisol concentration then reaches its low point around midnight. Two to three hours after youâve fallen asleep, your body resumes cortisol production until its peak in the early morning, when the cycle repeats itself.

In essence, a healthy cortisol rhythm surges in the early morning before ebbing once itâs past the late morning hours.

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Should You Get Your Cortisol Levels Tested

If youve been experiencing any symptoms of high cortisol, you may want to ask your doctor about a 4-point cortisol test to see if a cortisol imbalance could be at play. For the at-home test, you collect saliva first thing in the morning, before lunch, before dinner, and before bed.

The results show your cortisol levels throughout the day. A normal cortisol pattern starts high in the morning and slowly decreases throughout the day, reaching its lowest point at night, priming you for sleep. If your pattern looks different, it may signify a cortisol imbalance.

What Causes High Cortisol Levels

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Many things can cause high cortisol levels, including:

  • physical and emotional stress your body can’t gauge the seriousness of a stressful situation, so something simple like a traffic jam can kick-start your stress response system, as can being ill with a cold
  • medication certain medications like corticosteroids and oral contraceptives might increase your cortisol levels
  • oestrogen high oestrogen levels in women, for example, in pregnancy, is linked to raised cortisol levels
  • an adrenal gland tumour your adrenal glands produce cortisol, so any issues with them can affect your cortisol levels
  • a pituitary gland issue an overactive pituitary gland stimulates your adrenal glands to make too much cortisol
  • malnutrition for example, if you suffer from an eating disorder

Conditions like depression, diabetes, PCOS, and alcoholism are also linked to high cortisol levels.

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